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    5 Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Gun Safe

    Though gun safes are an essential piece of safety equipment that all firearms owners should possess, it’s ill-advised to purchase one on a whim. There are many considerations to make before purchasing a gun safe, whether you’re an avid gun collector, hobbyist, hunter or serving in the police force or military. Tractor Supply, America’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, offers high-quality gun safes for sale from top brands. Here, we detail five of the biggest gun safe factors to take into account. 

    1. Gun Safe Fire Ratings

    Some gun safes are not fire rated, meaning they won’t be able to protect your guns or valuables when engulfed in flames. However, fire-rated gun safes will provide some level of protection during a fire. A gun safe fire rating determines the minimum amount of time that the safe’s interior will stay at or below a maximum temperature. For instance, a fire rating of 40 minutes at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit means that the gun safe’s internal temperature will not exceed 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for the first 40 minutes of fire exposure. 

    2. Gun Safe Brand

    Is the gun safe maker reliable? Does the brand have good reviews about its products’ performance? Questions like these need answering – well before you hit the check-out line with a new gun safe. Tractor Supply uses over 85 years of knowledge and experience to provide leading gun safes and other products for those living Life Out Here. We believe it matters who makes your gun safe, which is why our impressive gun safe inventory features several top brands, including:

    • Cannon Safe: Designed with hunting and outdoor recreation in mind, Cannon Safe’s gun safes are available from several of the brand’s product lines, including Honor Series, Commander Series, Force Series and Armory Series. 
    • Liberty Safe: Trusted for more than 30 years, Liberty Safe is synonymous with high-security gun safes and handgun vaults. Its product lines include Specialty Safes, Liberty Fatboy Safes, National Security by Liberty and Liberty Safes. 
    • Remington: Known for premium security storage solutions for the home, Remington offers several lines of fire-rated gun safes. These include STS Series, Nitro Series, Big Green Series, Express Series and Gun Club Series. 
    • Sports Afield: Offering fire-rated gun safes and special-purpose gun safes, Sports Afield has numerous product lines on the market. Fire-rated gun safe lines include Domain Series, Preserve Series and Haven Series, while special-purpose gun safe lines include Home Defense Portable Vault Series, Home Defense Quick Access Vault Series and Home Defense Series. 
    • Stack-On: In addition to portable cases, personal safes and security cabinets, Stack-On is trusted for long gun safes and other home security storage solutions. Each product is built with over 40 years of Stack-On’s experience in the industry. 
    • Winchester Safes: Around for over 100 years, Winchester Safes has become known for environmentally conscious gun safes and other home security storage products. The brand uses eco-conscious operations to prevent dangerous chemicals from invading local waterways and dissipating into the air.

    Learn more about these premier gun safe brands in Tractor Supply’s buying guide

    3. Gun Safe Lock Type

    Gun safe locks come in two general categories: mechanical and electrical. Mechanical gun safe locks use traditional combination lock mechanisms to provide access. Electronic and biometric gun safe locks rely on batteries or electrical connections for the keypad or a biometric scanner to open the safe. When it comes to choosing a gun safe lock type, your preferences, gun safe usage and budget should guide your decision. Tractor Supply’s selection includes the following gun safe locking mechanisms: 

    • Combination gun safe locks: Remember your locker in high school? Also called dial gun safe locks, these open after “dialing” the right combination of numbers, letters or symbols. Developed in the 1800s, they have been relied on for over a century, and since there are no electrical parts needed, they offer the longest lifespan compared to other lock types. 
    • Electronic keypad gun safe locksBy simply inputting the correct code on an electronic keypad, gun safe owners can quickly access their firearms and other valuable possessions. These locks are usually powered by batteries, though in some cases, a hard-wire electrical connection might be required. You can also find dual electronic keypad and keyed gun safe locks, which come with a lock-and-key mechanism as a backup in a power outage or battery failure. 
    • Biometric gun safe locksThis type of electrical gun safe lock provides the highest level of security. The only way to unlock a biometric gun safe is to verify the physical identity of the owner. To open, the safe scans a physical characteristic (i.e. fingerprint, eye retina, facial features) or verifies the person’s voice to determine whether to grant access. For extra peace of mind in an electricity or battery failure, opt for a dual biometric and keyed gun safe lock, which comes with a backup key.  
    • Alternate gun safe locks: You may find gun safes with traditional lock-and-key mechanisms, high-tech entry systems that are touch-free, Wi-Fi locks with mobile alerts and more. 

    4. Gun Safe Compatibility and Capacity

    What is the intended purpose of your gun safe? Will it only house long guns and ammunition, or will you store a mix of handguns, rifles and other valuables, like important documents or family heirlooms? Answering questions like these will help you narrow down your search for the perfect gun safe. Understanding the difference between these terms can also point you in the right direction:

    • Gun safe compatibility: This refers to how the gun safe is configured. The right gun safe for your needs should have secure compartments for gun accessories, documents and other important items, as well as enough room for your unique firearms collection. Your ideal gun safe should also be compatible with where you plan to store it in your home, whether that location is in a closet, under the bed, in a wall or elsewhere. Tractor Supply offers a wide variety of gun safe compatibility options, including pistol safes and long gun safes
    • Gun safe capacity: This means the number of gun slots a safe is built with – not how many actual guns a safe will fit. Because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all gun safe, it’s generally recommended to purchase a larger gun safe than you might currently need. This enables gun owners to accommodate growing or changing collections over time, without having to purchase a new gun safe again. 

    5. Gun Safe Material

    To ensure you invest in an impact-resistant gun safe, look for rugged, durable materials that have shown success over time. Tractor Supply offers gun safes with only the highest-quality materials, such as metalhardened steel and steel. Don’t worry about gun safe material when it comes to style, however. Various gun safe finishes are available to fit your tastes. 

    We Can Help You Find Your Next Gun Safe

    Whether you own a single firearm or multiple guns, Tractor Supply’s knowledgeable associates are standing by to assist in your gun safe search. To shop our selection of fireproof gun safes, waterproof gun safes and other options, visit your local Tractor Supply store or browse our products online.