Natural flea control for pets.

Ever go away on vacation and return to find your home infested with fleas? While your pet was away, the fleas were at play, still laying eggs, eating organic debris on the carpet, multiplying exponentially and waiting eagerly for their next blood meal. But you can put flea control on autopilot while you're away with a simple light trap.

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Pet supplies for caring for a new pet

When adopting a new dog or cat, stock up on pet supplies for pet grooming, pet odor and supplies for new puppies and kittens. Make sure to give your new pet lots of love and affection. This will help strengthen the bond between yourself and your new dog or cat and create a level of trust from which you can build on for training.

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Vaccinating cats and dogs.

Animal biologicals are products designed to stimulate the immune system of a dog or cat in response to an invasion of viruses or bacteria. Make sure to read product labels and avoid off-label use of products. Biologicals include vaccines, bacterins, toxoids and anti-serums.

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