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    What to Consider When Buying a Gas Riding Lawn Mower

    Riding lawn mowers are available in two main power types: gas and electric. If you’re thinking about a new riding lawn mower, there are many important factors about gas models to consider. With more than 85 years in business, Tractor Supply has witnessed the evolution of riding lawn mowers, and we are ready to help you find the perfect riding mower for your Life Out Here. Learn about the biggest considerations to make about gas riding lawn mowers for sale at Tractor Supply. 

     Pros and Cons of Gas Riding Mowers

    Many landowners believe the pros of gas riding mowers outweigh the cons. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or need a new machine, there are several gas riding mower upsides and downsides to be aware of. These include:

    Pros of Gas Riding Mowers

    • Compatible with multiple terrain types: There are gas riding mowers designed for handling most terrains, as well as flatuneven and sloped properties. 
    • Various mower deck sizes: Also called cutting width, the mower deck size determines how many passes it takes to cut grass to a desired length. Narrower cutting decks require more mowing time, while wider cutting decks reduce mowing time. Tractor Supply offers various cutting widths to properly accommodate yards up to 2 acres, yards 2 to 3 acres, yards 3 to 4 acres and yards 4 or more acres
    • Powerful engines from top brands: Gas riding mowers are built with single-cylinder or V-twin engines. If you have a smaller yard with thinner grass, single-cylinder engines might suffice. Otherwise, the more popular choice is a V-twin engine, which can provide enough horsepower and torque to handle tougher mowing jobs. In our inventory, riding mowers have powerful engines from industry leaders including Briggs & StrattonCub CadetGreenworksKawasaki and Kohler.
    • Features for convenience and comfort: Gas models come with a variety of features, including cup holdersheadlightskeyed startcruise controladjustable cutting heights and many more.   
    • User-friendly and versatile: Gas riding lawn mowers are designed to be intuitive, operating similarly to a standard vehicle with pedals and a steering wheel. Zero-turn models are operated by levers. Investing in a riding lawn mower can eliminate the need to hire professional lawn care services, especially when you have the right mower attachments and mower accessories
    • Efficient mowing times: Gas mowers cover more ground in less time than push mowers and electric riding mowers. This is because their larger gas tanks help to get more done than a single battery charge or smaller gas tank. Many gas riding lawn mowers cut up to 14,000 sq. ft. on one fuel tank. Gas models are especially dependable when cutting through large areas, especially when thicker grass is present. 
    • Less expensive upfront: Compared to electric models and their expensive batteries, which need to be replaced every few years, gas riding mowers are usually more affordable upfront. 

    Cons of Gas Riding Mowers

    For many gas riding mower owners, their investment is worth it. However, there are some downsides to gas mowers to be aware of when considering one. These include:

    • Extra steps when winterizing the mower: At the end of every mowing season, gas mowers need to be winterized before storage. This is done by cleaning the machine and blades, changing the oil, replacing the air filter and using a fuel stabilizer
    • More maintenance over time: Because gas mowers have a fuel system and other mechanical components, they are prone to issues popping up and needing repair. Common gas mower fixes include mowers that won’t start, have hard-to-pull/stuck starter cords, lose power during mowing, vibrate excessively or release smoke. 
    • Higher costs over time: When factoring in the need for gas, lubricants, oil changes and replacement parts, as well as the expense of professional repairs over time, gas mowers can be expensive to own. Keeping up with proper maintenance and ensuring the correct use of your mower can reduce the risk of costly repairs. 

    Traditional or Zero-Turn Models 

    If you’re interested in a gas mower, you’ll also need to weigh your options between traditional and zero-turn models. Tractor Supply carries gas-powered zero-turn riding mowers and gas-powered traditional riding mowers, and our team is here to help you decide which is best for you. Here’s a quick breakdown of traditional vs. zero-turn riding lawn mowers:

    What is a traditional riding lawn mower?

    Traditional riding mowers have a standard steering wheel and pedal setup, just like most people are used to from driving a car. Standard riding mowers come in all-wheel-drive (AWD), rear-wheel-drive (RWD) or front-wheel-drive (FWD), so you can pick the best fit for your terrain and yard projects. Traditional riding lawn mowers have two back and two front wheels, which are controlled according to the drive type you choose. They are usually more affordable than zero-turn mowers. Learn more about these machines in Tractor Supply’s riding mower buying guide

    What is a zero-turn riding lawn mower?

    Zero-turn models are special types of riding mowers with enhanced features and capabilities. They are designed to efficiently cut through difficult areas of grass, especially around obstacles like pathways, plants, garden beds, tree lines and more. Operating with lap bars or levers, zero-turn mowers can pivot on a dime and make 180° turns, leaving no uncut grass circles behind. In some cases, zero-turn mowers can cut more grass in less time thanks to larger fuel tanks. Because of these advanced features, they typically come with a higher price tag. Learn more in Tractor Supply’s zero-turn riding mower buying guide

    Riding Mower Brand 

    The brand you choose matters when it comes to your next riding lawn mower. Make sure the mower maker is trustworthy with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Tractor Supply vets the brands we sell for you so can have nothing but faith in our lawn mower selection. We offer the following in our riding mower inventory:

    Shop with Tractor Supply for Your Riding Lawn Mower

    Whether you need help choosing between gas and electric riding mowers, or you have no idea where to start when picking the right lawn mower, Tractor Supply has your back. As America’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, you can trust our selection of gas-powered riding lawn mowers and other options. Shop today by placing an order online or visiting your local Tractor Supply location