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Greenworks 60V 42in 24 HP Electric Battery Powered CrossoverZ ZeroTurn Riding Lawn Mower, (6) 8 Ah Battery, (3) Chargers, CRZ426
Greenworks 60V 54-in. MaximusZ Electric Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower, (2) 20.0Ah, (2) 8.0Ah & (2) 4.0Ah Batteries & 1.5kW Charger
Greenworks 60V 60-in MaximusZ Electric Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower, (2) 20Ah & (4) 8Ah Batteries & 1.5kW Charger

Zero-Turn Mowers

Change the way you tackle lawn care with the selection of zero-turn riding lawn mowers at Tractor Supply. Extremely efficient with innovative technology, zero-turn riding mowers allow you to make highly precise cuts in even the most difficult-to-mow areas. Learn more about the zero-turn mowers for sale at Tractor Supply. 

Types of Zero-Turn Mowers

In comparison to traditional riding lawn mowers, zero-turn riding mowers have a 0° turn radius, meaning they can make tighter turns with ease. Zero-turn lawn mowers operate in rear-wheel drive and have independent steering, enabling them to mow with extreme accuracy. The zero-turn riding mower types at Tractor Supply include: 

  • Gas zero-turn mowers: Almost all zero-turn riding mowers are gas-powered, with the ability to cover over 10,000 sq. ft. of land on a single tank of fuel. These powerful machines have enough torque to handle a wide range of residential jobs and terrain types. Though they are loud when in use and can vibrate heavily, they get the job done faster than electric mowers.
  • Electric zero-turn mowers: Though on the rare side, electric zero-turn mowers are on the rise. They offer an eco-friendly lawn maintenance solution by running on a rechargeable lithium battery, which lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes per charge. These environmentally friendly zero-turn mowers weigh less due to no heavy transmission or engine parts, making them highly user-friendly when it comes to maneuverability. 


Carrying Top Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Brands 

Tractor Supply is a proud dealer of zero-turn models from the best lawn mower brands, including: 

How to Choose the Right Zero-Turn Mower 

To help you find the best zero-turn riding lawn mower for your needs, Tractor Supply makes it easy to streamline your search. Browse our selection by zero-turn mower features such as:

Deck Size (Cutting Width)

This may be referred to as zero-turn mower cutting width or zero-turn mower cutting deck. Deck size or cutting width determines how many passes the mower needs to take over an area to yield the desired grass length. Tractor Supply recommends these zero-turn mower yard size ranges: 

The bigger the deck size or cutting width, the more land you can cover in a shorter period. 

Cutting Height

To find out how long the grass will be after it is cut, you need to know the zero-turn mower cutting height. In the warmer months, grass is usually kept at 2" to 2.5" long, while in the cooler months, grass is typically mowed to be 3" to 4" long. Find models with maximum cutting height options between 4" and 5" in our selection of zero turn mowers at Tractor Supply.

Drive Type

Zero-turn mowers have rear-wheel-drive (RWD) systems. The left and right wheels are independently controlled for highly precise steering and sharp cutting lines. With a 0° turning radius, these powerful machines can turn in the blink of an eye. Learn more about RWD zero-turn mower capabilities in our buying guide[ns1] .

Engine Brand

Tractor Supply's selection of zero-turn riding mowers features trusted engine brands like KohlerKawasakiToroBriggs & Stratton and Greenworks. The majority of zero-turn mowers have V-twin mower engines, which are powerful, cause less vibration, keep cooler during operation, and burn fuel more cleanly. There are some zero-turn mowers with single-cylinder mower engines, though these are rarer and intended for simpler mowing jobs. 


Need to operate your zero-turn mower in the dark? Invest in one that includes headlights (and cup holders for your water, coffee or tea, while you're at it). Want more control? Choose a zero-turn riding mower with power steering. Browse our zero-turn mower features to find the model that best suits any unique needs or challenges you face with yard maintenance. 


Tractor Supply is here to help you find the zero-turn riding mower with the right amount of horsepower for your yard's demands. We carry zero-turn riding lawn mowers with horsepower outputs ranging from 16 to 25 HPand over 25 HP.

Terrain Type

Shop for your new zero-turn riding mower by the type of terrain you have, such as flatsloped or uneven. You can also invest in a zero-turn riding lawn mower designed to handle most terrains

Frequently Asked Questions About Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mowers

Are zero-turn riding mower attachments and supplies available? 

Yes. Tractor Supply has the mower attachments you need to transform your zero-turn lawn mower into a year-round yard maintenance tool. Check out our selection of bagging options, mulching kitssnow plows, dump carts and more. We also carry accessories and supplies for zero-turn riding mower maintenance, such as mower engine oilmower air filters and mower fuels and additives.

How do I choose between a gas zero-turn riding mower and an electric zero-turn riding mower?

It ultimately comes down to your lawn type and terrain, preferences and budget. Tractor Supply can help you decide whether a gas-powered or electric zero-turn mower is right for you. 

Visit Tractor Supply for Your New Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower

With over 85 years of experience meeting the needs of Life Out Here, Tractor Supply is proud to be the largest rural lifestyle retailer in America. Head over to your local Tractor Supply store to view our selection of zero-turn riding mowers in person. You can also shop our trusted selection online and have your new mower delivered to you.

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