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    Buying Guide for Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers at Tractor Supply

    Zero-turn lawn mowers have changed the way homeowners tackle lawn care. Sitting at the intersection of efficiency and innovation, zero-turn mowers enable operators to make extremely precise cuts - even in hard-to-reach areas. Learn more about the zero-turn riding mowers for sale at Tractor Supply, America's largest rural lifestyle retailer.

    What Is a Zero-Turn Riding Mower?

    Zero-turn riding lawn mowers are a type of riding lawn mower that comes with more capabilities and features. Delivering nimble navigation, operators use lap bars or levers to make quick, narrow turns and cut with precision. Zero-turn mowers are also great for larger yards, especially if the grass is thick or there are many obstacles in the mowing path.

    Compared to traditional riding lawn mowers, zero-turn models stand out in the following ways:

    • Tighter turning radius with the ability to pivot 180° - without leaving an uncut ring of grass
    • Faster operating speeds and larger fuel tanks for less mowing time and fewer pit stops
    • Precise cutting capabilities around landscaping features, patios and other obstacles
    • Independent steering and rear-wheel drive for better maneuverability
    • Higher horsepower output for the power to perform tougher mowing tasks

    Zero-Turn Mower Types

    Most zero-turn riding lawn mowers are gas-powered, though electric zero-turn riding mowers are starting to become more available. Here's what you need to know about gas zero-turn riding mowers vs. electric zero-turn riding mowers:

    Gas Zero-Turn Mowers

    Gas zero-turn riding lawn mowers are powered by gas through engine and transmission systems. Most gas zero-turn mowers have a V-twin engine, delivering impressive power, efficient gas mileage and faster operating speeds. Best for larger properties or rougher terrain, V-twin zero-turn engines are also ideal for those who plan to utilize mower attachments, from bagging and mulching tools to snow plows and dump carts. Meanwhile, single-cylinder zero-turn engines are ideal for smaller yards because they don't provide as much torque to power through harder jobs.

    Here are some of the top pros and cons about gas zero-turn riding mowers:

    Gas Zero-Turn Mower Pros

    • Powerful enough to cut through leaves, damp areas and high grass
    • Longer run times, cutting up to 14,000 sq. ft. on one tank of gas
    • Longer machine lifespan of roughly 10 years, as long as regular maintenance and care are performed
    • Lower upfront cost than electric zero-turn mowers
    • More maintenance providers since gas models have been in business for decades and electric providers are newer
    • No expensive lithium batteries needing replacement every few years

    Gas Zero-Turn Mower Cons

    Electric Zero-Turn Mowers

    Electric zero-turn mowers are battery-operated but otherwise function very similarly to gas zero-turn mowers. Zero-turn electric mowers weigh less and operate quietly. Although they offer a host of environmental benefits, they are ideal for smaller yards, as they run on a battery that is not as powerful as a gas engine. Here are the main pros and cons about electric zero-turn mowers:

    Electric Zero-Turn Mower Pros

    • Made with sustainability in mind, with no harmful emissions, unpleasant exhaust fumes or other harmful pollutants produced during use
    • Lightweight design with no heavy engine or transmission parts, making for easier maneuverability
    • Quieter to operate, producing about 75 dB of sound compared to the average 95 dB produced by a gas mower
    • Lower-cost, simpler maintenance only involving charging batteries, cleaning mower parts and sharpening blades on a routine basis
    • Longer lifespan, lasting up to 10 years longer than gas mowers

    Electric Zero-Turn Mower Cons

    • Less powerful than gas models with much less torque, meaning they may not perform well for tougher terrains
    • Run times on the shorter side, averaging 30 to 60 minutes per charge on a single battery
    • Having to invest in additional electric mower batteries, which are made of lithium and expensive
    • Shorter lithium battery lifespan, meaning costly replacements roughly every five years

    At Tractor Supply, we understand that purchasing a zero-turn lawn mower is a huge investment for the long term. There are many considerations to make when weighing your zero-turn mower options, including:

    • Zero-turn riding mower comfort: Make sure the zero-turn mower model you're buying is comfortable to sit in and operate. You're going to be using it for years to come, so it pays to be thorough when navigating our zero-turn mower selection. Consider the various seat and support times, as well as the seat back height and whether you want armrests.
    • Zero-turn riding mower cutting deck material: Cutting decks, also referred to as mower decks, house the mower's blades and is where all of the cutting takes place. Zero-turn cutting deck materials are typically either fabricated or stamped metal. Fabricated metal is the sturdier option and ideal for tough jobs or commercial use. Stamped mower decks are lighter in weight and usually sufficient for simple mowing jobs on smaller lawns.
    • Zero-turn riding mower durability: The materials used for construction, cutting deck design, engine manufacturer and other factors must be carefully considered. If you want your mower to last and work correctly for years into the future, ensure you choose zero-turn mowers comprised of the most durable materials.
    • Zero-turn riding mower efficiency: Will your zero-turn riding mower model of choice be able to handle your yard's unique demands? And can it to do so efficiently? The type of terrain and grass thickness on your property should determine the zero-turn mower size you invest in. This way, the mower will have enough power to keep your yard looking pristine and not leave you disappointed with its performance or efficiency.
    • Zero-turn riding mower power: Don't overlook the engine size and horsepower output of your desired zero-turn lawn mower. The more powerful the model is, the more it will cost upfront. Ideally, the right power output for your yard will depend on the difficulty of the terrain and any challenges hidden in the grass, like damp areas, slopes and landscaping obstacles. If you know you'll be using mower attachments like snow plows and dump carts, make sure the mower has higher horsepower capability and a V-twin engine.
    • Zero-turn riding mower tire width: With wider tires, zero-turn mowers more evenly distribute the mower's weight, helping to decrease the rate of wear and tear. Wider tires also assist in improving traction and reducing how much stress is on the grass while being mowed.
    • Zero-turn riding mower turning radius: Compared to traditional riding mowers, zero-turn models have a 180° turning radius so they can make ultra-tight turns with ease. This makes them champions of mowing in tough-to-reach areas like gardens, pathways, patios, tree lines, shrubbery, statues and other landscaping features.

    Get ready to enjoy all the benefits of zero-turn riding mowers with help from Tractor Supply. Narrow your search by the following zero-turn mower features to find the best fit for your needs:

    Deck Size (Cutting Width)

    To determine the number of passes it takes to reach the desired grass length, you'll need to know the zero-turn mower deck size. This metric is also called zero-turn mower cutting width or zero-turn mower cutting deck. The wider the mower deck size, the more grass it will mow per pass.

    The cutting width for your new zero-turn mower should be equivalent to the size of your yard. The cutting width of a typical zero-turn mower ranges from 42' to 72', depending on the model. Here are Tractor Supply's general recommendations for mower yard size ranges:

    Wider cutting decks (48' and up), coupled with powerful high-horsepower engines, ensure that you can cover more ground in less time. Larger decks are not only great for owners of large properties but also for commercial landscapers or farmers maintaining large, open areas of grass. Smaller, front-mounted deck alternatives are ideal for yards with sharp, tight turns or can be used when navigating between tight spaces in larger yards. Smaller deck sizes can also be easier for the operator to manage and control, depending on their experience and skill level with riding mowers.

    Drive Type

    Zero-turn mowers operate in rear-wheel drive (RWD), meaning that the mower sends power from the engine to the rear wheels. For extremely precise steering, the right and left wheels are controlled independently. This allows zero-turn riding mowers to turn on a dime, and they can cut the entire time they turn - no rings of uncut grass will be left behind.

    Engine Brand

    Most zero-turn models use V-twin mower engines, which produce an impressive power output, vibrate less during use, operate at cooler temperatures and burn cleaner. These qualities result in less long-term maintenance due to more efficient operation. Zero-turn models with single-cylinder mower engines may also be available, though this option is less common because zero-turn mowers are usually sought after for their increased power output.

    Tractor Supply carries the top zero-turn mower engine brands, including:


    Find manual zero-turn mower transmissions, zero-turn automatic mower transmissions and zero-turn hydrostatic mower transmissions in the selection at Tractor Supply. Powerful engines provide enough horsepower to handle virtually any residential mowing job. When it comes to comfort and convenience, shop a variety of zero-turn mower features like headlights, cup holders, power steering and many more.


    How much horsepower does your zero-turn mower's engine need to produce to get your lawn maintenance done? Tractor Supply's selection of zero-turn mowers includes horsepower outputs of 16 to 25 HP and over 25 HP. Go for higher horsepower outputs if your yard requires more power to cut through tougher terrain as efficiently as possible. V-twin mower engines are more powerful than single-cylinder mower engines, which means V-twins are also more expensive. That being said, single-cylinder mower engines have much shorter lifespans and provide only enough torque for small-to-mid-sized lawns with simple mowing jobs.

    Terrain Type

    When weighing your zero-turn mower options, your yard size and terrain type are crucial considerations. Tractor Supply has zero-turn riding mowers for various terrains, including:

    The mower's efficiency, deck size, power output and turning radius will all factor into which zero-turn model might be best for you. For example, if the land is flat with no obstacles and the yard is smaller, opt for an electric zero-turn mower or gas zero-turn mower with a narrower deck size. If difficult grass conditions on flatter properties are prevalent, a higher-power gas zero-turn mower with a wider deck is recommended.


    Riding Mower Attachments and Accessories
    If you need your machine to do more than mowing, check if the zero-turn mower you want has attachment capabilities. Tractor Supply carries mower attachments and accessories like dump carts, snow plows and bagging and mulching options.

    Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers from Top Brands

    Tractor Supply is proud to bring our customers trustworthy lawn mower brands, including the following zero-turn riding mower manufacturers:

    Bad Boy

    Bad Boy zero-turn riding mowers are featured at Tractor Supply because the brand emulates the values of people living Life Out Here. With reasonable prices and high-quality constructions, Bad Boy zero-turn mowers have been innovated with the extensive knowledge the brand has garnered since it was launched in 2002.

    Cub Cadet

    Cub Cadet riding mowers and Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers can be purchased at Tractor Supply. Cub Cadet has been manufacturing trustworthy lawn mowers since the 1960s. The brand is known for its high-quality riding mower designs, durable materials and convenient, comfortable operator experiences.


    Greenworks zero-turn mowers and Greenworks traditional riding mowers are carried by Tractor Supply. Owned by Greenworks Tools, Greenworks and Greenworks Pro produce environmentally friendly lawn maintenance equipment, including eco-friendly zero-turn riding mowers. All of these mowers run on electricity with a rechargeable battery, and they don't give off any harmful emissions.


    Find Husqvarna zero-turn mowers and Husqvarna riding lawn mowers at Tractor Supply. Husqvarna is owned by Husqvarna Group, which was founded in 1690 as a musket manufacturer for the Swedish army. By the 1900s, Husqvarna motorized bicycles were invented, laying the blueprint for motorcycle production later on. Husqvarna riding and zero-turn mowers feature trustworthy mechanical components that have been perfected over hundreds of years.


    Toro zero-turn riding mowers can be found in Tractor Supply's lawn mower selection. Toro has over 110 years of experience in the lawn maintenance equipment industry, and the brand is constantly looking for ways to improve its products to support Life Out Here.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Zero-Turn Mowers

    How do zero-turn lawn mowers work?
    The primary advantage of zero-turn riding mowers is their remarkable reduction in mowing time. With a 180° radius and front caster wheels, these machines effortlessly navigate around tricky areas and provide a cleaner, more precise cut that enhances curb appeal.

    What zero-turn mower supplies and accessories do I need?
    Once you've decided on a zero-turn mower option, you'll also need to consider purchasing supplies and accessories to help keep them running their best. Stocking up on mower engine oil, mower air filters and mower fuels and additives will help to keep your lawn care maintenance routine running like a well-oiled machine. By investing in fertilizers and grass seed, you can help your lawn to flourish from the ground up.

    What are common zero-turn mower safety features?
    Zero-turn mowers often have safety features such as roll bars, seat belts and automatic shut-off systems to help keep the rider safe and secure in the event of an accident.

    Why choose a zero-turn riding mower over traditional riding mowers or push mowers?
    Choosing the right mower for your lawn can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Consider what factors are relevant and important to you, such as lawn size, terrain, budget and time commitment.

    If you have a large lawn that may require more time to maintain, a zero-turn mower can help you more quickly manicure your outdoor spaces. Zero-turn mowers outshine their counterparts in terms of speed, precision and maneuverability. Even for small yards, a zero-turn mower can be ideal for tight corners or lawns with obstacles in the mowing path.

    That said, zero-turn riding mowers tend to be priced higher than that of their counterparts. For your safety, consider the slope of your terrain before selecting which mower will work best for you and your yard. It is important to keep in mind that zero-turn mowers are not appropriate for all lawns, as they are not all designed with the same features and have varying slope operating limitations.

    Are zero-turn mowers comfortable?
    We think so! Top-rated zero-turn riding mowers often have features designed to enhance your mowing experience. Main comfort features include high-back seats, armrests, lumbar support, adjustable control levers, rubber foot pads and padded steering to help ensure comfort even for the biggest mowing jobs.

    What are the pros and cons of zero-turn riding mowers?
    Zero-turn riding lawn mowers boast numerous pros, including high maneuverability in tough-to-cut spots, faster speeds for less mowing time and the option to invest in gas or electric models. Some cons include difficulty on certain terrains, like damp grass or hilly areas, and they are more expensive upfront than traditional riding mowers.

    What do I need to know about routine zero-turn mower maintenance?
    Making a big investment like a zero-turn mower comes with the responsibility of regular maintenance. This will keep your machine performing its best for the long term. Routine maintenance tasks include properly storing it when not in use, checking the tire pressure, sharpening the blades, cleaning the mower (especially the deck), and replacing the air filters.

    Get Your New Zero-Turn Mower at Tractor Supply

    Redefine your lawn care experience with a zero-turn lawn mower. Whether you have a large property with sprawling acres or you are a suburban homeowner, the advantages of zero-turn mowers are undeniable. From quickly trimming your grass to precisely navigating the tightest of corners, zero-turn mowers can help cut the time you spend mowing your lawn in half so that you can get back to living Life Out Here. Visit your local Tractor Supply store or browse online to shop our zero-turn riding lawn mowers for sale.