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    Types of Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mowers and Their Features

    A zero-turn mower is a type of riding lawn mower that has front caster wheels so it can pivot 180 degrees and maneuver around obstacles and tougher terrain. There are two main types of zero-turn riding lawn mowers, gas-powered and electric-powered, with their own unique features. At Tractor Supply, America’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, we offer a wide selection of zero-turn riding mowers and advice on deciding the best one for your needs. Here, we discuss the types of zero-turn riding mowers and their respective features.

    What Is a Zero-Turn Riding Mower?

    A riding lawn mower has a mowing deck with cutting blades underneath, tires, a seat for the rider and steering controls. Riding lawn mowers can be either gas or electric-powered, but gas-powered models tend to be more common. There are two main categories of riding mowers:

    • Traditional riding lawn mowers: These mowers are controlled more like a car with a steering wheel and pedal. 
    • Zero-turn mowers: These mowers are operated with two levers or lap bars that control the front caster wheels, allowing the mower to pivot 180 degrees.

    Zero-turn riding lawn mowers can turn around areas quickly and at faster speeds than traditional riding mowers, so they are a more efficient option. They are commonly used by landscapers, but they can also be beneficial for homeowners with larger properties, thicker grass or many obstacles like gardens or trees. Zero-turn riding mowers can be broken down into gas and electric types, just like traditional riding mowers. Keep reading to learn about each type’s features.

    Gas-Powered Zero-Turn Mowers

    The most common type of zero-turn mowers is a gas-powered option, much like traditional riding mowers. Gas-powered zero-turn mowers need fuel (gas) and oil to run, but they are known for their fuel-efficient design. Some other features of gas-powered zero-turn mowers are:

    • High power: Gas-powered zero-turn mowers have high horsepower so they can handle tougher conditions like thick or tall grass, leaves, etc.
    • Long run times: Gas-powered zero-turn mowers can run for long times (up to 14,000 sq. ft. on a single tank) so you can mow your whole lawn in one go. 
    • More maintenance: Gas-powered riding mowers require more routine maintenance because of their moving parts, necessary oil and fuel changes, air filter replacements, etc. 
    • Lower cost: Gas-powered ZT mowers are usually less costly upfront than electric-powered options, but you may incur more maintenance costs over time.

    It’s important to note that gas-powered mowers have been an established industry sector for longer, so there are more providers available to service them if you need repairs.

    Electric-Powered Zero-Turn Mowers

    The other main type of zero-turn riding mower is an electric-powered model, which runs on batteries. Electric-powered zero-turn mowers tend to be less common than gas-powered options, but they have been increasing in popularity. Some common features of electric zero-turn mowers are:

    • Lightweight design: Electric ZT mowers are battery-operated and don’t have many moving parts, so they are lightweight and often easier to maneuver.
    • Sustainable construction: Electric mowers don’t require fuel, so they don’t release any emissions and are an eco-friendly way to maintain your lawn. 
    • Quiet: Electric ZT mowers are generally around 20 decibels quieter than gas-powered mowers because of the differences in their designs.
    • Simple maintenance: Electric riding mower maintenance involves charging the battery, cleaning the mower and sharpening the blade, much simpler than gas mower maintenance.
    • Pleasant ride: Electric-powered zero-turn mowers don’t have gas-related components, so they won’t vibrate during use, allowing for a more comfortable and pleasant ride. 

    Electric-powered zero-turn mowers have a shorter run time than gas-powered mowers because they need to be charged every 30 to 60 minutes. They also tend to be more expensive than gas-powered options upfront but will require less maintenance costs over time.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Types of Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

    Should I get a gas or electric zero-turn mower?

    To decide between a gas- and electric-powered ZT mower, you need to consider the features mentioned above. They include your lawn’s terrain and grass type, the size of your yard, your budget, the noise level you want, how much maintenance you want to do and more. Therefore, if efficiency and power matter more to you than quietness and sustainability, you’d probably opt for a gas-powered zero-turn mower and vice versa.

    Can both types of zero-turn lawn mowers accommodate mower attachments? 

    Yes, both types of zero-turn mowers can accommodate mower attachments just like traditional riding mowers can. Mower attachments are used for performing other lawn care needs like snow plowing, mulching and dumping. Electric-powered zero-turn mowers can accommodate attachments, but the types are usually limited to the same mower line. Mower accessories can also be used on both types of zero-turn lawn mowers.

    Do zero-turn mowers have any limitations?

    Although zero-turn riding mowers have many advantages, they also have some limitations. They are not ideal for use on certain terrains like steep hills, slopes and bumps. They should also not be used on wet grass as it can be dangerous and cause damage to the lawn.

    What brands of zero-turn mowers are available at Tractor Supply?

    Tractor Supply is proud to offer both types of zero-turn riding mowers from brands like Bad BoyCub CadetGreenworks, Husqvarna and Toro. We trust in these brands to provide our customers with high-quality products to get their jobs done properly.

    Find a Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower at Tractor Supply

    Now that you know the features of both types of zero-turn riding mowers, are you ready to make a choice? You’ll find a wide array of zero-turn mower options, including gas and electric options, at Tractor Supply. We have over 85 years of experience providing high-quality products and sound advice to our customers to simplify Life Out Here. To find your ideal type of zero-turn riding mower, visit your local Tractor Supply store to speak to a team member or browse our online selection today.