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    What Is a Zero-Turn Lawn Mower and Why Do I Need One?

    Whether you’re an old pro at mowing lawns or need to start mowing your own property for the first time, consider a zero-turn lawn mower for your next mower. A zero-turn lawn mower is a kind of riding mower that can pivot 180 degrees to quickly mow grass and maneuver around obstacles. Tractor Supply is the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the U.S., providing gardeners, landscapers, homeowners and more with quality products to make their lives easier. Here, we share more about zero-turn lawn mowers and why you may need one as your next mower.

    Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Basics

    A zero-turn riding lawn mower is a type of riding lawn mower that is operated with two levers or lap bars to pivot 180 degrees quickly. This is different than a traditional riding mower that has a steering wheel and pedal and is operated more like a car. Both types of riding mowers feature a seat for the rider and a mowing deck with sharp cutting blades underneath.

    Zero-turn mowers let the operators turn around quickly and go over their previous path to ensure no uncut grass is left behind. Zero-turn mowers can be gas or electric-powered but are more often found in gas models because of their efficiency. They are often used by commercial landscapers because they are easy to maneuver over large areas and around landscaping features, but they are also suitable for homeowners with bigger yards. 

    Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Benefits

    Zero-turn riding mowers are ideal for large yards with obstacles or thick grass. They offer many benefits to both professional landscapers and homeowners, including:

     Easy Maneuverability

    One of the main benefits of zero-turn riding mowers is their maneuverability. The two steering levers on zero-turn riding mowers make maneuvering the big machine easier. The driver sits in a seat above the deck and uses the levers to control the front caster wheels. These caster wheels allow users to make quick turns in narrow spaces, something that’s not easy to do on a traditional riding mower. The 180-degree pivot ability is ideal for handling areas around landscaping features like flower beds, trees, bushes and more. However, zero-turn mowers aren’t the best for maneuvering on hills and steep slopes—they are better for large, flat areas.


    Another main benefit of zero-turn riding mowers is the efficiency they offer. Zero-turn mowers are designed differently than traditional riding mowers, so they can move more quickly. Traditional riding mowers can usually go around five miles per hour, while zero-turn riding mowers can go around eight miles per hour. By operating at faster speeds, zero-turn mowers allow users to finish their lawn maintenance faster. 


    One of the other benefits of zero-turn riding mowers is how powerful they are. These mowers are designed with hefty fuel tanks and ample horsepower to tackle large yards with thick grass. If you need an engine replacement for a zero-turn mower, Tractor Supply offers top-quality riding mower engines from brands like KohlerKawasakiToroBriggs & Stratton and Greenworks.

    These are some of the benefits that zero-turn mowers offer users. When determining if you should get a zero-turn option as your next mower, consider factors like your lawn type, its terrain and area size. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

    Are there any downsides to a zero-turn riding mower?

    Zero-turn riding mowers offer many benefits, but they have some limitations. One of these is certain terrains like hills, slopes and bumps. Although zero-turn mowers can handle gradual hills, traditional riding mowers or push mowers may be better for very steep areas. 

    Zero-turn mowers also tend to cost more than other riding or push mowers because of their advanced design. However, the price per use can make up for the greater upfront cost.

    Are zero-turn riding mowers good for damp grass?

    Zero-turn mowers are not recommended for use on damp grass for a few reasons. Mowing grass when wet can be unsafe and damage your lawn, so it’s best to wait until the grass dries to mow.

    How do I maintain a zero-turn lawn mower?

    Maintaining a zero-turn mower is much like maintaining a traditional riding mower. It will first depend on whether the model is gas or electric. If the mower is gas-powered, it will need maintenance like oil changes, gas refueled, air filtersreplaced and more. If it’s electric-powered, the mower runs on batteries and the main maintenance is to charge them. Cleaning the mowing deck and sharpening the blade may also be necessary if the mower has been in storage for a long time. 

    Are zero-turn mowers easy to learn to use?

    The short answer is it depends. Some people find traditional riding mowers easier to use because they are operated with a steering wheel like a car. However, other people think zero-turn mowers are easier to operate once you get the steering controls down. Once you understand how to use the controls, zero-turn mowers may be easier to use because of their maneuverability.

    Can a zero-turn lawn mower accommodate mower attachments? 

    Yes, zero-turn mowers can accommodate mower attachments just like traditional riding mowers can. Mower attachments are used for handling other lawn care needs like snow plowing, mulching and dumping. Mower accessories like covers can also be used on zero-turn lawn mowers.

    What brands of zero-turn mowers are available at Tractor Supply?

    Tractor Supply is proud to offer zero-turn riding mowers from top brands, including Bad BoyCub Cadet,  Greenworks,Husqvarna and Toro.

    Find a Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower at Tractor Supply

    Are you ready to make a zero-turn riding mower your next purchase and simplify your lawn maintenance? Find a wide selection of zero-turn mower options, along with other lawn and garden tools, at Tractor Supply. With over 85 years of experience, Tractor Supply aims to make living Life Out Here easier and more enjoyable by providing our customers with high-quality products and sound advice. To determine your ideal zero-turn riding mower, stop into your local Tractor Supply store to speak to an experienced team member or browse our online selection today.