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    What to Know About Riding Lawn Mower Deck Size (Cutting Width)

    What is a mower deck size, also called mower cutting width? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get about lawn mowers at Tractor Supply. As America’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, we know how vital it is for land owners to have the right tools for Life Out Here. If you’re looking for a new riding lawn mower, the deck size/cutting width is one of the most important considerations. Learn more about mower cutting width, recommended mower deck size ranges and more. 

    The Definition of Mower Deck Size

    From simple push mowers to feature-packed zero-turn riding mowers, all lawn mowers have a mower deck, where the blades are housed. The mower’s cutting width or deck size indicates the number of passes needed to cut grass to a desired height. Wider decks mow more grass in less time, while narrower decks don’t cover as much ground as quickly. 

    Recommended Cutting Widths for Your Acreage

    There are various cutting width options when it comes to mower deck size, ranging anywhere from 21” to 60”+. The deck size you should choose depends on your yard size, preferences, budget and terrain type. Mowers with wider cutting decks typically come at a higher price point. The ideal mower will also be able to handle your unique grass conditions, and there are options available for flatslopeduneven and most terrains

    If you’re not sure where to begin, you’re in the right place. Tractor Supply has over 85 years of experience in assisting those living Life Out Here. Our recommended mower deck size ranges are:

    Cutting Width vs. Cutting Height

    These terms sometimes get confused, so it’s important to know the difference between the two when shopping for a new riding mower. Cutting width refers to the size of the mower deck and indicates how long mowing your lawn might take. Meanwhile, cutting height indicates how long you want the grass to be after it is mowed. The ideal mower cutting heights vary by season, including:

    • Colder months: The optimal grass height is 3” to 4” high.
    • Warmer months: The optimal grass height is 2” to 2.5” high. 

    Cutting width and height work hand-in-hand to deliver the results you want for your yard. Which deck sizes and cutting heights are right for you? This will depend on your unique grass and terrain type, as well as the size of your property. If you mow all year long, look for models with adjustable cutting height features, which allow you to adjust based on the time of year. Tractor Supply carries zero-turn adjustable cutting height mowers, as well as other adjustable cutting height riding mowers

    Frequently Asked Questions About Mower Cutting Deck Size

    What are the benefits of choosing the right cutting width? 

    With the ideal mower deck size, you won’t spend more time than you have to when cutting the grass. Cutting widths are predetermined on the mower you buy, so there’s no extra adjusting needed (like with cutting heights on some models). If better mowing efficiency is on your wish list, do not overlook the importance of the cutting width. 

    What happens if I choose the wrong cutting deck size?

    The health and appearance of your grass won’t necessarily suffer just because you chose the wrong cutting width. However, you may find yourself dealing with other consequences, including longer mowing times, more fuel to mow your entire lawn or more frequent battery recharges. 

    Do I need to stick to the recommended mower yard size ranges for cutting widths? 

    Not necessarily. While our aforementioned recommendations are good starting points, the choice is ultimately up to you. For example, if you want to mow your small yard in as little time as possible, you can opt for a wider cutting deck. Maybe you enjoy the art of cutting grass and don’t mind longer mowing times with a narrower cutting deck. Make what you feel is the best decision to support your yard maintenance tasks. 

    What are other important riding mower considerations beyond deck size?

    Picking the right lawn mower involves more than just deciding on a cutting width. Other important considerations include:

    Check Out Our Riding Mower Deck Sizes at Tractor Supply

    Whether you need a rear-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive riding mower, we can help you find the right mower deck size for your property and preferences. To order your new riding mower, browse our impressive inventory online. Or, visit your local Tractor Supply store to see options in person.