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DR Power Equipment 44 in. 10.5 HP 44T Field and Brush Mower Premier, TB21044BEN
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Swisher 60 in. 14.5 HP Gas Kawasaki Commercial Pro Trail Mower
Sale Was $4,199.99 Save $200.00 (4%)

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Swisher 44 in. 14.5 HP Gas Kawasaki Commercial Pro Rough-Cut Trailcutter - RC14544CPKA
Swisher 44 in. 11.5 HP Gas Electric-Start Finish-Cut Trail Mower
Sale Was $2,999.99 Save $200.00 (6%)

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Swisher 15.5 HP 60 in. Briggs & Stratton 12V Trailmower, FC15560BS
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Swisher 44 in. 11.5 HP Gas Rough-Cut Trailcutter - RC11544BS
Swisher 44 in. 14.5 HP Gas 12V Kawasaki Pro Brush King 4-Wheeled Rough-Cut Trailcutter - RC14544CP4K
Swisher 44 in. 11.5 HP Gas Finish-Cut Trail Mower
Was $2,799.99 Save

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Swisher 24 in. 11.5 HP Gas Briggs & Stratton Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Rough-Cut Mower with Casters - WRC11524BSC
Swisher 66 in. 14.5 HP Gas Kawasaki Commercial Pro Trail Mower - FC14566CPKA
Sale Was $5,149.99 Save $200.00 (3%)

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Trail Lawn Mowers

For those who care for large property, parks or sports fields, a trail lawn mower from Tractor Supply can help transform your mowing experience. These mowers are equipped to handle the truly tough jobs and can help to save you time by helping you to more efficiently tackle large projects. 

How Trail Mowers Work & Their Benefits

Similar to a riding lawn mower, a trail mower is powered by a strong horsepower engine that works to swiftly rotate the blade. This engine can be easily turned on with the turn of a key or a tug on the pull-start feature. Once turned on, the trail mower lacks any steering capacity on its own. This is where the universal hitch comes into play. By attaching the hitch to the back of your garden tractor, ATV or UTV, you can effectively pull and steer the mower across acres of grassland. 

If you find yourself tackling huge mowing projects that require you to chop thick brush and grass or trim large lawns, a pull-behind mower can save you time so that you can get back to living Life Out Here. With the enhanced coverage, cutting power and convenience, you can comfortably enjoy the ride while the mower effortlessly follows and  cuts the grass behind you. 

3 Types of Trail Mowers

Before buying a trail lawn mower, you should know that there are 3 common variations: 

  • Gang Reel Mowers: Gang reel mowers are the workhorses of golf courses and large lawns. They boast ultra-wide cutting reels spanning up to 11 feet wide and are towed behind an ATV or tractor. These mowers are known for their ability to leave your grass impeccably manicured with their precise cut.

  • Finish Cut Mowers: With cutting widths ranging from 44 to 66 inches, finish cut mowers are designed for large grassy areas and can double your cutting due to their wide blade deck. Mounted on the cutting deck is a high-powered engine that works to effortlessly slice through thick grass and small twigs. If you pull a finish cut mower behind your riding lawn mower, the articulating hitch allows you to offset the mower to the side of your riding lawn mower so you can further increase your cutting width. 

  • Rough Cut Mowers: For the untamed wilderness or overgrown properties, a rough cut or brush mower is the ideal choice. With powerful engines and heavy duty blades, they can conquer thick brush and untamed grass with their swift cutting power. Rough cut mowers also have an articulating hitch allowing them to be set adjacent to your lawn tractor, ATV, or UTV for enhanced maneuverability.

Trail mowers are an efficient and effective solution for mowing vast outdoor spaces and tough terrains. Whether your project requires the precision of gang reel mowers, the efficiency of finish cut mowers, or the rugged prowess of rough cut mowers, you can find a perfect trail mower for every job. Find the mower that is best for you by heading to your local Tractor Supply store or shopping online today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store a trail mower when not using it?

Store the trail mower in a dry and covered area to protect it from the elements. Lubricate moving parts, clean the blades and follow any specific storage recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

What is the recommended towing speed for a trail mower?

Towing speeds vary by model, but in general, it's recommended to operate trail mowers at a moderate speed, typically between 3 to 5 miles per hour. Higher speeds may affect cutting quality and safety.

Can I use a trail mower for mowing in reverse?

Most trail mowers are designed to be operated in a forward direction. Mowing in reverse may not be safe and could lead to uneven cutting. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding operation and safety.


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