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    What Size Gun Safe Should I Buy?

    Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current gun safe or are getting your first, it’s important that you choose one large enough for your needs. You have to consider a few factors to determine what size gun safe is best for you. Tractor Supply is America’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, providing a wide range of gun safe types and sizes. Here, we discuss the factors that affect what gun safe size you should get and how to decide.

    About Gun Safes

    Gun safes are made specifically for securely storing firearms away from unauthorized users. They are made with heavier-duty materials and more advanced locking mechanisms than regular safes to withstand impacts, break-in attempts and even fire. They also have organizational slots, racks or shelves to hold firearms safely and neatly. There are many kinds of gun safes, differing in the type of gun they store, gun capacity, design, etc. Some common types of gun safes include:

    • Pistol safes: These safes are designed for storing small handguns like pistols, although they may have some space for longer guns.
    • Long gun safes: These safes are constructed to fit long guns like rifles and shotguns, but they often have room for smaller firearms.
    • Portable gun safes: These safes are ideal for transporting firearms securely in vehicles or other types of travel.
    • In-wall gun safes: These safes can be built into the wall for discreetly storing firearms. 
    • Biometric gun safes: These safes use a biometric of the user (i.e. fingerprint, face scan, etc.) to unlock the safe. 
    • Fireproof gun safes: These fire-rated safes are made with fireboard that provides an extra layer of protection against heat and fire damage.

    Gun safes often have additional room for you to store other valuables like important documents, cash, jewelry and more. It’s helpful to determine what type of gun safe you want first and then go on to determine what size best suits your needs.

    Gun Safe Size Factors to Consider

    Once you decide on the type of gun safe you’re looking for, you’ll have to decide what size is best for your needs, as most are available in multiple sizes. The factors to consider include:

    The Number of Guns You Own

    If you only have a handgun for self-defense purposes, you likely won’t need a large gun safe. However, if you’re an avid hunter or firearm collector, it makes sense that you would need a larger safe. Experts also recommend getting a gun safe size that is bigger than you think you need. This is because your firearm collection may grow, and you’ll need to have extra space for more guns. 

    The Size of the Guns You Own

    The second factor you need to consider is the size of the guns you own since some styles are larger than others and need more space. If you’re a hunter and only use shotguns, you’ll want to ensure the size you choose is large enough to house the long guns. If your collection includes a mix of handguns and long guns, you’ll need a gun safe with ample space for both types. Even if you only own handguns currently, you may want to still choose a safe that can fit long guns in case you decide to get one in the future. At Tractor Supply, we recommend gun safes with at least 58" interior vertical clearance and 30” width for fitting long guns. 

    If You Plan to Store Other Valuables

    The third factor to consider when choosing a gun safe size is if you plan on storing other high-value items in it. Many people choose to store other items like jewelry, cash, legal documents, passports and more in their gun safes along with their firearms. This is a good idea because gun safes are tamper-resistant and often fire-proof, but you’ll need to make sure you have room for both your guns and your other belongings. If you have a lot of valuables you want to put in your gun safe, choose a larger size to accommodate them. 

    If you already have a traditional safe or don’t have many valuables, you won’t need a gun safe with extra space for those items. It may still be a good idea to get a size bigger than you think you need, because you may want to put other items in the safe at short notice.

    These are the most important factors to consider when deciding what size gun safe you need. You may also want to think about your budget, where you want to keep the safe in your home and if you plan to move soon.

    Gun Safe Size FAQs

    What does the capacity on a gun safe mean?

    The capacity of a gun safe will depend on the size of the safe. It refers to how many gun slots a safe has but doesn’t tell you how many physical firearms the safe will hold. This is because guns come in various shapes and sizes, and you may fit more or less depending on what you own. 

    What weight is recommended for a gun safe?

    At Tractor Supply, we recommend getting a gun safe that weighs at least 750 pounds since the heavier the safe is, the more secure it is. Anything weighing less than that can be moved or tampered with more easily. 

    What brands of gun safes are available at Tractor Supply?

    At Tractor Supply, we offer a wide range of gun safe types and sizes from top brands like Cannon SafeLiberty SafeRemingtonSports AfieldStack-On and Winchester Safes.

    Find Different Gun Safe Sizes at Tractor Supply

    Make sure your firearm collection can fit securely into your gun safe by buying one that is the correct size for you. Visit Tractor Supply, the biggest rural lifestyle retailer in the U.S.A., where we offer highly secure gun safes in a variety of sizes and styles. To speak with a trusted team member about gun safe size options, visit your local Tractor Supply store today or browse our selection online to see your options.