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    Gun Safes vs. Traditional Safes Why They're Not the Same

    Whether you own guns for hunting, target shooting or safety purposes, it’s essential to store them safely and securely. The best way to do so is to invest in a gun safe—one that is specifically designed to keep guns organized, protected and secure when not in use. Traditional safes aren’t enough to keep your firearms out of the wrong hands. Here, Tractor Supply discusses the differences between gun safes and regular safes and why gun safes are preferred for storing firearms.

    Gun Safes Are More Durable

    One of the main differences between gun safes and regular safes is the durability of the construction. Gun safes are specifically made to withstand theft attempts and impacts. They are usually made of materials like metalhardened steel or steel, which are very heavy to prevent movement or tampering. Some gun safes even protect against fire and water damage to provide extra protection. Although regular or traditional safes can be sturdy enough to keep documents, jewelry and money safe, they can’t stand up to the strength and protection of gun safes.

    Gun Safes Have Advanced Security

    Another difference between gun safes and traditional safes is the security and locking mechanisms. Traditional safes are secure with basic electronic keypad or mechanical locks, but these locks often aren’t heavy-duty or advanced. Gun safes feature high-security locking mechanisms to make sure that intruders and other unauthorized users can’t get in and steal your firearms. Some of the locking types on gun safes include:

    • Biometric locks: These use a biometric characteristic, like a face or fingerprint scan, of the owner to provide access to the safe.
    • Combination locks/dial locks: These locks utilize an arrangement of numbers, letters or symbols that the owner chooses to unlock the safe.
    • Dual biometric and key locksThis type offers a traditional lock and key, as well as a biometric lock to open the safe.
    • Dual electronic keypad and key locks: These provide an electronic keypad with a password and a backup key for the traditional lock to gain access. 
    • Electronic keypad locksThis type features an electronic keypad with a password the owner chooses to unlock the safe.

    These advanced locks are generally designed to withstand more than the locks on traditional safes.

    Gun Safes Are Versatile

    Gun safes are different from traditional safes in another way – they come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and capacities. Gun owners have versatile options to choose from to meet their needs, such as:

    • In-wall gun safes: These are highly secure gun safes made to be installed in a wall.
    • Floor gun safes: These provide a discreet location to hide guns and keep them secure without people knowing they’re there.
    • Portable gun safes: Lighter weight designs are ideal for transporting firearms conveniently. 
    • Biometric gun safes: With a very secure design, these can only be opened with the owner’s biometric trait (i.e. fingerprint, facial recognition, eye scan). 
    • Fireproof gun safes: Gun safes with various fire ratings can protect weapons and valuables if engulfed in flames.
    • Waterproof gun safes: Water-resistant designs provide added protection from water damage during floods, storms, leaks and more. 
    • Pistol safesThese are designed for storing pistols or other handguns securely.
    • Long gun safesThis type is designed for storing rifles and shotguns.

    To determine what type of gun safe is best for your needs, consider how many guns you currently have and what other items you may be storing in the safe. You should also consider the climate and crime rate where you live.

    Gun Safes Are Larger

    Gun safes often come in larger sizes and footprints than traditional safes, as they store more items and need to be large or heavy to prevent tampering. Gun safes have a gun capacity that traditional safes don’t—which refers to how many gun slots a safe has. They can come in capacities from one to five to 20 and more. However, this capacity doesn’t tell you how many guns the safe can hold, since different styles and types of guns can take up different amounts of space. Either way, the capacity of gun safes is generally larger than regular safes. 

    It’s typically suggested that gun owners purchase a gun safe with a slightly larger capacity than the number of guns they currently own. This allows them to store a growing collection and keep other items safe without needing a large safe later.

    Gun Safes Provide Better Organization

    Another difference between gun safes and traditional safes is the organization they offer. Traditional shelves often have a shelf or two to hold files, cash, or jewels, but that is generally the extent of it. Gun safes offer many different organizational aspects to keep your firearms neat and protected. These include:

    • Adjustable shelves that can be changed depending on the contents in the safe
    • Interior lock boxes for storing gun accessories, smaller weapons or other valuables
    • Interior lighting to see contents clearly
    • Protective fabric liners to prevent scratches on firearms
    • Slots and barrel rests that keep firearms securely arranged

    By having sections for guns and places for storing other items, you can keep all your valuables secure in one place. At Tractor Supply, we carry many different sizes and types of gun safes from top brands like Cannon SafeLiberty SafeRemingtonSports AfieldStack-On and Winchester Safes.

    Find a Secure Gun Safe at Tractor Supply

    If you’ve been storing your firearms in a traditional safe, make the switch and invest in a gun safe. Tractor Supply can help you find the best option for your needs, whether you have one gun or twenty, pistols or rifles, and have a lot of space or a compact area. With over 85 years as America's largest rural lifestyle retailer, we have the expertise to recommend gun safes and answer any questions you may have about them. To learn more about getting a gun safe, visit your local Tractor Supply store or browse our inventory online.