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    5 Gun Safe Features to Consider for Your Firearm Collection

    Most gun owners recognize the importance of having a gun safe to store their firearm collection securely. However, they may not know about all the available features they can offer. For more than 85 years, Tractor Supply has provided customers with quality products and recommendations to make living Life Out Here easier. Here, we discuss five gun safe features to consider for your next gun safe and how they can benefit your firearm collection.

    1. Heavy Gauge Steel Construction

    One of the more basic features of a gun safe is the thickness of its construction. Most gun safes are made of steel orhardened steel because they are a highly durable materials that can withstand heat. However, safes can be made with various steel thicknesses called gauges. The thicker the steel, the lower the gauge number. If you want your gun safe to be extra secure against prying and drilling, it’s best to get a gun safe with a heavy gauge steel construction (low gauge number) like 12-gauge, 10-gauge 

    2. Fire Rating

    Another feature to look for in a gun safe is a fire rating, which indicates how long the safe will protect its contents if engulfed in flames. Gun safes are available in various fire ratings, which depend on the safe material, the temperature of the fire and how long the inside of the safe will remain at or below a minimum temperature. Fire-rated safes offer an extra layer of protection against fire, smoke and heat that regular gun safes don’t. This is important when you use your gun safe to store your firearm collection, and even more essential when you also use it to store other valuables like important documents, cash, etc. Although fire-rated gun safes aren’t completely fireproof, they offer more protection against fire damage compared to non-fire-rated gun safes.

    3. UL-Listed Lock

    Another feature to consider when choosing a gun safe is the type of lock, preferably a UL-listed lock. A UL-listed lock has received a certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which demonstrates that the product has passed rigorous testing and meets nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards. Since the lock is one of the most important parts of a gun safe, it makes sense that you would want one that has been extensively tested for security. There are different kinds of gun safe locking mechanisms to choose from, including:

    Whatever type of locking mechanism you prefer for your gun safe, make sure it’s UL-listed for extra security.

    4. Relocker

    Another feature for your gun safe is a relocker, or a device designed to relock the safe if the original lock is damaged or removed. Relockers provide an extra level of security against theft, impact and break-ins because they cause all the safe bolts and bars to lock in place if the first lock is defeated. Gun safes can have internal or external relockers, but either type is better than a safe without one. If you want to make sure your firearms or valuables are extra protected against theft, a relocker is a must-have feature in your gun safe. 

    5. Adjustable Shelving

    Another factor to consider when purchasing a gun safe is the interior. Most people pay more attention to exterior features like locks, but the interior of the gun safe is just as important. You can customize your gun safe’s interior by using adjustable shelving to hold your firearms and belongings in the most organized way. Adjustable shelving also allows you to rearrange your collection as it grows. Shelves are often fabric-lined to prevent scratches and other damage to your belongings. Whether you own mostly long guns, handguns or a mix of both, adjustable shelves can help you fit them all in one secure space.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Gun Safe Features

    What other gun safe features are available?

    Other features available in gun safes include things like:

    • Interior lock boxes for storing gun accessories or smaller weapons
    • Places to store other valuables, like documents and cash
    • On-door storage systems
    • Interior lights
    • Rust-resistant external finishes

    These features can add convenience and extra benefits to your gun safe.

    Is it worth it to get a gun safe with more features?

    In our opinion—yes! Gun safes are used to store weapons that can be dangerous if they get into the wrong hands, plus other valuables you don’t want to be damaged or stolen. We recommend getting a gun safe with advanced features like fire-rated designs and UL-listed locks because they provide extra security and protection for your belongings. If you have a non-fire-rated safe or one without a UL-listed lock, they are more susceptible to damage and theft than those with advanced features. 

    What brands of gun safes are available at Tractor Supply?

    Tractor Supply carries a wide array of gun safe types with advanced features from top brands like Cannon SafeLiberty SafeRemingtonSports AfieldStack-On and Winchester Safes.

    Find Your Next Gun Safe at Tractor Supply

    If you’re ready to upgrade your gun safe to one with more advanced features, look no further than the selection at Tractor Supply. As the biggest rural lifestyle retailer in the U.S., Tractor Supply provides a wide range of gun safes with advanced features, along with other quality products. To learn more about available gun safes with features, visit your local Tractor Supply store today or browse our online selection.