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    Get ready for cooler temps

    Prepare for leaves falling and snow blowing with TSC

    Get ready for cooler temps

    Prepare for leaves falling and snow blowing with TSC

    Plant a fall and winter garden

    Days are shorter and temps are cooler, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to be had from the garden. Cool-season gardening does take some planning - overlapping your summer harvest with the start of your cool weather planting. There's a few extra things to keep in mind for a fall and winter garden:

    • Plant in plenty of time to let plants establish before cold temps
    • Soil prep is key - here's where you can use those fallen leaves to pull double duty
    • Protection from weather elements will need to be ready 

    Perfect vegetables to plant now

    Here's some cool-season crops to get in the ground. Don't forget about radishes, turnips, swiss chard, cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi and their relatives.

    Find what you need for a good cool-season harvest

    Garden protection

    Edible plants



    Plant food & insecticides

    Watering supplies

    Preserve your harvest

    After the summer harvest, it's time to get to work on food preservation. Learn how to can, dry, ferment and cure the goods you've worked so hard for. Save them up in storage or use them for gifts during the holiday season - whatever you choose, nothing beats a homegrown treat.

    Explore all canning >

    Find everything canning with our basic canning guide. Learn how to make your harvest last through food preservation.
    Preserving the fruit of your hard labor requires the right tools and supplies. While you can fudge on a couple of the items, everything listed here will make the job easier and safer.
    Find supplies list, what to and what not to preserver with this method, a step-by-step guide, and tips for water bath canning.
    One of the most popular methods of food preservation, pressure canning allows you to put up jars of green beans, stew meat, and other low-acid foods. Find everything you need to get started.

    Shop food preservation

    Canning jars and lids

    Canning tools & equipment

    Canning ingredients

    Freeze dryers & accessories

    Food processing supplies

    Put your lawn and garden to rest

    Depending on where you are in the country, it may be time to prep for next spring by cleaning up the lawn, overseeding and getting your garden tucked in. For others, it may be time to let things rest and clean up the tools used during the season. Whatever your lawn and garden plans are for the winter months, here's some help to get things ready.

    Shop all lawn & garden >


    Prepare your garden for next spring with this to-do list for fall. These 12 things will tidy up, help reduce or minimize weeds, diseases, and pests and ensure certain plants have the winter protection they need.
    Follow these steps on how to overseed a lawn for greener grass and a healthy yard.
    Practice organic gardening by skipping the bags and using your fallen leaves for mulch. Read more about the benefits, tips for collecting and how to make a leaf mold bin.
    Get the most out of your landscape this year with a permaculture mulching practice called chop-and-drop. Read more on how to put into practice.
    Garden tools are an investment for any home gardener and when properly cared for, can last for years. Take some time to give them a little TLC.

    Shop for winter lawn & garden prep

    Leaf blowers

    Grass seed

    Lawn spreaders


    Rakes & forks

    Pruners & weeders

    Get ready for winter

    Beat the ice and snow. Find everything for snow removal, ice removal, heating and winter storm safety. Don't forget about the extra tax break for energy-effiencient home improvements - you can find qualifying heaters at TSC.

    Explore winter weather supplies >

    Read about different types of heaters and find out what type of heat may help pump additional heat into your home, garage or shop.
    Save some money on your heating with a wood or pellet stove. Read more about the pros and cons for each type, maintenance, and what effort level these stove need.
    Get your vehicle ready for the cold months with 10 steps to winterizing your car.
    Make sure your snow blower is ready with this maintenance guide. We've got 6 checks everyone should be making during the season.
    Snow and safety fencing doesn't get much attention, but it is an important part of Life Out Here. Learn more about these two fence types.

    Shop for winter prepardness supplies

    Snow blowers & snow removal

    Ice melt

    Shovels & ice scrapers


    Snow & safety fencing


    Cold weather accessories

    Get everything you need for any garden season.

    Find a Tractor Supply near you.