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    Heat Emergency Kit Essentials

    Heat Emergency Kit Essentials

    Extreme heat waves are very serious weather events – in fact, they are the leading cause of weather-related deaths in the United States. Extreme heat is defined as a period of at least two to three consecutive days, when temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When accompanied by humidity, extreme heat feels even more intense. During extreme heat waves, it’s harder for our bodies to maintain a normal temperature, which can lead to heat-related health consequences. How to prevent heat exhaustion, cramps and stroke is often about preparing with the right cooling strategies and supplies. 

    Prepare for the possibility of an extreme heat wave with an emergency heat safety kit. Tractor Supply offers extreme heat supplies to help you weather Life Out Here during the hottest days and nights. Here, we describe the key items that should be included in your heat emergency kit, which can go a long way in preventing heat stroke and staying safe in extreme heat. 

    Basic Heat Safety Essentials

    There are several heat safety items to have on hand when extreme temperatures are in the forecast. These include:

    If you are forced to evacuate to cooler conditions, you’ll need additional essentials, such as:

    • Cash or checks
    • Cell phones, tablets and their chargers
    • Extra clothes, towels and rain gear
    • Games and activities for toddlers and children
    • Important documents like passports, insurance cards, birth certificates and others
    • Maps of your area or detailing how to get to desired destinations 
    • Manual can opener and disposable cups, napkins, plates and cutlery 
    • Personal sanitation and hygiene items, baby supplies and pet supplies

    Backup Power Sources

    In some situations, extreme heat can cause a power outage in your area. Be prepared with items such as:

    Consider a Generator

    Extreme weather events often cause brownouts, blackouts and localized power outages for hours, days or weeks at a time. Investing in a generator may prove to be one of the wisest decisions you make. Generators provide backup power when electricity is unavailable, so your cooling systems and vital devices and appliances can remain powered and running. Find out how to choose the best generator for your home with our generator FAQs, and browse the various generator power options we have in stock, such as:

    Heat Safety Supplies for Your Animals

    Extreme heat can impact every animal you have, even if you think they are used to it or can handle it. In addition to having enough animal feed and forage, make sure you have these essentials in your animal heat emergency kit:

    • Animal shelters: Tractor Supply offers a variety of textile sheds that make ideal animal shelters, especially during extreme heat. Textile sheds are usually comprised of lightweight, weather-resistant materials, like polyethylene (PE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Textile sheds are also easy to assemble, usually coming as a shed-in-a-box kit. 
    • Cooling sheets and vests: These lightweight sheets and vests are made from moisture-wicking material, encouraging sweat production while helping horses, livestock or dogs dry off faster. Tractor Supply has cooling sheets for horses and cooling sheets for livestock, as well as dog cooling vests, which can help your animals stay cooler in extreme heat. 
    • Heat-friendly animal bedding: In the barn, coop or pen, consider absorbent animal bedding materials to keep animals dry and comfortable. Tractor Supply also has cooling dog beds to help your canine pals through the extreme heat wave. 
    • Hydration supplies: From stock tanks and chicken waterers to drinking fountains and water dispensers, ensuring proper hydration for your animals is a must. Find hydration supplies for poultrycats and dogs at Tractor Supply. 

    Cooling Systems for Inside Your Home

    You might not think cooling systems are necessary, but they can make all the difference during an extreme heat wave. One of the most common tips for cooling down is to seek air conditioning. It’s also advised to use dehumidifiers and fans. Tractor Supply can help you find the right cooling equipment for your needs and budget, with an inventory including:

    Extreme Heat Supplies for Outdoor Use

    Knowing how to stay cool in the heat is especially important while enduring the hot temperatures and strong sunlight outside. When preparing for extreme heat, be sure to remember must-haves for your lawn or yard, including:

    Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Heat Kits

    How should I maintain my emergency heat kit?

    Any boxed foods should be safeguarded in sealable plastic bags or airtight containers. Remember to check your kit regularly for expired items and replace them, and update your kit as needed from season to season as your household’s needs fluctuate. 

    Where should I store my emergency heat supplies when not in use?

    Store your pre-assembled kit in a dry, cool place that’s easy for the entire family to locate and access. You should also keep an extreme heat kit at work and in your car, as you never know where you might be when an emergency occurs. 

    How far in advance do I need to prepare my emergency heat kit?

    By the time extreme temperatures are in the forecast, it might be too late to get all of the heat safety supplies you need at the store – everyone else might be last-minute shopping, too. The best time to prepare is before extreme heat is expected during cooler weather, like late winter or early spring. 

    Why is a generator important during a heat wave? 

    Homeowners may associate power outages with thunderstorms and similar weather events, but they’re possible in extreme heat, as well. A generator provides backup power during blackouts and brownouts, ensuring essential equipment continues running, such as cooling systems. Some types of generators to consider include battery, gas and liquid propane-powered units. 

    What’s the difference between air conditioning systems and dehumidifiers? 

    Air conditioners take warm air out of a room and replace it with cooler air. Air conditioners may be installed inside your home or a window, and some models are portable for moving from room to room. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air by condensing air into water. Both systems can help you beat extreme heat. 

    Where do I go during extreme heat if I don’t have air conditioning at home? 

    If your home isn’t equipped with a cooling system, you may need to evacuate to a cooler location. Common spots include libraries, malls, grocery stores and community pools. You may also contact the local health department for guidance in finding a local cooling center. Regardless of where you go, be sure to bring your extreme heat emergency kit. 

    Build Your Extreme Heat Emergency Kit at Tractor Supply

    As America’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, Tractor Supply knows how to stay cool in the heat. Bringing you heat safety products from brands you know and trust, we’re here to help you ride out extreme heat waves and other severe weather events. To get your extreme heat supplies, shop with us online or visit your local Tractor Supply store

    Please note: This information is general and is not intended to replace or override any of the advice, warnings, or information given by local officials, FEMA, NOAA or any other official regulatory organization or government branch regarding storm safety in the form of extreme heat, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail storms, floods or any other natural disaster or man-made disaster. Always follow take-cover recommendations, evacuation orders and any other advice given by local officials for your area, regardless of whether it is similar to or different from the information on TractorSupply.com.