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    What to Store (and What Not to Store) in a Gun Safe

    Most people typically know the purpose of gun safes for storing firearms safely, but they may not know the wide variety of other items that can be kept secure in a gun safe. Tractor Supply is the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States, providing hunters, farmers and more with the products they need for their daily lives, including gun safes. Here, Tractor Supply discusses the items you can store in a gun safe and what you should avoid, helping to make sure you live Life Out Here safely.

    Gun Safe Basics

    Gun safes are designed specifically for the storage of firearms, with slots to keep them organized and secure from unauthorized access. They are different from regular safes in several ways, including being built more durably and having more advanced locking mechanisms to prevent theft, impact and improper use. Gun safes are often constructed with fireproof and waterproof construction to provide extra protection against damage from the elements. There are a wide variety of gun safe types to choose from, including:

    • Pistol safes for small handguns 
    • Long gun safes for rifles and shotguns
    • Floor gun safes for discreet firearm storage
    • Portable gun safes for people who need to transport firearms 
    • Biometric gun safes which use a physical characteristic to unlock them

    Gun safes also have features that traditional safes don’t, like adjustable shelves, interior lighting, protective fabric liners and barrel rests. At Tractor Supply, we sell a selection of secure gun safes from top brands like Cannon SafeLiberty SafeRemingtonSports AfieldStack-On and Winchester Safes.

    What You Can Store in a Gun Safe

    Some people may think that gun safes are only necessary for hunters, police officers or firearm collectors. However, gun safes are highly recommended for any firearm owner, whether you own a single pistol or a collection of rifles. What many people don’t realize is that gun safes can also benefit people who don’t own guns. Anyone who needs a highly secure storage space can benefit from a gun safe, since they usually have room for additional items beyond firearms, are extremely secure and offer protection from the elements. Other items that can be kept in a gun safe include:

    • Ammunition: Bullets, pellets and other ammo can be kept in gun safes, but not in large amounts. They should be kept in a separate area away from firearms.
    • Gun accessories: Magazines, holsters, optics and other accessories can be stored in gun safes, which often have adjustable shelves or space for additional storage.
    • Other weapons: Weapons like knives, tasers, bows and arrows and more can be kept safe from unauthorized use in gun safes.
    • Important documents: Documents like birth certificates, social security cards, passports, deeds, legal files and more can stay secure and protected from fire and water damage in gun safes.
    • Jewelry: Gold and silver jewelry, gemstones, jewels and other precious metals can also be kept safe from theft in gun safes.
    • Money and coins: Cash, coins, gold and silver can all be stored securely in gun safes to prevent them from being stolen.
    • Collectibles: Collector’s items, vintage books, stamps, trading cards and other high-value items can be left in gun safes for safekeeping.
    • Home videos and mementos: Home movies, family albums, heirlooms, family trees, journals, hard drives and other valuable family items can be kept safe from environmental damage or loss in a gun safe.
    • Emergency storage: Non-perishable food, medications, first aid kits, toilet paper and other stockpiles for emergencies can be kept in gun safes if they’re large enough.

    A gun safe serves as a highly secure and protected place for all these items, not just firearms. Whether you own guns or not, Tractor Supply can help you find a gun safe to fit your needs.

    What You Shouldn’t Store in a Gun Safe

    Although gun safes are ideal for storing firearms, knives, jewelry, cash and more, there are certain things they aren’t suitable for. These items should avoid being stored in a gun safe for safety reasons:

     Ammunition Powders and Primers

    One category of items you should not store in a gun safe is gunpowder or primer, at least large quantities of them. These two items are combustible and can be an explosion hazard when stored in a tightly sealed metal box. If your firearms require powder or primer, you should keep them in a separate wooden box to avoid any accidental detonations. If you keep powder or primers in your gun safe, you may not be able to get assistance from insurance in the case of a fire.

     Bleach and Certain Chemicals

    Some people may be inclined to keep gun cleaning products, lubricants and other chemicals in their gun safes along with their firearms. However, it’s not a great idea because certain chemicals can release vapors that can react with compounds in your firearms, potentially leading to dangerous reactions. If you must keep chemicals in your gun safe to keep them out of children’s reach or for another reason, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for storing them correctly.

    By not storing potentially hazardous materials in a gun safe, you can ensure your firearms can stay in the best possible condition and won’t be damaged by any reactions.

    Invest in a Gun Safe from Tractor Supply

    Whether you are looking for more secure storage space for your firearms or need a fireproof place for important documents and valuables, a gun safe is a reliable option. Tractor Supply offers a wide selection of gun safes so you can find the ideal one for your requirements, including options with different capacities, sizes, materials and more. 

    With over 85 years of experience providing rural lifestyle products, we can recommend gun safes, gun cabinets and other storage solutions to make your life easier. To learn more about investing in a gun safe, browse our inventory online or stop into your local Tractor Supply store.