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Scotts 0.75 cu. ft. Premium Top Soil
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Transform your gardening and landscaping projects with high-quality topsoil from Tractor Supply. Whether you’re enriching your garden beds, improving drainage or nurturing a lush lawn, our selection offers top-quality options to elevate your outdoor space.

What to Consider When Choosing Topsoil

  • Quality: Ensure topsoil is free from contaminants like weeds, pesticides and heavy metals. Look for rich texture, free from excessive rocks or debris, to foster healthy plant growth.

  • Nutrient Content: Check for essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, crucial for plant health. Opt for organic matter-rich soil to enhance fertility and moisture retention.

  • pH Level: Match soil pH (slightly acidic to neutral) with plant needs for optimal growth. Test soil to ensure it falls within preferred pH range (around 6-7) for most plants.

  • Drainage and Moisture Retention: Evaluate soil's drainage capacity to prevent waterlogging. Seek soil with balanced moisture retention, vital for robust root development.

Topsoil is a great addition to a full range of outdoor spaces and may be ideal for everyone from gardening enthusiasts to landscaping professionals. Whether creating vibrant gardens, preparing lawns or enhancing curb appeal, topsoil offers the foundation for lush and healthy outdoor spaces. Elevate your gardening and landscaping game with quality topsoil to give your outdoor flowers, trees and bushes the perfect foundation for healthy plant growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Topsoil

Q: What is topsoil?

A: Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil, rich in organic matter and nutrients, crucial for plant growth.

Q: Why is topsoil important for gardening?

A: Topsoil provides essential nutrients, moisture retention and promotes healthy root development, vital for robust plant growth.

Q: Can topsoil be used for leveling lawns?

A: Yes, topsoil is ideal for leveling uneven lawn surfaces, providing a smooth base for grass seed or sod.

Q: How often should topsoil be added to gardens?

A: Adding a layer of topsoil every year or two helps maintain soil fertility, depending on soil quality and erosion.

Q: Can topsoil be mixed with other soils?

A: Yes, topsoil can be mixed with other soil types to enhance composition, but proper blending and testing are recommended.

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