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    Top Wood Heaters under $1000

    United States Stove Medium Wood Stove, EPA certifiedUnited States Stove Medium Wood Stove, EPA certified

    5 StarsOhioBurn  Very Good Stove

    "This will be my third winter having this stove. Having just read the other reviews, my opinion is that the people that can't get it to heat their homes don't know what they're doing. We run this stove all winter long. We have run it below zero, and it keeps the furthest reaches of our house (not the room it is in) at 70 plus degrees. Our heater never runs if we have this burning. I have only had ashes or coals fall out once or twice in two winters of non-stop burning. I have never owned or ran a stove before this one, but it works great. People with serious problems may be burning poorly seasoned wood, or may have poor draft (chimney/house problem, not stove problem). It really is a good stove, and my wife has even learned to run it very efficiently."

    white checkmark in a black circle "Yes, I recommend this product"

    5 StarsPrairieTrailCurdog  Great 2000 Stove!!!

    "We have the next smaller United States Stove that is available at Tractor Supply in our little cabin in Arkansas.... So when we needed a stove at our farm in Colorado we knew it had to be a US stove. We traveled the 200 miles to the Guymon, Okla. store to get the 2000 pedestal. This stove is fantastic! Fires start up quickly and the stove is very tight with excellent features like the insulator top. The heat it throws out will keep us cozy thru the coldest Colorado prairie storm. The blower is a great accessary. The simple but elegant style of the stove is just what we love and fits our country decor. We recommend any US Stove & Tractor Supply to everyone."

    white checkmark in a black circle "Yes, I recommend this product"

    United States Stove Cast Iron Logwood Stove, LargeUnited States Stove Cast Iron Logwood Stove, Large

    5 Starsmontanaman  Great Little Stove

    "I bought this stove a couple months ago. It works just like it should. The people that complain about it being hard to control the burn rate or that it smokes up the house when they open the door obviously don't know the basics of using a wood stove, such as controlling the draft. Just a quick tip, if you don't want to smoke up the house, open the damper before you open the stove door. If you're getting smoke in the house even with the door closed, you either have a draft problem with your chimney, or more likely you just have the damper closed too far. Don't blame the stove. Dollar for dollar its one of the best. It's easy to control the burn rate, from a low fire to a roaring blaze. This little stove gets five stars from me and I'd personally recommend it to anyone."

    white checkmark in a black circle "Yes, I recommend this product"

    5 Starsmtnfamily77  Great Woodstove

    "This woodstove has operated beyond our expectations and does a very great job. I can't think of any bad thing to say about it. We as a family have always heated with wood and have had other types of woodstoves as well. I would have to say this one ranks up with the best of them. It is a great stove and the price makes it even better. This review should mean something good because we have been heating with wood for over 40 years or more."

    United States Stove Pedestal Heater With Blower, EPA CertifiedUnited States Stove Pedestal Heater With Blower, EPA Certified

    5 StarsMagusm  Great Stove!

    "This is a great stove for the money. I have had NO problems with this stove as of yet."

    "People complain about poor draft and the room filling with smoke…The "stove" does not create draft (as noted in the manual). Poor drafts come from not following the chimney manufactures specs. Chimney manufactures have tested the chimneys and they know what works and what does not. US Stove does not make the chimney part of the stove. This stove calls for at least 11Ft of venting…all exhaust combined."

    "You must come out of the roof at least three feet, be at least 2 feet above anything within 10ft. Pretty simple…so you may need to purchase more chimney pieces depending on what the pitch of your roof is."

    "Smoke filling the room. Again…coming from one of two things. Not following directions (chimney manufacturer) or installing a flue damper and having it closed when it should be open."

    "Coals in the morning…BINGO! this is the Idea!!! You WANT to have coals…why…so you can reload and start up another fire and not having to do it from scratch in a cold stove. How much time you think you are going to get out of this size box?"

    "I have this stove running continuously for three weeks straight…with the only break being to burn down to coals and throw more splits in the stove."

    "I do not work for US stove. I purchased my stove from TSC in Saline MI, Mark (sales person) spent at least an hr and a half with me…teaching me what and what not to do. Fantastic customer service! My advice to anyone looking to use wood stove heat…please do your own research and you can apply that valuable knowledge to any stove you purchase."

    white checkmark in a black circle "Yes, I recommend this product"

    United States Stove Wonderluxe Wood/Coal StoveUnited States Stove Wonderluxe Wood/Coal Stove

    5 Starsthestovemaster  Best Stove I Ever Had

    "First of all thanks to all the great people at Tractor Supply! This stove is not only a great value it is by far the best wood stove I've owned and I've had at least 7 or 8 in my 52 years young lol , from barrel to high tech wood burners but the Wonderluxe wood/coal stove takes the crown as king to me! I can get a 10 to 13 hour burn easy with this baby because of its large firebox, and xxlarge ash pan is so easy to maintain. Just load it up set the thermostat and your good for all day or all nite. Its that simple. I'll never have anything else because here in Indiana we have some cold winters! So if you are looking for the perfect wood stove look no further I've done the field research and testing. This is the one to have!!"

    white checkmark in a black circle "Yes, I recommend this product"

    5 Starschuckw54  Fantastic Heater!!!!!!!

    "The unit I have was bought at TSC in Jonesboro AR in 1986 by my dad. This doesn't give up still works great would love to buy a newer one but just can't retire this one it just keeps on going have gone through 2 or 3 ash boxes. Fire bricks are like new she might be older looking paint is a little dull but she works great. Burns 16" wood no problem big or small split or not when stoked up will keep a fire all night dampered down. Keeps a 1400sq ft home warm with a couple of fans to move the air. I highly recommend it for someone who does not like feeding fireplaces. Put an 11X9 baking pan on top filled with water for humidity works great if you hate dry air."

    white checkmark in a black circle "Yes, I recommend this product"

    United States Stove Wood Stove with Blower, Large, EPA CertifiedUnited States Stove Wood Stove with Blower, Large, EPA Certified

    5 Starsvwdieselokie  Good stove for the money

    "To people looking for the perfect flawless stove you shouldn't even be on this site looking, so use some COMMON SENSE!!! I know that is hard for some people. I bought this stove in Nov. '08. It has been used as primary heat source in a 1968 single wide. We run it 24/7 and have to shovel it out about every two weeks. It's fairly easy to keep the front of the house at 85 deg. and the back bedroom will be at 70-72 with the outside temp at the lowest -20. Of course you have to learn the stove burn rate with the type of wood you have on hand. With pecan or oak we can stoke it about 10:00 p.m. and its good till 8:00 a.m. on average nights (0 degrees to 30) then stoke it back up and the coals will get it going fast. Now for the bad things I've learned about this model. We do not use the ash pan because it is a poor design on this stove (not a big deal to me). 2nd, forget about the blower unless you have earplugs (install a ceiling fan or use a box fan). The last is my fault: the glass is hard to keep clean because my flue has two 90 degree elbows in it, so the air flow is poor. The stove is not perfect, but it is very functional for the price. We occasionally like to cook dinner on top, but it will not cook everything. The top of the stove is equivalent to a slow cooker. Just make sure you have the proper cookware to place on top of the wood stove (i.e. cast iron). Again, if you want beauty go to Vermont castings or something like that. This US Stove is a workhorse."

    white checkmark in a black circle "Yes, I recommend this product"

    5 Starsoutinthesticks0726  It Does What It Says It Will Do...Heats Up To 2,400

    "My husband and I bought the stove just a couple days ago, so far so good. It does exactly what it says it will do, on the package it says it will heat up to 2500 square feet, our house is 2400 square feet and it does an amazing job. Not only do we love it, our dog loves it as well. This is a great stove for the price."

    United States Stove Barrel Stove KitUnited States Stove Barrel Stove Kit

    5 StarsAEM11  Nice Cheap Heat for My Garage

    "I got this kit for Christmas. It heats my entire 2 car garage with no problem!!! Easy to assemble."

    5 Starscabinowner  Installation Tip — Barrel Stove Kit

    "Here is the process I used to prep the barrel: First, I cut out all openings with a reciprocating metal saw using the door and flue collar as templates. I used a scribe to mark the openings and bolt holes. Before installing the kit hardware, I cleaned the barrel well with a wire brush, then built a small bon fire around the barrel. I burned off any coating or film, both inside and out. I did this step far away from buildings, people and livestock as there was a strong odor. I also wore a protective mask and kept a garden hose nearby. (Observe your local fire codes.) I continued the fire until the barrel appeared charred and a flat black color, and I was sure that all coating material has been burned off. I had to rotate it during the burning process using a long handle or rod so that all sides, top and bottom were burned clean. I then removed the barrel from the fire and allowed it to cool for an hour or so. Next, I applied a spray coat of high-heat ("1200-degree F") barbeque grill paint to the exterior of the barrel and let it dry according to the paint manufacturer's instructions. Finally, I installed the barrel stove hardware kit. I chocked all cracks with 1/2-inch diameter fiberglass roping (available at TSC) around the door and flue so there is no smoke leakage. While still outdoors, I attached a 4-foot length of stove pipe with damper installed onto the barrel and burned a small amount of paper and clean, dry kindling to test for smoke leaks and proper draft. Once the stove performed satisfactorily, according to kit manufacturer's specifications, I installed it in my hunting cabin."

    white checkmark in a black circle "Yes, I recommend this product"

    United States Stove Barrel Stove Add-On Barrel KitUnited States Stove Barrel Stove Add-On Barrel Kit

    5 StarsHomehobbiest  Produces a Lot of Heat

    "I have used a barrel stove set up with the top barrel to heat my three level (includes basement) house for about 9 years now. The house is 37' x 44'. The same 55 gallon barrels have been used the whole time with no sign of them rusting through. The second barrel adds a lot of radiant surface to get more heat out of the smoke before it goes into the chimney and gets away. Overall it works better for me than a Buck stove. I had a big buck stove given to me and tried it out for a day or two and then put the barrel stove back since it heated much better. I and another fellow have had the following same experiences with the stove. It does smoke some when you open the door when starting it up. I think this is because the stove uses 6" stove pipe and it would be better with 8". I just keep the door closed or close it quick if I do open it. Also we have both not bothered with the dampner and just leave it open all the time. I finally improved my smoke flow some when I removed the dampner. If I ever end up making another barrel stove I think that I would try to make my own 8" stove pipe connectors. Or maybe attach to the flat back and front of the barrel with regular 8" stove pipe fittings. I didn't bother to use the back set of barrel connector legs. I just let the stove pipe connection support the top barrel at the back. That also kept any small misalignment error between the leg and stove pipe adapter from fighting each other. I live in Kentucky and we have mild winters. I don't really fire the stove up until it gets to be in the 30s outside. I use it as my primary heat in the winter."

    white checkmark in a black circle "Yes, I recommend this product"

    Vogelzang Defender EPA Wood StoveVogelzang Defender EPA Wood Stove

    5 Starsmots57  First Wood Stove!

    "this is my first wood stove and so far it's great. I almost bought a stove at one of the box stores until I read the reviews. Now I know they can't all be favorable but there were too many negative ones for me! This stove has a bigger fire box and it's well-built and cost the same as the other one! If you follow the instructions and let it do its job, it burns great. You do have to keep loading it, but it's not a six log stove, and it burns the wood completely enough that it all fits down into the ash pan(another great feature). I have only burned in this stove a few times, but the furnace stays off and you can watch the wood burn. I already recommended this to several people, and the employee at T.S.C. was very helpful and knew about stoves, unlike the box store people — they will sell you anything just to get the sale. Thanks T.S.C."

    Vogelzang Cast Iron Pot Belly StoveVogelzang Cast Iron Pot Belly Stove

    5 Starspotbelly  Warm

    "Fire it outside for sure. Great stove! Don't over-fire it and it will stay black."

    5 StarsKmtchllx2  Potbelly Stove

    "I purchased this stove on sale at tractor supply and I like it compared to my wood insert. I burn coal it and it heats very well. The paint has burnt off in a week's time so it looks grey now but still functions. If you're looking for high quality stop shopping at tractor supply. If you want value for the buck and something that will last a while till you can afford something better buy at tractor supply. I have the stove 3 stars cause it's ok. Nothing to write mom about."