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    How to Care for a Dog Bed

    Authored by Tractor Supply Company

    A dog bed is an important part of a dog’s personal space. While we can’t say for sure how every dog feels, dogs probably prefer their beds to be clean and comfortable. Wouldn’t you? Thus, as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to make sure your animal friend has a pet bed that is safe, cozy, and free of dirt and dust. 

    Keeping a pet bed clean is important. It should also be intact and not bleeding stuffing everywhere, since you don’t want to risk your dog eating his or her own dog bed! Here are some tips and ideas on properly maintaining a dog bed.

    The importance of taking care of a dog bed

    A dog bed can give your dog and pet a relaxing sleep for both of you. It is a comfortable place for your dog to rest and rejuvenate with the warmth and comforting feel of a plush blanket. The addition of memory foam can support the bed and make it a comforting place for your pet. Whether your pet is a senior dog, puppy, or adult, having his or her own bed to sleep in at night will give your pet all the benefits of a perfect home, all wrapped up in a nice, warm bed.

    If you are a pet owner and you are looking for a space where your pup can rest, there are some things that you should consider before placing your pet’s bed on the floor or furniture. Of course, there are things to consider if you’re rescuing a new puppy, but the following tips will help keep your pet’s bed fun and attractive for the long-term.

    Start crate training early if you want to use a crate for your dog. The ideal way to begin making your pet’s bed as appealing as possible is to acquire a crate for your dog to sleep in. Pick one that is large and roomy. A dog crate is a simple way to keep your pet contained while you aren’t home. Help your dog become comfortable with the bed by training him or her to get comfortable in the crate. Pets with no beds of their own are more likely to “accidentally” jump up on your bed. 

    Tips for choosing a dog bed

    The type of dog bed you purchase depends on whether you have a puppy or an adult dog. For example, if your dog is a puppy, you might get a small, cozy round bed the dog will feel safe in. An older dog with arthritis or hip dysplasia may require an orthopedic dog bed with memory foam, which can cushion joints. You can also find dog beds specifically designed for small dogs or puppies or even specialty beds with features such as heating or cooling.

    An elevated dog bed is also a good choice if you have cold floors in the winter. A raised or elevated design may also make it easier for your pet to get in and out of the bed, which is more comfortable. Additionally, a firm foam base on a raised dog bed can not only improve your pet’s comfort but also relieve the pain from various health issues.

    As mentioned earlier, an orthopedic bed or additional memory foam supplement in a pet bed can give your pet relief from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other causes of sleeping disturbances. If you do have a dog with mobility issues due to arthritis or hip problems, a raised bed could make things either easier or harder for your dog. You may have to experiment to find the best level of elevation. 

    Some dogs have allergies. These issues can be closely related to dust mites. Any dust that is left on the bed can potentially make your dog sneezy. So choose pet bedding that is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. These hypoallergenic dog beds can help dogs with skin and respiratory issues due to allergies.

    When selecting a dog bed, consider what is stuffed inside it. Is it hypoallergenic or safety rated? Is it a potential fire hazard? Foam is a popular option for dog beds these days, but for a premium bed, you will want to consider memory foam. We already mentioned how it is used in orthopedic dog beds, but you can also find premium dog beds for pets of all ages that use memory foam.

    A good quality dog bed will be soft, comfortable, and durable. The dog bed should allow some airflow so it can dry easily and not retain dampness and moisture. Some dog bed covers are also antistatic, which means they will repel dust and hair.

    Look for beds that can be easily cleaned. Many will have removable covers that can be taken off and thrown into the washing machine. 

    Dogs can be picky about their beds. You may need to try a few brands before finding a pet bed that your dog likes and wants to sleep in. 

    For dogs that like to sleep with you on your bed, consider getting a flat pet bed for them that can be placed on top of your mattress. This provides them with a special space and can reduce the amount of dog hair and dander that gets into your own bed.

    How to clean a dog bed

    For a clean bed in general, you need to wash it regularly. Depending on the size and style, you may wash the dog bed in the dishwasher or washing machine or clean it using a vacuum cleaner. To maintain the bed’s integrity, follow the washing instructions. For a memory foam bed, you can use a lint roller to pick up hair and dust. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda may be used on the dog bed for spot cleaning. You only need to use mild detergent to wash the dog bed cover. A washed dog bed should not have any odor in it.

    You can remove spots on the dog’s bed by washing it in the washing machine or by using a cleaning spray. It is best to use mild detergent when washing a dog bed. Rub lightly, and do not use harsh detergent when spot cleaning a foam bed, or spray the dog bed cover with a gentle detergent that doesn’t affect the foam’s construction. In addition, a damp cloth with laundry detergent can saturate the mattress. Such a solution cleans the bedding if it has a removable cover and foam.

    Wash your pet’s bedding once a week using a pet-safe detergent. Don’t use a harsh detergent that could be harmful. Instead, use a canine stain remover labeled something like “stain remover for dogs” or “waterless stain remover for pets.”

    You can use a pet stain remover to remove loose dirt and odor from the dog bed, which will prevent other dirt and stains from sticking inside. Follow the instructions of the stain remover given on the detergent bottle. 

    Wash dog bedding regularly for good hygiene. Washing your dog’s bed is vital to prevent dirt or odor. A dog bed that is put on your mattress will help prevent stains on your own bed.

    Dog bed covers are easy and inexpensive to clean. All you need to do is to observe the instructions on the detergent used to wash the dog bedding.

    In the event that the dog bed cover shows any condensation, make sure to dry it immediately. If you don’t dry the dog’s bedding, dampness can create a strong odor in it. So you need to spot clean and dry the dog bed cover periodically. Aside from washing the entire bed, you should also clean the dog bed cover often with soapy water and detergent. Place the bed cover in the washing machine and dry it in on low heat. If dirt and stains are found on the bedding, you can use stain remover. If you are able to remove loose dirt in the bedding, you can also use the stain remover on the foam directly.

    Wash the dog bed cover often. You should examine it to determine the method of washing. If it is completely removable, you should wash the cover frequently and only wash the entire bed as needed. Place the removable cover in the washing machine with laundry detergent and baking soda. You can also put the dog bed completely in the machine if it fits. Wash the bed cover monthly. With the assistance of baking soda and laundry detergent, the pet bed will be fresher in the end.

    Tips for repairing a dog bed

    No matter if the pillow is made with memory foam, stuffing, or other fabric, the dog bed cover should fit beautifully on the dog bed. If the cover is ripped or torn, you can sew the cover or possibly buy a new one without purchasing a brand-new dog bed.

    By regularly using a lint brush, you can prevent hair from getting embedded in the bed. By removing the memory foam, you may have an easier time cleaning and repairing the cover. In addition, waterproof covers can repel your pooch’s accidents. You might be able to find a safe, nontoxic spray that can create a waterproof seal on your dog bed.

    If your dog bed uses memory foam, then you need to deal with the pet odor right from the beginning. Obviously, if the smell comes from your dog and the memory foam has no cover, then the pet bed will become insufficient for the job of odor reduction. Therefore, you need to get the dog bed a cover that you can wash regularly without the need to wash the stuffing.

    If you need to repair a dog bed, the first step is to clean the dog bed with laundry detergent or a different method. Removing the memory foam from the dog bed cover can often make the repair easier. When you clean the bed, make sure to first shake out the loose dirt.

    To prevent your dog from chewing on the dog bed, it may be necessary to make the dog sleep in a separate sleeping area, like on a couch, bed, or cushions. Chewing is one of the things that can get your pup sick. If your pup chews anything on the dog bed, then it can get to the stuffing or foam inside, making the bed that much more dirty. To avoid this problem, work with a dog trainer or veterinarian. You can create a sleep schedule and monitor the dog just in case. As a dog owner, you might be very anxious about your dog scratching at the bedding, and you need to do everything to avoid this problem in the future.

    If a dog is trained not to chew or tear up the dog bed, this will reduce the amount of time and energy you will need to spend on future repairs. So it is worth the investment to consult with a dog trainer.

    Dog beds can be a great way to care for your dog. They give your dog a special place to sleep and his or her own safe spot to relax. By properly maintaining your dog’s bed and keeping it clean, you ensure your dog will be healthier and happier.

    Tractor Supply can make life easier for you & your pets. TSC offers a variety of pet supplies including a wide selection of pet and dog beds for your favorite four-legged friends. Subscribe to our autoship program and receive regular deliveries of food, treats, flea & tick preventatives, supplements and more, all while saving you time and money.