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    Deer Feeding Buying Guide

    Authored by Tractor Supply Company

    If you're longing to watch those beautiful deer come in your own backyard, or you want to lure deer to a specific hunting stand, deer feeders are an excellent solution. Deer feeders play an important role in deer hunting and deer watching because they help lure deer to desired area. Here are some great ways to use deer feeders and tips for getting great results.

    Watch deer swarm to your yard

    There's nothing more beautiful than to watch deer feeding in nature. If you live in a wooded area, you're in the perfect spot for deer watching. Place your deer feeder in your yard where you can see it from a window - perhaps a kitchen window or living area window. Keep the deer feeder far enough away where the deer won't get spooked, but close enough to enjoy watching them when they arrive. Some deer feeders have been known to attract entire families of deer. This is a real treat, and the kids will love it! 

    You can use a regular deer feeder or protein feeder, but be sure to mix in some corn or rice brand. If corn or rice brand alone doesn't attract deer to the area, try adding apples to the feeder and placing a water trough nearby as well. Water and food together are sure to get attention. Deer are also attracted to salt licks and peanut butter. You can try spreading some peanut butter on nearby trees to create a trail to your deer feeder.

    Keep a close eye on your deer feeder to make sure other animals aren't getting to it before the deer. If placing the feeder in a pasture where there are cows, use rice brand instead of corn. Cows usually will not eat rice brand. Also, use a feeder that's too high off the ground for the cows to reach, but just the right height for a large deer.

    A nature photographer's dream
    If you are a nature photographer, deer feeders are perfect for capturing deer on film in their natural habitat. A feeder can be placed within a wooded area or in your own backyard. Be sure to place the feeder where you can snap photos without scaring away the deer. If you use a professional lens with an extra long zoom, you should have no problem photographing the deer from a distance. As long as the deer can't hear or see you while you're taking the photos, you'll be able to capture some great images!

    Deer feeders for hunting
    While hunting, deer feeders are a great way to attract deer to your stand or any area you wish. Keep in mind, however, that deer also feed on acorns. If the area where you hunt has an abundance of oak trees, the acorns will compete heavily with your deer feeder during the fall season. If there are very few oak trees, either use a feeder away from the oak trees, or look for deer droppings around a few trees to find a hot spot for deer. You might get lucky!

    You can attract deer to your feeder using the same methods as mentioned for the backyard feeder. Cover the feeder to keep out the rain and leaves. Also, provide a water supply near the feeder if possible. Use a water trough or dig a mini-pond. If there's already a nearby stream or creek, place your stand and deer feeder near the water. When deer come to drink, your feeder will be waiting for them!

    Where to find deer feeders
    You can find deer feeders and game attractants at your local Tractor Supply store, along with many other outdoor living items like tents, hunting equipment, and hunting clothes and footwear.

    Use these deer feeder tips to maximize your deer hunting experience or to start attracting those beautiful deer to your backyard!