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Industrial Gold 13 HP 30 gal. Air Compressor, Generator and Welder, 110V/240V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Industrial Gold 14Hp CRX Engine Driven Air Compressor-Generator-Welder, CI13GEX33-GW
Generac PowerPact 7.5kW Whole Home Standby Generator with 50A Transfer Switch, Wi-Fi enabled
Generac Guardian 24kW Whole Home Standby Generator with 200A Transfer Switch, Wi-Fi enabled
Champion Power Equipment 14kW aXis Home Standby Generator System with 150-Amp aXis Automatic Transfer Switch
Generac Guardian 10kW Whole Home Standby Generator with 100A Transfer Switch, Wi-Fi enabled
Generac Guardian 22kW Whole Home Standby Generator with 200A Transfer Switch, Wi-Fi enabled
Industrial Gold 30 gal. Horizontal Air Compressor and Generator, 110V/240V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Industrial Gold 13 HP 30 gal. 2 Stage Horizontal Honda 5,000W Generator/Welder/Compressor
Generac Guardian 14kW Whole Home Standby Generator with 200A Transfer Switch, Wi-Fi enabled
Generac Guardian 26Kw Whole Home Standby Generator with 200A Transfer Switch, Wi-Fi Enabled
Generac Guardian 18kW Whole Home Standby Generator with 200A Transfer Switch, Wi-Fi enabled
EMAX 14HP 20G KOHLER C.PRO CH440 Gas Engine, Electric Start, Industrial 3-in-1 Air Compressor, Generator, Welder-EGES14020T

Whole House Generators

Investing in a whole house generator helps to guarantee uninterrupted power during outages, so that you and your family can weather the storm safely. Before investing in a whole house generator there are few key items to consider including sizing, installation, maintenance, and overall convenience. 

Benefits of Whole House Generators

  • Continuous Power Supply: The first key benefit provided by whole house generators is their ability to provide your home with a continuous power supply. These generators will work to power all vital household systems and appliances and protect electronics from unexpected power surges. Ultimately, whole house generators minimize downtime for home-based businesses or technology-dependent tasks so that you can keep living your Life Out Here. 

  • Property Value Enhancement: A whole house generator does more for your home than keeping the lights on during severe weather. These generators are also highly attractive to prospective buyers and will set your property apart in most real estate markets.

  • Automated Operation: Unlike some generators that require you to manually turn them on and off when needed, whole home generators allow for "set-and-forget" installations. Therefore, when the power goes out, your generator will start automatically and shut down when normalcy is restored.

  • Comfort Factor: One of the primary benefits of a whole home generator is the peace of mind and comfort it can provide to you and your family. These generators help to ensure uninterrupted life during blackouts, eliminate the need for candles or flashlights, allow for continued enjoyment of daily activities and prevent inconveniences like food spoilage or  loss of heating and cooling systems.


Because whole home generators are powerful electric sources with complex installation requirements and industry standards, it is key to look to have your generator professionally installed by a skilled electrician. You will also want to install your generator in an area that is easily accessible for maintenance yet relatively protected from inclement weather conditions. 


To properly maintain your whole home generator, make sure to establish a relationship with a reliable service provider, set up a service schedule and conduct yearly oil changes, air filter replacements, and fuel line checks. 

Investing in a whole house generator from Tractor Supply Company offers peace of mind, ensuring uninterrupted power for your home. With benefits ranging from continuous power supply and property value enhancement to automated operation and immediate backup, these generators provide an essential solution for unexpected outages. Learn more about the different variations of generators with our FAQ guide and find the perfect whole home generator for your house by shopping online or going to your local Tractor Supply store.

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