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    6 Reasons Why Gun Owners Need a Gun Safe

    Whether you own a single firearm or a larger collection of guns, you might've asked yourself, "Is purchasing a gun safe necessary?" At Tractor Supply, we believe the answer is always, "Yes!" Not only are gun safes a smart way to securely store firearms, but they also provide value in other ways. Here, Tractor Supply provides the top six reasons gun owners should invest in a gun safe

    1. Gun Safes Are Responsible 

    It goes without saying: part of being a responsible gun owner involves the proper storage of firearms when not in use or under your direct supervision. Other than the clear danger guns present when falling into the wrong hands, firearms and other valuables in a gun safe are targets of theft. For example, the last thing any gun owner wants is for their firearm(s) to be stolen and used to commit a crime. Having a gun safe to secure guns and weapons ensures that only the owner can access these items, thanks to features like high-security locking mechanisms and impact-resistant gun safe construction.

    2. Gun Safes Are Not Your Typical Safe

    regular safe should never be trusted with storing firearms or weapons of any kind. This is because gun safes are built with additional considerations specifically for firearm storage, such as:

    • Fire-rated gun safe materials for trustworthy protection during fires
    • Extra features like interior lighting, protective liners, barrel rests and adjustable shelves
    • Secure gun safe locking mechanisms that are hard to tamper with
    • Heavy weights and large parameters make gun safes difficult to move without equipment

    While gun safes look similar to regular safes, gun safes are designated storage areas for firearms and come in several types. These gun safe types include:

    • In-wall gun safes
    • Floor gun safes
    • Portable gun safes
    • Biometric gun safes
    • Fire-resistant gun safes
    • Waterproof gun safes
    • Safes for specific guns, like pistol safes

    3. Gun Safes Store More than Firearms

    Gun safes are a great option for anyone looking for their first safe – even if they don't own any guns yet. With extra lockboxes and pockets, high-security gun safes can store an array of valuables and sensitive documents, including:

    • Birth certificates
    • Cash
    • Diplomas
    • Gold
    • Jewelry
    • Passports
    • Silver
    • Social security cards
    • Weapons other than guns

    4. Gun Safes Are a Wise Long-Term Investment

    Whether you have a growing gun collection or important valuables and keepsakes to store, your gun safe should serve you well for years – if not generations – to come. The gun safes at Tractor Supply are constructed from dependable, rugged materials, like metalsteel and hardened steel. It's more than possible to find an impact-resistant gun safe, water-resistant gun safe or fire-resistant gun safe for your needs. 

    We recommend purchasing a slightly larger gun safe than you need now. This is because collections of guns and valuables can grow over time, so you can ensure you have enough space for future needs – without having to buy a new safe again. 

    When you purchase a gun safe from Tractor Supply, we intend that your investment will serve you well into the future. That's why we carefully vet every gun safe brand we sell, ensuring their products provide what our customers expect for living Life Out Here. 

    5. Gun Safes Have Secure Locking Systems

    High-security locking mechanisms are a big part of why gun safes are so trustworthy. Some are simple yet highly effective, while others only open after scanning the owner's fingerprint or eyeball. These are the main types of gun safe locks:

    It's important to note that your final price is heavily dependent on the type of gun safe lock you choose. Leave more room in your budget if you're leaning toward electronic gun safes or biometric gun safes, as well as options that offer dual functions. 

    6. Gun Safes Offer Various Features for Your Needs

    Gun safes are known for their superior security and durable materials, making them difficult to move and virtually impossible to open without a key or passcode. There are a variety of gun safe capacities available, making it easy to find the right size gun safe for your needs. To clarify, gun safe capacity refers to how many slots a gun safe has – not how many actual firearms the safe will hold. 

    Tractor Supply's selection of gun safes features waterproof and fireproof gun safe construction, so you can be prepared for any emergency. Our gun safes are user-friendly, and some models can be adjusted to cater to your specific guns and possessions. Find adjustable shelves, interior lock boxes, scratch-resistant fabric linings and other state-of-the-art gun safe features in our inventory.  

    Frequently Asked Questions About Gun Safes 

    Why are gun safes necessary? 

    Gun safes offer a secure place to store guns when not in use. This helps protect against misuse or unauthorized use and can safeguard guns and related valuables from theft. 

    Can I use a standard safe for storing guns? 

    Regular safes have their uses — storing firearms isn’t one of them. These safes don’t come with features like impact-resistant design and high-security locking mechanisms that make gun safes better suited for containing firearms. You shouldn’t house other weapons in standard safes either. 

    Which features should I look for in a gun safe? 

    When browsing gun safes, look for options with features like secure locking mechanisms, heavy weights or large parameters that make theft difficult. Fire-rated materials also protect guns from fires. Other features to consider include barrel rests, protective liners and more. 

    What are the various types of gun safes? 

    You can find gun safes with different designs to meet your needs at Tractor Supply. Some gun safes are installed on the wall while others rest on the floor. Some are portable for carrying around. Others come with advanced protection against elements like water and fire. Still others are intended for specific types of firearms, like pistols. 

    Are gun safes just for guns? 

    Although gun safes have features specific to storing firearms, you may use them for other valuables as well. Consider placing important documents, such as birth certificates, passports or diplomas, in a high-security gun safe. Gold, silver and other valuables are ideal for gun safes. You may also wish to store other weapons. 

    How long do gun safes last? 

    A gun safe can last for years, depending on its construction. Gun safes designed to resistant impact, water or fire may withstand more wear and tear than others. When you choose Tractor Supply, you receive gun safes from manufacturers that use metal and steel for long-lasting construction. 

    What size gun safe should I purchase? 

    Since your collection of guns and other valuables might grow, it’s recommended to buy a gun safe that’s slightly larger than the one you currently need. This ensures ample space to accommodate current and future needs. 

    How much do gun safes cost? 

    Various factors can affect the overall cost of a gun safe. These include construction materials, the number of features, gun safe capacity and the type of locking mechanism. 

     How do gun safes lock? 

    High-security locking mechanisms are an essential feature of gun safes. You can browse different types of locking mechanisms, from combination locks to electronic keypads to biometric locks. Some offer dual locking mechanisms for added security. 

    What is gun safe capacity? 

    Although it may seem gun safe capacity means how many firearms the safe will hold, it indicates how many slots the gun safe has. So, you might have some firearms or weapons that occupy more space within the safe and require multiple slots for secure storage. 

    Shop Gun Safes from Leading Brands at Tractor Supply

    Gun owners have a multitude of gun safe options, and Tractor Supply is here to help them find the best fit for their needs. We have over 85 years of experience as America's largest rural lifestyle retailer, and we have the answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about gun safes. Whether you're curious about the best gun safe locking mechanism or not sure which gun safe material is most ideal, visit your local Tractor Supply store or browse our inventory online for details.