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    14 Frequently Asked Gun Safe Questions

    Gun safes exist to securely store firearms, ammunition and gun accessories, as well as other weapons, valuables and important documents. They play an important role in safeguarding any gun owner’s home, helping to prevent unauthorized access and theft while protecting items from damage. As America’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, Tractor Supply is committed to complete transparency about everything in our inventory, including gun safes. Find answers to the top 14 frequently asked questions we receive about our gun safes for sale.

    1. What are the differences between gun safe lock types? 

    Gun safes are designed with user-friendly, highly secure locking mechanisms. Whether you want a simple solution or the most advanced technology, Tractor Supply offers numerous gun safe lock options, including:

    2. What do gun safe fire ratings mean? 

    Gun safe fire ratings determine the amount of time a gun safe will protect guns and valuables when engulfed in flames. Fire-rated gun safes come with a variety of fire ratings, which depend on the temperature of the fire, as well as the safe’s materials. Some options are considered not-fire-rated gun safes, meaning they won’t offer protection in a fire. 

    3. What are the best gun safe brands? 

    Tractor Supply carefully vets each gun safe brand we offer in our inventory, ensuring we bring trusted products to those living Life Out Here. We’re a proud dealer of some of the top gun safe brands in the United States, including:

    Learn more about these brands in Tractor Supply’s gun safe buying guide

    4. What gun safe materials should I look for?

    A quality gun safe will be comprised of rugged, strong materials like hardened steelsteel or metal. After deciding on a gun safe material, you can choose from various gun safe finishes to suit your style preferences. 

    5. Are there different types of gun safes?

    Yes. Tractor Supply has a large selection of gun safes to provide adequate, secure storage for your needs. Other than being fire rated (or not), gun safes are compatible with many gun types and come in various sizes and configurations, including:

    • Small, medium and large gun safes
    • Closet gun safes
    • Under-bed gun safes
    • In-wall gun safes
    • Multiple-gun safes
    • Handgun and pistol safes
    • Long gun safes
    • Floor gun safes
    • Portable gun safes

    Gun safes are also classified as the following types:

    • Biometric gun safesmeaning that this option comes with a biometric locking mechanism
    • Fireproof gun safes, providing added security in the event of a fire 
    • Waterproof gun safes, keeping weapons and valuables protected in floods and other water emergencies

    The gun safe type you purchase should make sense for where you plan to keep it in your house. For instance, gun safes should never be kept in the front of the garage or corners of living rooms. The ideal gun safe location won’t draw unwanted attention to the fact that you’re loading or unloading firearms and may have a large collection/valuables. 

    6. Do gun safes come with features? 

    Yes. Gun safes are known for their high-quality materials and superior security, but they are also packed with other desirable features, such as:

    • Built-in lock boxes for small firearm accessories or valuables
    • Fire-resistant gun safe construction with fire-lined inner compartment for media and paper
    • High-security gun safe lock types
    •  Interior overhead fluorescent lighting or LED mini string lights
    • Interior shelves that can be adjusted
    • On-door gun safe storage for non-scoped long guns
    • Scratch-resistant fabric linings
    • Various gun safe capacities (how many slots a gun safe has, not how many guns it will hold)
    • Water-resistant gun safe options

    7. Why should I get a gun safe vs. a regular safe? 

    Regular safes are not specifically designed to securely store guns, ammunition or other weapons. Gun safes are built with interior lighting, protective liners, barrel rests and adjustable shelves to accommodate growing firearms collections. When it comes to fire-rated gun safes, these offer superior durability and strength compared to traditional safes. 

    8. Are gun safes the same as gun cabinets?

    No. Gun cabinets are built with the aesthetics of home furniture yet thinner materials than gun safes. Though they can store firearms and other items, gun cabinets utilize a keyed lock and keyed mechanism, which might be easier to tamper with than a true gun safe lock. Gun cabinets are also not fire-rated, so they are generally more ideal for displaying firearms.

    9. What is the significance of the gun safe’s wall thickness?

    Low-end safes typically have thin steel wall panels. Single-panel steel and thin steel are not good deterrents of impact or penetration, as the average concrete saw can rip right through. Thicker-grade steel, on the other hand, is more difficult to cut and more likely to resist break-in attempts. Tractor Supply recommends a minimum gun safe wall thickness of 10-gauge steel. The ideal gun safe will have a 5/16” solid plate door or 1+” composite door, as well as a lock box with armor shielding inside the safe. 

    10. What is gun safe shell strength? 

    Shell strength refers to the strength of the gun safe’s exterior, or shell. Well-constructed gun safes are designed with continuous welds, so avoid options that have stitch welds with body filler. When in doubt, opt for a gun safe with the most functional design and highest construction quality. The stronger the shell, the more protection your valuables have inside the safe. 

    11. Do gun safe sizes and weights matter?

    There are two main reasons why the size and weight of your gun safe should be considered carefully. These include:

    • Accommodating growing or changing collections: It’s usually suggested to purchase a larger gun safe than you might need currently. This is because gun safes are a major investment, so it’s wise to have extra space if your collection grows or changes over time. Otherwise, you may find yourself shopping for a replacement gun safe in the future. 
    • Preventing theft: The heavier a gun safe is, the more security it can provide from criminal activity. For instance, it is much easier for thieves to move a 500-lb. safe than a 2,000-lb. safe. 

    Tractor Supply recommends a minimum loaded weight of 750 lb. and at least 58” of interior vertical clearance. 

    12. How easy is it to tamper with a gun safe?

    By design, gun safes are virtually impossible to unlock without a key, passcode or biometric marker. Gun safes are also very difficult to move without equipment such as a dolly. Steel is a popular choice for those concerned about the strength of their gun safe, as it is highly durable, withstands extreme weather conditions and has fire-resistance. 

    13. What is involved with gun safe care and maintenance? 

    Routine care and maintenance is recommended to keep your gun safe in like-new condition. Some steps to follow include:

    • Ensure the door is always lubricated correctly with a gun safe lubricant – other lubricants may cause damage to the gun safe’s finish. 
    • Keep the gun safe’s interior dry and clean to prevent damage like rust or mold.
    • Periodically inspect hinges and bolts and remedy any issues. 
    • Regularly check for signs of corrosion or rust, and if any are found, treat immediately with rust-preventatives. 

    14. Do I really need a gun safe?

    Part of being a responsible gun owner is having a completely secure location to stow firearms, ammunition and other accessories when not in use. Tractor Supply believes that every gun owner should have a gun safe in their home, whether they are hobby hunters, gun collectors, or members of the police force or military. Gun safes exist to keep firearms out of the wrong hands, enhancing the overall safety of not only your home but also your community at large. 

    Shop for Your New Gun Safe at Tractor Supply

    If you need help finding the right gun safe for your needs, don’t hesitate to lean on Tractor Supply’s 85+ years of knowledge and experience. Shop for gun safes online by browsing our inventory, or visit your local Tractor Supply store to view options in person.