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    Calico Princess

    Chicken Breed

    Beautiful color and friendly demeanor make these egg-producers a hit for backyard flocks.


    Authored by Sam Peterson

    Breed type


    Egg color


    Pen or free-range?

    Works well in both



    Calico Princess quick facts

    Lifespan: 6 to 8 years

    Weight: Females (Hens) - 5 to 6 lbs.; Males (Roosters) - 7 lbs.

    Appearance: Reddish brown with white, black or reddish-brown feathers

    Egg Production: Approximately 300 eggs/year

    Good for Beginners: Yes

    Calico Princess chicken history

    The Calico Princess is a relatively new bird to hit the United States. Developed by a breeder out of the Czech Republic, they are hybrids of the Columbian Sussex and the Barred Rhode Island Red breeds. The result is a beautiful bird with shimmering reddish-brown feathers. They are quickly making themselves known to backyard keepers through their striking color and egg laying capacity, which reaches up to 300 large eggs a year. 

    Due to their hybrid nature, Calico Princesses are color-sexing, making the sex of their chicks simple to distinguish from day one: males will be white, while females are brown. The ease of distinguishing chicks has made them attractive to hatcheries across the country, allowing their popularity to grow and owners to learn more. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly breed that has ornamental value and strong egg production, these birds should be high on your list. 

    Temperment and good-to-knows

    A great beginner bird, Calico Princesses receive rave reviews for their friendliness. They can have big, attention-loving personalities that do well to match their bright coloration. They are great for families and do well with other animals, but since they are larger than average, they need a bit more space than smaller breeds. They have good energy levels and love to go with their owners as they move about the yard. Calico Princesses have good foraging skills and will make good use of any free-range space they are given. Owners may want to keep them protected from predators during the night hours as they may not be as predator-savvy as other, more flighty breeds. If you are looking to hatch some eggs, Calico Princess hens are known to make great mothers and can go broody naturally. If you prefer to accelerate the process, you can encourage broodiness through creating a dark, secure nest for your hen or using dummy eggs. 

    Visual characteristics of Calico Princess birds

    Calico Princesses make for a standout bird in any flock. Their reddish-brown plumage is described by some as a ‘topaz’ color, with their white and brown banding working together to create a glistening orange effect not unlike the gemstone. Other colors found in their feathers include sparse areas of black, usually found in their hackles or tail. They have deep red combs and yellow legs which make for a cohesive, clean appearance. Each bird will differ slightly, with some tending towards each of their source breeds, the Sussex and Rhode Island Red. They have robust builds which suit their colors well. Hens average 5-6 pounds, while roosters reach 7 pounds. 

    Health and care

    The Calico Princess breed is both heat and cold hardy. They do well in cold winters, even continuing to lay eggs, but they should be reasonably protected from extremes. When looking at health, these birds should do little to cause worry. They come from healthy stock with no defects to be aware of, but general bird care—like keeping them clean of parasites—should always be remembered. Their lack of health concerns makes them a great breed for novices. They are easy to care for and should supply an abundance of eggs for you and your family, as well as making great backyard companions.

    Calico Princess Chicken frequently asked questions

    How big are Calico Princess chickens?

    Calico Princess chickens are considered to be a medium-sized breed of chicken, with a weight range of around 5-7 pounds for hens and 7-8 pounds for roosters.

    What is the egg-laying capacity of a Calico Princess?

    These chickens are considered to be good egg producers, generally laying around 300 eggs per year. This makes them a popular choice for backyard chicken keepers looking for a steady supply of fresh eggs.

    What color eggs do Calico Princessess produce?

    Their eggs are typically brown, including eggs in light brown and cream colors.

    Is the Calico Princess breed good for backyard flocks?

    Calico Princess chickens are a good choice for backyard flocks. They are known for their friendly and docile temperament. They are relatively low-maintenance and do not require a lot of space or resources to keep healthy and happy. They are also hardy and adaptable birds that are well-suited to a variety of climates and environments. 

    Are Calico Princess chickens cold hardy?

    These chickens are generally considered to be cold-hardy birds. They have a dense feathering that provides good insulation against cold weather, and they can adapt well to colder climates with proper care. However, like all chickens, they can be susceptible to frostbite on their combs, wattles, and feet in extreme cold temperatures.

    What is the lifespan of Calico Princess chickens?

    The lifespan of this breed can vary depending on their living conditions and care, but on average, they can live for 6-8 years.

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