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    4 Best Toys for Horses

    Authored by Katie Navarra

    Horse toys supply a distraction by tapping into their natural curiosity. Having a toy to investigate, nudge, toss or an opportunity to work for food gives them "something to do." Dogs aren’t the only four-legged friends who benefit from having a variety of toys to play with. Horse toys help alleviate boredom and give your horse a physical and mental workout. 

    How do I know if my horse is bored

    Snacking is often our escape from stressful situations and monotony. Horses, too, look for ways to relieve that pent-up frustration. They can't help themselves to the cupboards or surf the refrigerator for snacks like we can, which is both good and bad!

    Left to their own devices they might instead develop undesirable behaviors like cribbing, stall walking, and weaving. Exercise and turnout are two important strategies for breaking up the day but is not always enough to alleviate the stress and boredom of repetitious living conditions.

    Equine toys to try

    Here's a look at 4 horse toys to consider for your horse.


    1: Rubber ball with handle

    Fetch isn’t just for Fido. Some horses enjoy playing with a rubber ball just as much as their canine companions.

    Rubber balls for horses range between eight to 10 inches. Some are smooth like a kickball, and others have a handle the horse can grab with their lips and teeth to flip the ball into the air. Not only does the activity break up the routine for the horses, but it also offers horse owners comedy relief by watching a horse play.  

    The small size makes rubber toys ideal for use in stalls and small paddocks where space is limited. It’s not uncommon to see barn dogs get in on the action and play with the ball too—serving two purposes in just one purchase.

    2: Hanging toy

    Suspending a horse toy inside a stall or run-in shed can capture horse’s attention and give them something “to do.” Basic hanging toys are made of rubber, similar to a dog’s chew toy and are hung from a rope or chain. Other hanging toys are edible. For example, a hanging mineral lick is an alternative to a traditional salt block. Toys made with an apple-scented snack ring encourages horses to lick. Every nibble sends the toy swinging in a new direction keeping the challenge fresh and interesting.

    3: Horse treat dispenser

    Horses love to eat! They are naturally designed to graze for hours in the day. Treat dispensers and puzzles filled with carrots or commercially made horse treats supply hours of fun as the horse “works” for a reward. Nosing and pushing the round or flat-shaped rubber dispensers engages the horses' naturally curious minds. 

    Dispensers can slow down horses that gobble food too fast. Using a horse treat hay ball makes the hay last longer (stretching your dollars further) and since it is designed to hang, the swinging action requires a mental and physical workout.  The slow, steady rate of food release fulfills the horse’s natural need to graze to support a healthy digestive tract.

    4: Activity ball

    Large inflatable balls that look like yoga balls are another toy designed to increase a horse’s activity level in the pasture. Once a horse discovers it is “ok” to play with the toy, he can nose and kick it around his turnout area, which increases movement. At first, your horse may be unsure of what to do until you demonstrate. Showing your horse what to do and encouraging him to "play" allows you to interact in new ways from your routine.

    These large toys can also double as a training aid under saddle. For example, guiding a horse to push the ball around the arena as part of a training session is a simple way to improve your balance and position in the seat.

    As a bonus, the activity ball can be an effective method for learning basic cattle working skills. For example, when the horse kicks the ball, it bounces off his legs at an angle, which simulates the direction a cow chooses when “pressure” is applied from different points. 

    Words of caution

    The horse’s safety is always the priority. Toys for horses are durable and are designed to take a lot of abuse from nosing and kicking. But horses are mischievous and can quickly destroy even the most rugged toys. Plastic also breaks down over time and under normal wear and tear, inspect and replace any damaged toys.

    More horse care

    One of the most rewarding experiences you can have is getting to know a horse. This guide gives you all the information on how to care these gentle giants.