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DK2 4.5ft x 7.5ft 5-in-1 black powder coated multi-use Utility trailer & assembly kit with Drive up Gate-1639lb Max load
DK2 1295 lb Max load Capacity 4ft.x 6ft. Black Powder-Coat Heavy Chore Utility Trailer w/Drive up gate, assembly kit-MMT4X6
DK2 4.5ft. x 7.5ft. Galvanized multi-use Utility Trailer & assembly kit with Drive Up Gate- 1639lb Max Load
Carry-On Trailer 6 ft. x 10 ft. 10K Low Profile Tandem Axle Dump Trailer, 6X10DUMPLP10K
Buyers Products Dumperdogg Steel Dump Insert, 5531001
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Buyers Products DumperDogg Stainless Steel Dump Insert
Sale Was $6,899.99 Save $690.00 (10%)

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SaltDogg Dumperdogg Polymer Dump Insert, 8 ft.
Sale Was $5,699.99 Save $570.00 (10%)

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Buyers Products Dumperdogg Stainless Steel Dump Insert, 5534001
Sale Was $6,999.99 Save $700.00 (10%)

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Dump Trailers

Upgrade your hauling game with a dump trailer from Tractor Supply. Ideal for both residential and commercial hauling, dump trailers are perfect for transporting sand, gravel, soil, mulch, debris and even heavy equipment. 

What to Look for in Dump Trailers

  • Payload Capacity: Payload capacity refers to the maximum weight that your trailer can safely haul. For the safest hauling experience, invest in a trailer that has a payload capacity that matches the weight requirements of your cargo. 

  • Durability: By selecting a dump trailer made from high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum, you can be more confident in the durability and strength of your trailer. Steel dump trailers are heavy in weight and known for their strength, while aluminum alternatives are lightweight and highly weather resistant. 

  • Dumping Mechanism: There are two primary unloading systems: hydraulic and manual. Automatic hydraulic unloading systems can empty your haul with greater ease, while manual mechanisms require more labor at less cost.

  • Dump Trailer Variations: The most common dump trailer variation is the rear dump trailer, and this variation is best for straightforward unloading. However, side dump trailers are best for unloading flexibility in confined spaces. 

Choosing the Right Size and Capacity

  • Material Type: The types of materials you plan to haul will influence the weight of your load and its volume. For more dense materials, consider a heavy-duty dump trailer. For lighter weight materials, consider a smaller, more maneuverable model. 

  • Hauling Capacity: Most dump trailers have max capacities that can range anywhere from two to 10 tons. You will want to make sure that your trailer's capacity matches your vehicle’s towing capacity.

From professional hauling to tackling DIY projects, dump trailers are perfect for professionals, homeowners, and contractors alike. Find a range of trailering solutions at Tractor Supply. 

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