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Looking to raise chickens? You've come to the right place! At Tractor Supply, we offer a wide range of  poultry products and breeds. With the help of our product assortment, you can provide the best care for your feathered friends. Whether you're a seasoned poultry enthusiast or just starting your flock, we can help you find everything you need for your feathered friends. 

What to Consider Before Buying Chickens

  • Breed: Before buying chickens, consider characteristics such as size, egg production and temperament, as well as suitability for your climate. Some of the most common backyard chicken breeds are bantams, including Rhode Island Red and Plymouth Barred Rock chickens. 

  • Purpose: Decide if you're raising chickens for eggs, meat or both, as certain breeds are best suited for each. 

  • Space Requirements: Ensure you have enough space for your flock to roam and peck comfortably. Each breed is unique and will require specialized space and have different coop requirements. 

  • Climate: You should determine which type of chickens to get based on your local climate. Certain breeds such as Silkie and Polish chickens thrive better in warmer climates, whereas Buckeye and Barred Plymouth Rock breeds thrive best in cooler temperatures.

Everything You Need For A Thriving Flock 

From the chickens to the coop, Tractor Supply has all the supplies you need to care for your flock. 

  • Chicken Feed: With a wide variety of chicken feed options ranging from nutritious starter feeds to wholesome layer feeds, we have the nutrients your flock needs. Additionally, tasty treats and live bait make for the perfect chicken snacks. 

  • Chicken Coops: Available in various sizes and styles, we have a variety of coop and pen options so that you can provide your chickens with the perfect place to call home.

  • Health Products: Better protect the health of your poultry with our wide selection of chicken wellness products, including vitamins, supplements, dewormers and mite treatments. 

  • Chicken Supplies: With feeders, waterers, brooders and other coop accessories, keeping your flock safe and healthy can be even easier. By adding fun toys around the coop, you can keep your flock entertained. 

With Tractor Supply, your chickens are in good hands. Order your chickens online today, or stop by your local store during our Chick Days to find the perfect chicks to start or grow your flock. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Chickens

Are all chicken eggs white or brown? 

No. Different breeds can vary in the egg color that is produced. While many chickens lay brown eggs or white eggs, some chickens lay blue eggs, green eggs and other colors. 

What supplies will I need to properly take care of my chickens? 

The basic needs of chickens are proper nutrition and reliable shelter. Start with our selection of chicken coops, pens and nesting boxes to set up the accommodations your flock will need. Once you've decided on a chicken breed (or several), browse our selection of poultry feed and poultry treats to support their development and health during every life stage. 

Why should I purchase chickens from Tractor Supply?

As the biggest retailer in the United States focusing on the rural lifestyle, Tractor Supply has one of the most impressive selections of chickens in the industry. We only carry poultry brands we believe in, and we carefully vet every chicken brand to ensure it delivers the quality our customers deserve and expect. What's more, we make it easy to get your new chickens to your home or farm as soon and as safely as possible, whether you pick them up in our stores or order them online for delivery. 

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