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    Why You Should Get a Fireproof Gun Safe

    Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current gun safe or about to get your first, consider a fireproof option. Fireproof or fire-rated gun safes provide an additional level of protection over non-fire-rated alternatives. Tractor Supply is America’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, offering quality products and advice to our customers, including recommendations on fireproof gun safes. Here, we discuss fireproof gun safes and why one should be your next gun safe purchase.

    About Fireproof Gun Safes

    Gun safes are different from regular safes because they’re designed more securely, have advanced locking mechanisms and can have waterproof and fireproof constructions. Fireproof gun safes are those that are specifically designed to withstand fire and smoke damage. However, it’s important to note that no item is truly fireproof—if a fire burns long and hot enough it can destroy almost anything. 

    Fireproof gun safes are generally fire-rated, which indicates how long a gun safe will protect your belongings when it’s engulfed in flames. There are various fire ratings available for gun safes, and they depend on what material the safe is made of, how its fireproofing was developed and the temperature of the fire itself. 

    Benefits of Fireproof Safes

    The most obvious benefit of fireproof gun safes is right in the name—the fireproofing aspect. Even gun safes with lower fire ratings offer better protection against fire, smoke and heat compared to non-fire-rated options. This is important when your gun safe is storing firearms, and even more important when your gun safe stores other valuables, cash and documents. If your passport, wills, family heirlooms and more are all stored in your gun safe, you want the most protection possible. Fireproof safes are one of the most secure types. Other benefits of fireproof gun safes may include:

    • Water protection: Fireproof gun safes are often also waterproof so they can also withstand damage from leaks, standing water and floods.
    • Theft protection: Since fireproof gun safes are extremely durable and sturdy, they also offer impact and theft protection because they are made of heavy materials and are hard to move.
    • Lower insurance rates: Some insurance companies opt to offer lower rates on items that are kept in a fireproof safe because it demonstrates precautionary measures to protect your items.

    These are the main benefits that fireproof gun safes can offer you. If they sound intriguing, learn more about the fireproof gun safe brands available at Tractor Supply below.

    Fireproof Gun Safe Brands

    It’s important to do your research when getting a fireproof gun safe because they aren’t all created equal. Some brands improperly install fireproofing materials, while others don’t complete fire safety tests correctly. Make sure you choose a fireproof gun safe from a trusted safe manufacturer to avoid these problems and have peace of mind that your belongings will be protected. At Tractor Supply, we offer fireproof gun safes from brands we trust, including the following:

    Cannon Safe

    Cannon Safe is a trusted brand for fireproof gun safes, thanks to its True Test for developing fire ratings. Each safe is tested to reach 1200 degrees Fahrenheit within the first eight minutes of testing and remains there until failing. This method is much more reliable than the 300 degrees Fahrenheit other companies use in their fire rating tests. 

    Liberty Safe

    Liberty Safe is another trusted company for fireproof gun safes, leading the industry with its certified fire testing. Their testing imitates the conditions of a real house fire to see how their safes hold up, something that many other brands can’t say.


    Remington is a trusted manufacturer of firearms, ammunition and gun safes. Its fire-proofing abilities are also trusted—thanks to the solid steel constructions that are extremely durable and able to withstand fire and impacts.

    Sports Afield

    Sports Afield is another option for a trusted fireproof gun safe brand. Its gun safes offer dependable protection when exposed to fire and heat so you can have peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure. 

    Tractor Supply also has non-fire-rated gun safes available from the above brands and other manufacturers like Stack-On and Winchester Safes. Whatever type of gun safe you’re looking for, Tractor Supply can help you find the ideal one for your needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Fireproof Gun Safes 

    Is a fireproof gun safe a good investment?

    Yes, a fireproof gun safe is a sound investment to keep your firearms and other belongings not only secure but also safe from fire and smoke damage. Quality fireproofing materials may cost more, but they’re worth it to have peace of mind about your safe and its contents.

    Who are fireproof gun safes best for?

    Fireproof gun safes can benefit many people, from hunters with a collection of firearms to homeowners with a pistol and documents they need to store securely. These safes provide an added level of protection that benefits anyone.

    What is the best material for a fireproof gun safe?

    Steel is the best material for fireproof gun safes because it can withstand extreme temperatures. The fireproofing materials should be made from fireboard or amalgam for the best results.

    Are there any other tips to protect your belongings in a fireproof safe?

    A fireproof safe will provide the first line of protection against fire and smoke damage. However, if you want an extra level of security for your key documents or money, you can choose to put them into a commercial-grade, fireproof safe that is smaller and fits inside the gun safe. This will give you an additional layer of protection if your gun safe does reach a point past its fire rating.

    Find a Quality Fireproof Gun Safe at Tractor Supply

    Enhance the safety and security of your current gun safe by upgrading to a fireproof gun safe, which provides added protection for your firearms and other belongings. Tractor Supply is the biggest rural lifestyle retailer in the U.S., offering a wide range of fireproof gun safes, along with other quality products. To learn more about our fireproof gun safes, visit your local Tractor Supply store today or browse our online selection.