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    Take These Factors into Account When Purchasing an Electric Riding Lawn Mower

    There are two main power source types for riding lawn mowers: electric and gas. If you’re leaning toward electric riding mowers and electric zero-turn mowers, an eco-friendly yard maintenance solution, there are several things to consider during your search. Here, Tractor Supply, America’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, discusses the top considerations to make before buying a new electric riding mower. 

    Electric Riding Mower Brand

    Electric riding mowers are still relatively new, so you must carefully vet the brand you’re considering. Tractor Supply does all of the heavy lifting for you, bringing only the highest-quality lawn mowers to those living Life Out Here. When it comes to electric lawn mowers, Tractor Supply offers electric-only Greenworks zero-turn mowers and Greenworks traditional riding mowers, as well as options from the Greenworks Pro line. Greenworks and Greenworks Pro are brands belonging to Greenworks Tools, which has made it a mission to provide eco-friendly solutions for lawn care. All Greenworks and Greenworks Pro riding mowers produce zero emissions and operate on a rechargeable battery. 

    At Tractor Supply, our Greenworks and Greenworks Pro selection includes:

    Electric Riding Mowers: Pros and Cons

    Many property owners love the advantages that electric riding mowers offer, though there are a few downsides to be aware of. Here are the main pros and cons of electric riding mowers:

    Pros of Electric Riding Mowers

    • Lightweight design for easy maneuvering: Without the heavy engine and other components of gas zero-turn riding mowers and gas traditional riding mowers, electric models weigh less and can be easier to maneuver. 
    • No hassle of fuel: These battery-operated mowers make mowing your lawn a breeze thanks to no gas refills to worry about. Electric mower batteries provide ample power for handling larger areas with normal grass conditions. 
    • Less maintenance: Other than charging the battery, the only routine maintenance required is cleaning the mower and sharpening the blade. Gas models have much more maintenance, requiring regular oil changes, gasoline refills, air filter changes, fuel stabilizer injections and related tasks. 
    • Several options for mower deck size (cutting width): The wider the mower deck size, sometimes called cutting width, the less time it will take to mow an area. Tractor Supply carries electric mowers with cutting widths ideal for yards of 2 to 3 acres or 4 to 5 acres. 
    • Popular features: For user comfort and convenience, electric riding mowers may have various features, depending on the model. Just a few of these may include adjustable cutting heights, headlights, cup holders and mulching capabilities. 
    • Comfortable ride: Electric models can be more pleasant and comfortable without the heavy vibration of gas-powered mowers. 
    • Sustainable with zero emissions: With no fuel needed, electric mowers are a green way to keep your lawn looking pristine, as no harmful chemicals are emitted into the air.
    • Quieter to use: Electric riding mowers are about 20 dB quieter to operate than the 95-dB noise of a gas mower. This compares to the sounds of a washing machine vs. a motorcycle. There’s a huge difference, and your neighbors will thank you – especially if you have to mow early or late.

    Cons of Electric Riding Mowers

    • Less power in certain situations: Depending on the difficulty of your terrain and grass type, an electric riding mower may lack the power to easily tackle every corner of your yard. 
    • Shorter mower running times: Electric mower batteries usually last from 30 to 60 minutes per charge. Frequent charging breaks may be needed if you have a larger yard, which can add to your overall mowing time. Invest in an extra battery or two that you can keep charged to swap out during mowing. 
    • More expensive upfront: Though the initial price tag is higher than gas models or push mowers, many believe that electric mowers pay for themselves in the long run. There are fewer long-term maintenance costs, and you won’t have to pay for gas or replacement fuel system parts.  

    Zero-Turn or Standard Electric Mowers

    When shopping for an electric riding mower, you’ll also have to decide between standard and zero-turn models. The main differences are:

    • Standard electric riding mower: These operate similarly to a car with pedals and a steering wheel. They are usually less expensive than their zero-turn counterparts. 
    • Zero-turn electric riding mower: Operated by lap bars or levers, zero-turn mowers turn 180° on a dime, providing more maneuverability without uncut grass left behind. They are especially effective in difficult-to-mow areas, such as tree lines, shrubbery, gardens, pathways and more. Zero-turn models are typically more expensive, but if you desire the extra features and capabilities, you may find it worth the investment. 

    Tractor Supply details both standard and zero-turn riding mowers in our buying guide

    Frequently Asked Questions About Riding Lawn Mowers

    How does a riding lawn mower work?

    Riding lawn mowers are more efficient than manual mowers like push mowers. They have strong engines, either gas or electric-powered, that propel the mower and the rider forward. Steering a riding mower is similar to driving a car. Underneath the mower is a mowing deck that contains the blades for trimming grass. 

    What are the benefits of riding lawn mowers? 

    By choosing a riding lawn mower, you can cover more ground in less time. Riding mowers are also designed for comfort, giving the driver a place to sit while tackling yard maintenance. 

    What are the main electric riding mower benefits? 

    Electric riding lawn mowers require less maintenance to cut down on fuel costs. They are quieter to operate with less vibration and are an eco-friendly alternative to gas riding mowers. However, these riding mowers tend to have higher upfront costs and cover less acreage per charge. 

    Shop Tractor Supply’s Selection of Electric Riding Mowers

    Choosing between gas and electric riding mowers doesn’t have to be a chore. Guided by over 85 years of experience and knowledge, Tractor Supply can help you pick the right lawn mower for your needs. Visit your local Tractor Supply store or shop our selection online today.