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    6 Lawn Care Tips for Summertime with Your Riding Mower

    If you already have a riding lawn mower, you probably know that they can make lawn maintenance easier. What you may not know is that there are certain riding mower lawn care tips that can make your yard look even better this summer. Tractor Supply, America’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, provides riding lawn mowers and other lawn and garden tools to help make Life Out Here simpler and more enjoyable. Here, we share six riding mower lawn care tips for summertime and why they’re beneficial.

    1. Adjust the Mower’s Cutting Height

    The #1 tip for making your fresh-cut lawn look great this summer is to adjust the cutting height of your riding mower. The cutting height indicates how long the grass will be after it is cut. Many people believe they should cut their lawn short in the summer, so it’ll look neat and you won’t have to mow as often. This is incorrect—it’s better to leave your grass at a taller height in the summer. This is because the taller the grass is, the more shade the soil has and there are fewer chances of weeds sprouting. Cutting the grass too short can lead to pesky weeds and even lawn diseases. 

    It’s recommended to adjust your riding mower’s cutting height in the summer based on the type of grass you have. If you have cool-season grass, the cutting height should be around 3” to 4”. If you have warm-season grass, the cutting height should be around 2” to 2.5”. Tractor Supply carries adjustable-cutting-height riding mowers, as well as adjustable-cutting-height zero-turn mowers, for those who need to mow year-round or want more control over their mowing results. 

    2. Use Mower Attachments and Accessories

    Another lawn care tip for summer with your riding mower is to take advantage of the mower attachments and accessories that are available. These attachments help make lawn maintenance easier in any season, but some of the suitable options for summertime include:

    These attachments are a great way to get more use out of your riding mower besides just mowing the lawn, and they can help your yard look better, too.

    3. Perform Seasonal Maintenance on Your Riding Mower

    Another tip for lawn care with your riding mower is to make sure to maintain it regularly. Riding mowers are great to have for mowing yards larger than a quarter acre. They can also last for years, but they need to be maintained properly. The necessary maintenance will depend on whether the mower is gas-powered or electric-powered. Gas riding mowers need more maintenance than electric ones because they require fuel and oil and have more moving parts, like air filters and mower belts. Electric-powered mowers run on batteries and don’t need routine oil or fuel changes. 

    No matter what type of riding mower you have, certain maintenance should be performed on all types before the season to ensure they work to their full potential. This includes having their decks cleaned, blades inspected for sharpness and tires checked for air pressure. Mowing with blades that aren’t sharp can damage your lawn and cause further problems. Maintaining your riding mower before and after every cutting season will offer the best results when it comes time for lawn care.

    4. Keep a Consistent Mowing Schedule

    Another tip for summertime lawn care with your riding mower is to establish a consistent mowing schedule. This is especially important in very dry climates with little rainfall, since the length of the grass impacts water evaporation and weed formation. If you mow your grass too often, weeds can form and other damage can occur. On the other hand, if you leave your lawn uncut for too long, it can look unkempt and attract vermin. 

    Creating a consistent mowing schedule is a good way to keep your lawn at the desired length and looking good. In the summertime, it is often once a week, but it depends on the size of your property, the type of grass and other factors.

    5. Optimize Your Mowing Times

    Optimizing your mowing times means determining the most suitable times to mow for your specific lawn and climate. In general, it’s recommended to mow in mid-morning, especially in the summer months. This is because the morning dew has had time to evaporate but the full strength of the sun is not yet out. This allows you to get mowing done without dealing with damp grass, hot lawns or sun in your eyes. It also lets your lawn heal before nighttime, when dew will form again.

    6. Choose a Riding Mower for Your Terrain and Grass Type

    A final tip for riding mower summertime lawn care is for people looking for a new riding mower or upgrading from a push mower to a riding mower. Choose a model designed for your terrain and grass type, as different types of riding mowers are suited for use on different terrains. Generally, traditional riding mowers are ideal for flat, small- to medium-sized yards with thinner grass, while zero-turn riding mowers are good for flat yards with thicker grass or yards with obstacles like trees, bushes, etc. Using the proper kind of riding mower for your property will make your lawn care easier and ensure your lawn looks as good as it can. Tractor Supply carries mower options suitable for most terrains, as well as options for flatuneven and sloped properties. 

    Find a Riding Lawn Mower for Summertime Lawn Care at Tractor Supply

    Whether you already have a riding mower or are planning to get one, following these lawn care tips will help your yard look its best this summer. Find riding mowers, accessories, replacement parts and more at Tractor Supply. For more than 85 years we have provided quality products and sound advice to customers throughout the U.S.A. For more information about riding mowers and lawn care, stop into your local Tractor Supply store to speak with a team member or view our selection online. You can also learn more in our riding mower buying guide and zero-turn mower buying guide