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    Home Preparedness for Extreme Heat

    When an extreme heat wave strikes, the last thing you want is for your home to be left unprepared. In the United States, extreme heat is the leading weather-related killer. Knowing how to stay cool in heat, as well as how to prepare your home and property, can save your life or the lives of your loved ones. Tractor Supply, America’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, offers extreme heat supplies, and here, we provide preparedness tips for your home’s interior and exterior. 

    Extreme Heat Prep Inside the Home

    Your home is more than your sanctuary – it should protect you and your family from even the harshest of elements, including extreme heat events. Extreme heat occurs when temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit for at least two to three days consecutively or longer periods. No location in the U.S. is immune to the threat of extreme heat. 

    Maintaining a healthy body temperature is the key to preventing heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses. If you don’t already have air conditioning, fans, dehumidifiers or a generator, getting through an extreme heat wave at home can be quite uncomfortable and even dangerous to your health. If extreme heat is in the forecast, begin to make preparations by:

    • Using shades or drapes on the windows to block sunlight. 
    • Adding window reflectors to keep the heat reflecting away from the home. 
    • Using weather strips on doors and windows to help keep cool air inside the home. 
    • Ensuring your attic insulation is in good condition with no gaps. 
    • Planning on preparing meals that don’t involve the use of the oven. 

    You should also consider installing these cooling systems and backup power sources:

    Air Conditioning

    When it comes to heat safety, air conditioning (AC) is one of the most effective ways to cool down – and stay cool. Also known as comfort cooling, air conditioning systems or units remove heat from indoor air and release it outside the home. ACs accomplish this by sucking in the home’s warm air and sending it through evaporator coils, where refrigerant cools the air and absorbs its heat. The result is cooler air that is then circulated throughout the space. 

    Tractor Supply is home to numerous types of air conditioners for sale, including:

    • Portable air conditioners: These units stand up and often have wheels, making them easy to move from room to room. They direct hot air out of the home through a hose vent, which attaches to an open window. 
    • Window air conditioners: Window ACs are affixed in the opening of a window, held in place by braces, screws and the sash of the window. 
    • Evaporative coolers: This specialized type of air conditioner does what its name suggests. It evaporates moisture in the air to bring down humidity levels while cooling the space. 
    • Installable air conditioners: These air conditioners look like and operate similarly to portable or window units, but they don’t have to be taken in and out every year. Installable air conditioners are a permanent option for cooling a single room or space in your home. They are not to be confused with central air conditioning systems, which utilize a thermostat, a large AC unit outside and part of the home’s ventilation system. 

    When installing an air conditioner yourself, ensure that you seal and insulate around the entire unit. Make sure there are no gaps where warm air can travel into the home, especially if using a window AC or portable unit.


    When extreme heat is accompanied by humidity – even moderate levels – the air can feel even hotter. Humidity makes our bodies work harder to regulate our temperature and remove excess water from our system. To address humid air in your home, consider Tractor Supply’s selection of dehumidifiers for sale. Most of these machines look like a portable air conditioning unit, but instead of cooling the air, they simply remove moisture and condense it into a tub. This tub becomes full of water from the air, so you’ll have to empty your dehumidifier regularly for peak performance. While dehumidifiers release drier air, they can also give off their own heat, so be mindful about overusing them in an extreme heat wave. 


    While fans do not convert warm indoor air to cooler air, they do offer supplemental airflow throughout the home, helping you to feel more comfortable during heat waves. Fans are designed to circulate air continuously while powered on, and if used with air conditioning, colder air can circulate throughout the home faster. Many fans offer numerous speed settings and oscillation features, and some can even purify the air in your home.

    Tractor Supply has a wide selection of fans for sale, including: 

    • Barrel drum fans that produce high-velocity airflow ideal for attics, basements, garages, gyms, barns, warehouses and other large areas
    • Blower fans that are compact yet powerful enough to reach every corner of a space with easy-to-control directional airflow
    • Box fans that provide a simple yet effective solution, whether situated in a window or used on the floor
    • Ceiling fans that are powered by electricity and should be installed by a professional
    • Exhaust fans that improve indoor air quality by creating a negative pressure environment, expelling bad air and replacing it with fresh outside air
    • Floor fans that are designed to operate on the floor 
    • Industrial fans/blowers for continuous airflow in commercial or industrial spaces, as well as heavy-duty at-home jobs like air cleaning, drying and aeration
    • Pedestal fans that can be elevated to your desired height on a stand, circulating air higher up into the room
    • Personal fans that come in a miniature size and can be used wherever you need extra breeze, like office desks or night tables 
    • Tower fans that can produce the feeling of a cool draft by collecting room air through side vents and blasting out circulated air
    • Vent fans that remove hot air from attics
    • Wall-mounted fans that provide more directional airflow without taking up valuable floor or window space
    • Window fans that keep fresh air circulating throughout a room or space

    Generators and Other Power Sources

    If extreme heat causes a brownout or blackout, electricity could be out for hours or even days at a time. To keep your home’s cooling systems running and vital devices powered, invest in a generator. Tractor Supply can help you find the right generator for your needs. Our inventory features top brands and various power options, including gaselectric,natural gasbatterydual fuel and liquid propane. Learn more about choosing the right generator for your home with Tractor Supply’s generator FAQs

    If you don’t want to purchase a generator, you should have other forms of backup power on hand, including flashlightsbatteriespropane for the grill, gas cans with extra fuel for the car and more. 

    Exterior Extreme Heat Prep

    If you must be outside during an extreme heat wave, make preparations around your property that allow you to escape the sun and cool down. Here are some of Tractor Supply’s best tips for preparing your yard for extreme heat:

    Prioritize shade and cool-down methods. 

    Be ready to collect rainwater.

    After extreme heat, rains usually follow, bringing temperatures back down to normal ranges. Rain barrels around your yard can come in handy after an extreme heat wave. Instead of using your normal water supply, you can use collected rainwater to hydrate thirsty plants and grass, clean up your home’s exterior and complete other tasks – or fill up your swimming pool. Buckets, pails and tubs can also be used to collect rainwater.

    Provide extreme heat care for your pets and farm animals. 

    Whether your dogs and cats spend a lot of time outdoors, or you have an entire flock of chickens to take care of, many people living Life Out Here have animals to consider during extreme heat waves. Tractor Supply can help you provide proper care for them with our selection of:

    Get Your Home Ready for Extreme Heat with Tractor Supply

    Tractor Supply understands the dangers that extreme heat poses on the communities we serve. That’s why we’re committed to educating about heat safety, how to prevent heat exhaustion and other must-know information. When you need extreme heat supplies, shop with us online or visit your local Tractor Supply store

    Please note: This information is general and is not intended to replace or override any of the advice, warnings, or information given by local officials, FEMA, NOAA or any other official regulatory organization or government branch regarding storm safety in the form of extreme heat, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail storms, floods or any other natural disaster or man-made disaster. Always follow take-cover recommendations, evacuation orders and any other advice given by local officials for your area, regardless of whether it is similar to or different from the information on TractorSupply.com.