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    Building a Storm Emergency Kit

    If severe weather is headed your way, do you have the necessary emergency preparedness supplies and equipment on hand? At Tractor Supply, we have over 85 years of experience as America’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, and we’re here to help you prep for severe weather events. Here, Tractor Supply details the essential equipment, tools and supplies to include in your weather emergency response plan. Some of these items might not fit in a grab-and-go emergency kit, but they are all vital to have on hand during an emergency.

    Power, Light, Heating and Cooling Sources

    During an extreme weather event, electricity and other utilities may be knocked out for several days or even weeks. Be ready for this possibility with backup power, light and heating sources from Tractor Supply. Whether you’re facing extreme heat or a record-breaking blizzard, consider the following: 


    Generators utilize electromagnetic induction by converting an alternative power source into electric currents. This makes generators capable of powering appliances and devices that usually run on electricity, helping you to maintain normalcy and keep your family comfortable in an extreme weather event. Tractor Supply offers a wide range of generator power sources, including propaneliquid propanegasnatural gaselectricbattery and dual fuel. You should also consider which type of generator best suits your needs, such as:

    • Portable generators: These generators are designed to be easy to move, enabling you to get temporary power where you need it on your property. Some portable generators are small enough to be carried by hand, while others have wheels and a handle to push them to the desired location. 
    • Inverter generators: A type of portable generator, this type produces electricity thanks to its inverter, which adjusts engine speeds depending on the electrical load. As a result, inverter generators produce reliable, efficient and clean energy, making them ideal for powering sensitive electronics and equipment. They turn on automatically and are also quiet and compact.
    • Whole house generators: Sometimes called home standby generators, these are also safe for sensitive equipment and turn on automatically when the electricity goes out. Whole house generators typically have unlimited run times – as long as you have enough fuel to keep them running.

    View Tractor Supply’s generator FAQs for other considerations to make when shopping for a generator. If you already have a generator, routinely check that it’s working properly, and replace or upgrade parts and accessories as needed. 

    Batteries and Battery Chargers

    When severe weather threatens your electricity, batteries are necessary to have on hand. They not only power items like flashlights, lanternsradios and alarm clocks, but they also keep smoke and carbon monoxide detectors running. During periods of good weather, also ensure that you have the appropriate battery chargers for all of your devices. This way, you’re ready to charge up anything you might need to use during a power outage. 

    Spare Fuel and Fire Starters

    When you’ve lost electricity, your generator, grill or other equipment will need the appropriate fuel to operate. Tractor Supply can help you stock up on propanecharcoal, matches, lighters and lighter fluid, as well as gas cans to bring home extra gasoline from the station. Make sure you have enough spare fuel and fire starters to keep your family warm and fed for at least a week, if not longer. 

    Light Sources

    Being able to safely see in the dark is a key consideration for severe weather preparedness. Make sure you have battery-powered flashlights and lanterns, as well as torches and candles. You can also consider solar-powered light fixtures around your lawn or yard to help light the way in the late evening, overnight or early morning hours. 

    Outdoor Cookers and Grills

    Without electricity, it’s a race against time to cook everything in your fridge or freezer. Maintain the ability to feed your family home-cooked meals with the assistance of a grill or outdoor cooker

    Cooling Systems

    If you’re facing an extreme heat event or above-average summer temperatures, invest in cooling systems for your home. Air conditioning (AC) removes warm air and sends it outside of the home, replacing it with cool air. AC comes in many forms, from window and portable units to installable systems and more. You can also consider fans to help circulate airflow and keep you comfortable, as well as dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air. Around your property, you can also add outdoor shade structuresswimming pools or doggy pools, depending on your needs. 

    Heavy-Duty Extension Cords

    Sometimes, storms can sporadically knock out power, and your neighbor might be unaffected when you are without electricity. Having heavy-duty outdoor extension cords can come in handy if you need to borrow power from a nearby neighbor in an emergency situation. 

    Shelters and Outdoor Prep

    Securing and covering loose items, preparing for potential flooding and repairing pre-existing exterior damage are all musts when properly preparing for a severe storm. If you have poultry, livestock and other outdoor animals, there are even more considerations to take into account. To complete necessary outdoor storm prep tasks, invest in these tools and supplies:

    Flood Barriers

    If you live in a flood-prone area or are expecting above-average rainfall, stock up on flood barriers. These products help to form a barrier between your home’s foundation and the threat of floodwaters. While they cannot guarantee to prevent flooding, they can help to minimize damage in certain flooding circumstances. Find sand bags, self-inflating flood barriers and more at Tractor Supply. 

    Gutters and Downspouts

    If your home does not have gutters installed, strongly consider doing so. Especially during heavy rainstorms, gutters and their downspouts direct water away from the home to help you avoid water or moisture damage. For homeowners who already have gutters, they should check the conditions of gutters and their downspouts regularly, repairing any issues as soon as possible. 

    Storm Shelters

    In high wind events like tornadoes and hurricanes, storm shelters can provide an impact-resistant location to safely hunker down. Storm shelters can be placed outside the home, but they are more often installed as an indoor safe room. Tractor Supply’s storm shelter selection can accommodate up to 20 people, and we also carry options for outdoor animal shelters.

    Stock Tanks and Rain Barrels

    No matter the weather emergency, keep your outdoor animals and livestock at the top of your mind. Invest in stock tanks to provide ample drinking water and feed, especially during extremely hot or cold conditions. Rain barrels can also be used to collect rainwater, which is great for cooling down overheated animals or giving them a drink while conserving your normal water supply. 

    Tarps and Tie-Downs 

    If you have heavy items in your yard or driveway that cannot be stored indoors, like a boat on a trailer, be sure to secure them with chains, straps and ropesTarps can also be used to cover items outdoors to help protect them from water. 

    Daily Essentials and Emergency Items

    What can’t your family live without on a day-to-day basis? These essentials should be included in your weather emergency kit, along with emergency supplies. Invest in waterproof, airtight storage bins for your kit, and make sure you have the following on your list:


    • Car charger adapters 
    • Cell phones and their chargers
    • Laptops and their chargers

    Emergency Signals and First-Aid

    Food, Water and Dining Accessories

    Health and Personal Care Needs

    Pet and Farm Animal Supplies

    Valuables and Sensitive Documents

    • Birth certificates
    • Cash and checks
    • Family photos and heirlooms
    • Financial documents and account numbers
    • Insurance information
    • Jewelry
    • List of emergency contacts and medical doctors
    • Passports and ID cards
    • Social security cards
    • Wills 

    Cleanup Supplies and Equipment

    To round out your emergency prep list, think about what you’ll need if a severe storm causes damage or messes around your home or yard. Tractor Supply is here to help you clean up after an extreme weather event, offering products such as:

    Drying and Water Removal Equipment

    General Cleaning Supplies

    Outdoor Tools and Work Gear

    Get Ready for Extreme Storms with Tractor Supply

    Whether you’re seeking severe weather safety tips or emergency prep products, you’re in the right place. Tractor Supply is here to help you weather Life Out Here, finding what you need to get ready for extreme storms. For more information, shop our inventory online or visit your local Tractor Supply store.

    Please note: This information is general and is not intended to replace or override any of the advice, warnings, or information given by local officials, FEMA, NOAA or any other official regulatory organization or government branch regarding storm safety in the form of thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail storms, floods or any other natural disaster or man-made disaster. Always follow take-cover recommendations, evacuation orders and any other advice given by local officials for your area, regardless of whether it is similar to or different from the information on TractorSupply.com.