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    Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Mosquitoes


    With Summer on the way mosquitoes will be out in full force looking for barbecues and parties to ruin. Mosquitoes can hatch and begin looking for prey in less than a week. Take a few tips from these home remedies and you might just make it through Summer without the calamine lotion.

    Burn Pinion Wood

    You can use a chiminea or other outdoor patio fireplace to burn pinion wood. This pungent species of wood has been known to keep mosquito's at bay.

    Fans & Air Circulation

    Bring a fan to the party! Mosquitoes don't really like breezes as it can throw off their infrared senses and make it difficult to fly. Sometimes getting rid of a problem is as simple as a cool breeze in Summer.

    Tractor Supply has a great mosquito fogger! Fog your yard in minutes; bug free for hours. Works immediately. Use before backyard picnics, parties, barbecues, pool parties and special events, to clear the area of mosquitoes and biting flies.

    The Mosquito Plant

    The Lemon-scented Geranium is also commonly known as the "Mosquito Plant". This particular member of the Germanium family is known to repel mosquitoes and replace them with a hint of lemon. If you know a good deal when you see one, try out a lemon scented germanium to get rid of those pesky insects.

    Garden Feeder Solution

    If you have an old garden feeder lying around along with a few house hold liquids, you can drive mosquitoes out using this technique.

    • 1/3 stale beer (any kind),
    • 1/3 epsom salt
    • 1/3 mouth wash (with alcohol)

    Put the mixture in your garden feeder and spray down your lawn, bushes, patios and areas that look suspicious for breeding insects. Do this at the beginning of the year and in the middle. This solution could smell a little funny at first, but quickly dissipates, leaving your out door areas mosquito free!

    Lemon Joy Dish Detergent

    Simply add a few drops onto paper plates in the areas you will be sitting. Mosquitoes become more interested in the lemon freshness, than they are in your BBQ guests.

    Used Coffee Grounds

    This method of mosquito repellent attacks the insects at the source. Take used coffee grounds and sprinkle them in standing water where mosquitoes are the most likely to breed. The coffee grounds forces the eggs to the surface and deprive them of oxygen. This in turn will kill the mosquitoes before they ever hatch. This method is also completely safe for the environment.

    Red Cedar Mulch

    You can ward off Mosquitoes as well as improve the look of your yard with red cedar mulch or chips. Use the chips as you normally would in the yard and garden areas. Then, make a brew out of the chips by boiling them in water like a tea. Put the liquid in a garden sprayer and spray areas and walk ways wear you can't place the cedar chips themselves.

    Dry Ice

    Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale out of our mouths. You can create a much more enticing target for the insects by placing dry ice in a bucket close to your gathering area. dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and as it melts it will send thick clouds of carbon dioxide around the bucket that the Mosquitoes will swarm to for the duration of your party.