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Purina Days - Tractor Supply Co.
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Chicken Tractor Coop Design

Tractor Supply Company

A chicken tractor is a short fenced-in box that confines your chickens to a specific area that can change each day. You can then control which areas of your land are fertilized, and you provide your chickens with fresh foraging plots each day. You can also use this as a short run (for example, it works well with the CHICKEN CONDO coop). Use 2x4 pieces or plywood plates and all-weather screws to attach the assembly to your coop securely. Make sure to install extra chicken wire where you need to close gaps between the run and the coop.

Build the run frames

1. Build the run frames. This design is quick and easy to make. Use 2x2s to make a rectangular frame for the top, then build a matching one for the bottom. The frames are 5' x 3' (1500 x 900mm).

Attach scrap plywood overlays

2. Attach scrap plywood overlays. Strengthen the corner joints with simple plywood overlays. Use 1/2" (11mm) plywood, although you can use thicker stock if you have it on hand.

Cover the top with chicken wire

3. Cover the top with chicken wire. Cover the top with chicken wire. Stapling down one end helps to keep the wire from rolling back up on itself as you go.

Add frame legs

4. Add frame legs. Screw through the corner blocks to attach a set of four 16" (405mm)-tall legs to the bottom frame. This results in a surprisingly strong frame.

Attach the top and bottom

5. Attach the top and bottom. Flip the bottom frame upside-down to attach the top. Staple chicken wire to the sides and the tractor is ready to use.