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    Buying a Gun Safe: The Ultimate Guide

    Updated: Apr 5, 2024

    Authored by Sara Hall

    Owning a gun or guns requires keeping firearm safety top of mind. Whether you’re a gun enthusiast or just looking to keep your firearms secure, you need a safe to protect guns from theft, fire and water damage. But with so many gun safe models on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

    At Tractor Supply, we believe that purchasing a gun safe should be a straightforward process. It’s natural to have various questions when browsing your options, and there are important considerations that should not be overlooked. What gun safe material is most ideal? Which type of gun safe locking mechanism is the most secure? Why should I trust one gun safe brand over another? These are just a few of the common concerns we can help you find answers to at Tractor Supply.

    With over 85 years of experience as America’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, Tractor Supply can assist you in finding the best gun safe for your needs. Whether you seek a biometric gun safe, waterproof gun safe, fire-resistant gun safe or another option, our selection features secure gun storage products from leading manufacturers.

    In this guide, we’ve simplified all the essentials you need to know when choosing a gun safe. You'll learn about the different types of gun safes for sale, the importance of certain gun safe materials and security features, top gun safe brands and much more.

    Table of Contents

    Scroll to read Tractor Supply’s “Buying a Gun Safe: The Ultimate Guide” in its entirety. Or, click on the following sections to quickly find the information you need:

    Overview of Gun Safes

    First of all, what is a gun safe? In its simplest form, a gun safe is a dedicated place designed for the safe and secure storage of firearms. Gun safes differ from regular safes in many ways, such as:

    • Gun safes offer features created specifically for firearm storage that standard safes don't.
    • Some features include adjustable shelves, interior lighting, protective liners and barrel rests.
    • Fire-rated gun safes provide superior strength and durability compared to regular safes.

    Types of Gun Safes

    It's important to consider the size and type of safe. Each gun safe caters to a specific need, and what works for one gun owner may not work for the other. Explore the different safe options below to determine which is right for your gun collection:

    • In-wall gun safes: These are designed to be installed in the wall for a highly secure firearm storage option.
    • Floor gun safes: Offering hidden firearm protection, these are ideal for those who want to hide their guns in a discreet location.
    • Portable gun safes: Perfect for gun owners on the move, these provide flexibility and convenience for those who transport firearms frequently.
    • Biometric gun safes: These are considered highly secure, as they can only be opened with a fingerprint, facial recognition or code.
    • Fireproof gun safes: Invest in a fire-rated gun safe for an extra layer of security in emergencies.
    • Waterproof gun safes: Water-resistant gun safes ensure that guns and other valuables remain protected during floods, accidents or other situations.
    • Pistol safes: Designed for hand gun storage, pistol safes can also be used to stow personal documents. With a variety of locking systems, they are ideal for those needing quick access to firearms but wanting a small, discreet gun safe. Pistol safes are also great for traveling with firearms.

    Choosing the Right Gun Safe: Key Considerations

    When it comes to finding the right gun safe size, you need to consider multiple factors to ensure you find a style that works best for you. Consider the following when purchasing your gun safe:

    • Number of guns: If you only have a few guns, then a smaller safe should be sufficient. However, if you have an extensive collection or plan on buying more guns in the future, consider choosing a larger safe.
    • Size of guns: Some styles of guns may require more space than others, and you may need to plan for their storage accordingly.
    • Storage of other valuables: If you plan on storing other high-value items such as jewelry or important documents in your safe, you may want to opt for a larger size that can accommodate extra items.
    • Gun safe location: As you're evaluating gun safe options, measure the area where you plan to install the safe. This will ensure it is the right size for the space and that it fits properly. Also, consider how easy it is to access the gun safe in the chosen location.

    The type of safe you choose also depends on what you plan to store in it. For example, if you plan to store documents as well as firearms, you may want to choose a fireproof gun safe. If you live in an area that is prone to burglaries, you may want to invest in a high-security gun safe with combination locks or biometric locks.

    Carrying the Best Gun Safe Brands in the U.S.A.

    At Tractor Supply, we treat our customers like family. Our commitment is offering products from brands we know and trust. Selecting a gun safe is not a decision that should be made lightly – it matters which brand builds and designs your investment.

    So, who makes the best gun safes? As you're searching for a safe, you'll want to stick with reputable, well-established brands known for their reliability and durability. You'll feel confident that your gun safe will keep your firearms secure and stand the test of time.

    Tractor Supply proudly carries gun safes from top brands that we fully recommend, including:

    Cannon Safe

    With various levels of security, user-friendly features and different sizes available, Cannon Safe gun safes are synonymous with research, development and innovation. Geared toward those who love hunting and the outdoors, Cannon Safe's gun safe product lines include the Armory Series, Force Series, Commander Series and Honor Series. The manufacturer is owned by Cannon Security Products and based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Why We Recommend Cannon Safe Gun Safes

    Cannon Safe is one of the undisputed leaders in home safe security, keeping guns safe since 1965. Cannon Safe has continued to improve every year for more than 50 years. Our favorite Cannon Safe gun safe features include:

    • Longer gun safe bolts with anti-pry tabs: Cannon Safe gun safes boast longer, stronger bolts, as well as housed-in doors and frames with anti-pry tabs. The construction keeps intruders from getting to guns and valuables after multiple pry attempts.
    • Triple hard gun safe plate: Three layers of 60+ RC hardened steel protect the locking mechanism on Cannon Safe gun safes. This keeps your valuables secure even after several hours of work with an oxyacetylene torch.
    • Cannon Safe's True Test for gun safe fire ratings: While some gun safe companies test their products at 300°F for the majority of the test, Cannon Safe's True Test reaches 1200°F within the first eight minutes of testing, staying at that temperature until failure. Cannon Safe conducts several True Tests to ensure products are set at the highest standard, continuing to improve year after year.
    • A back-up plan: Cannon Safe's revolutionary dual access EMP lock provides a manual combination back-up plan for anything that could compromise the electronics in your locking mechanism. The EMP gun safe lock protects against threats such as electromagnetic pulses, dead batteries, floods, fires and natural disasters. The lineup of Cannon Safe lock types includes electronic keypad locks, dual electric keypad and keyed locks, dual biometric and keyed locks and biometric locks.

    Liberty Safe

    For over 30 years, Liberty Safe has been known for gun safes and handgun vaults with premier security features. From fire protection to military-style locking bars, these features can be experienced across several product lines, including Liberty Safes, National Security by Liberty, Liberty Fatboy Safes and Specialty Safes.

    Why We Recommend Liberty Safe Gun Safes

    Liberty Safe's commitment to American workers, innovation, technology and American-made durability is what differentiates the brand from other gun safe companies. Our favorite Liberty Safe gun safe features include:

    • Locking bars, not bolts: Liberty Safe's U.S.A.-made gun safes feature military-style locking bars, which consist of one solid piece of forged steel. Liberty Safe's gun safe locking bars extend deeper inside the safe and provide a much larger steel surface area, connecting the safe's door to the frame. Liberty Safe's locking bars are proven to be 120% stronger than the competition. The brand's locking mechanisms are also impressive, including electronic keypads, combination locks and dial locks.
    • Roll-formed, two-piece gun safe body: Liberty Safe gun safes are built using highly specialized roll-form technology. This automated process allows a single piece of steel to be bent into shape, forming the top, bottom and sides of a safe. This makes them stronger because they're made from one solid piece of American steel with fewer welds. This, along with precise, robotic tech used by Liberty Safe, creates the brand's trademark, ultra-strong, two-piece body construction.
    • Fire-rated gun safes: Liberty Safe's certified fire testing leads the industry, as it's based on studies originally conducted by Omega-Point Laboratories. The testing process mimics what would happen in an actual house fire.
    • #1-rated lifetime warranty: If your gun safe ever experiences an attempted break-in or fire, Liberty Safe will repair or replace it for free (as long as you own your gun safe). Liberty Safe's lifetime warranty is even transferable and includes free safe replacement, free opening of a damaged safe and free delivery of a replacement safe.


    A property of SA Consumer Products in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, Remington offers premium home security storage solutions, including high-quality gun safe products. Remington's fire-rated gun safe lines include the Gun Club Series, Express Series, Big Green Series, Nitro Series and STS Series.

    Why We Recommend Remington Gun Safes

    There is a gun safe for virtually every gun owner in Remington's lineup of firearm security products. Our favorite Remington gun safe features include:

    • Advanced gun safe locks: For enhanced security, Remington offers several gun safe lock types, including electronic gun safe locks and dual electronic and keyed gun safe locks. Gun safe owners can set a passcode, and by opting for the dual setup, they can also receive a backup key if the e-lock fails.
    • Rugged steel construction: Remington fireproof gun safes are built of solid steel for extra protection against impacts, fire and theft, among other unwanted circumstances.
    • Pry-proof gun safe doors: Crowbars and other tools are no match for Remington gun safes, as they feature pry-resistant doors that frustrate and deter criminals.

    Sports Afield

    Also owned by SA Consumer Products, Sports Afield offers gun safes and other home security storage products. Sports Afield's fire-rated gun safes include the Haven Series, Preserve Series and Domain Series, while its special-purpose gun safes include the Home Defense Series, Home Defense Quick Access Vault Series and Home Defense Portable Vault Series.

    Why We Recommend Sports Afield Gun Safes

    Sports Afield is a trusted name in the gun safe industry, especially thanks to its relationship with sister company, Remington. Some of our favorite Sports Afield gun safe features include:

    • Fireproof gun safe construction: Sports Afield gun safes offer superior protection when exposed to heat or flames, giving owners extra peace of mind that the valuables inside remain in their condition for as long as possible.
    • Heavy-duty gun safe locks: Sports Afield gun safes come with numerous locking mechanisms, so gun owners can choose the best option for them. These include electronic keypad locks, dual electronic keypad and keyed locks, biometric locks and dual biometric and keyed locks.
    • Adjustable gun safe shelving: To accommodate different types of guns or growing collections, Sports Afield gun safes come with adjustable shelving. This also provides easy access to other firearms and valuables stored within the safe.


    A property of Cannon Security Products in Albany, New York, Stack-On has over 40 years of experience producing long gun safes and other home security storage products. In addition to gun safes, Stack-On also manufactures security cabinets, personal safes and portable cases.

    Why We Recommend Stack-On Gun Safes

    Stack-On's team of security product experts designs each gun safe to be tamper-proof and extremely difficult to move. Some of our favorite Stack-On gun safe features include:

    • Strong gun safe construction: Thanks to the brand's sturdy steel composition, Stack-On gun safes protect guns and valuables from impact-related damage.
    • Pry-resistant gun safe doors: Burglars will try anything to get into a gun safe, which is why Stack-On has equipped its gun safe models with pry-resistant doors.
    • Reliable gun safe lock types: From combination gun safe locks to electronic gun safe locks, Stack-On's locking mechanisms are reliable in deterring bad actors, children or pets from accessing the guns or valuables inside.

    Winchester Safes

    Located in Mansfield, Texas, Winchester Safes has over 100 years of experience in home security storage products, including gun safes. Winchester Safes utilizes environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, including recycled materials and VOC-free powder paint finishes, preventing harmful chemicals from escaping into the air and local waterways.

    Why We Recommend Winchester Safe Gun Safes

    Winchester Safes is a company that knows how to protect guns. It has been a leading manufacturer of firearms for many years and knows exactly what it takes to keep weapons in the home secure from children, pets, burglars, fires and other hazards. Our favorite Winchester Safe gun safe features include:

    • Exceptional gun storage safety features: Winchester Safe products feature a drill-resistant gun safe exterior and have special features that protect the interior. They are also fireproof and have automatic re-locking capabilities, which activate when someone tries to break the gun safe's lock.
    • UL electronic keyboard lock: Winchester Safe gun safes are equipped with a UL-listed electronic keyboard, which can be used to set any combination. Choose your gun safe combination and change it whenever needed. The gun safe's locking bolts are also incredibly solid – the Supreme range of safes has 2"-thick bolts, while the Silverado series has 1.5"-thick bolts.
    • Heavy-duty gun safe weight: These gun safes are heavy and cannot be moved around. With each gun safe weighing between 500-1,000 lbs., it is impossible to lift or fool around with it without raising a racket. These gun safes are also equipped with bolt holes, which allow you to securely fasten the safe on the floor to make it immovable.
    • Adjustable gun safe shelves: You can change the layout of your Winchester Safe gun safe and organize it per your needs. The interior door storage system makes for additional storage, and each gun safe features very elegant beveled edges.

    Shopping Gun Safe Features at Tractor Supply

    At Tractor Supply, we believe you deserve complete transparency about all of the products we sell – especially when it comes to something as crucial as secure gun storage. When you shop our gun safe selection in-store or online, you'll find information on specifications, including gun safe capacity, gun safe fire ratings, gun safe firearm compatibility, gun safe lock type, gun safe material, gun safe size and weight, gun safe shell strength and gun safe wall thickness.


    What is gun safe capacity? Simply, the term refers to how many gun slots a safe has – not how many physical firearms the safe will hold. Due to the unique sizes and shapes of different gun styles, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It's generally recommended that gun owners purchase a slightly larger safe than what they currently need. This way, they will have space to accommodate a growing gun collection, as well as store other valuable items.

    Fire Rating

    A gun safe fire rating indicates how long a gun safe will protect weapons and valuables if engulfed in flames. The fire rating will vary depending on the material of the gun safe, as well as the temperature of the fire itself. In addition to not-fire-rated gun safes, Tractor Supply offers fireproof gun safes that come in various fire ratings.

    Gun Compatibility

    Will the gun safe provide adequate storage for long guns, smaller firearms and gun accessories, in addition to valuables like jewelry, coins, collectibles or sensitive personal documents? The right gun safe should be able to securely store a mix of pistols, handguns, shotguns, rifles, other long guns and accessories like ammunition. Depending on the owner, there might also be other weapons to store, like knives, bows and arrows. Tractor Supply's team can help you find the best safe for your specific firearms and possessions, from pistol safes to long gun safes.

    Lock Type

    There are several types of gun safe lock types available, enabling you to choose the kind you're most comfortable with. Tractor Supply carries user-friendly and highly secure gun safes with locking mechanisms such as:

    • Biometric locks : These locks use a biometric, or physical characteristic, of the owner to provide access to the safe (i.e. face, fingerprint or eye retina).
    • Combination locks : Sometimes called dial locks, this type uses a sequence of numbers, letters, or symbols to unlock the safe.
    • Dual biometric and keyed locks : This type also utilizes biometrics to open the safe, but it comes with a backup key, as well.
    • Dual electronic keypad and keyed locks : In addition to a passcode entered on a keypad, this type also comes with a backup key.
    • Electronic keypad locks : These locks feature an electronic keypad, on which owners can enter a passcode to unlock the safe.
    • Others : Find alternative locking mechanisms to those listed above.

    Lock Type

    There are several types of gun safe lock types available, enabling you to choose the kind you're most comfortable with. Tractor Supply carries user-friendly and highly secure gun safes with locking mechanisms such as:

    • Biometric locks : These locks use a biometric, or physical characteristic, of the owner to provide access to the safe (i.e. face, fingerprint or eye retina).
    • Combination locks : Sometimes called dial locks, this type uses a sequence of numbers, letters, or symbols to unlock the safe.
    • Dual biometric and keyed locks : This type also utilizes biometrics to open the safe, but it comes with a backup key, as well.
    • Dual electronic keypad and keyed locks : In addition to a passcode entered on a keypad, this type also comes with a backup key.
    • Electronic keypad locks : These locks feature an electronic keypad, on which owners can enter a passcode to unlock the safe.
    • Others : Find alternative locking mechanisms to those listed above.


    Tractor Supply's selection of impact-resistant gun safes, water-resistant gun safes and fire-resistant gun safes are made from the strongest, most rugged materials. These include metal, steel and hardened steel. Numerous gun safe finishes are also available to complement your style.

    Size and Weight

    We recommend at least 58" interior vertical clearance and at least 750 lbs. of loaded weight.

    A bolt-action rifle with a 30" barrel is about 52" inches long. Therefore, if you want to get a long-barreled gun in your firearm safe, with a bit of room for a top shelf, you'll need an interior 58" or so high. As far as width, 36" and 40" are common sizes that will give you ample space for a couple dozen rifles. A 36"-40" wide interior will allow you to have a 16-gun rotary rack on one side, plus a normal shelving unit on the other. A nice, wide interior also lets you place shorter rifles (or AR-15 uppers) horizontally on an upper shelf. That is a very handy and efficient gun storage option.
    In terms of gun safe weight, the heavier it is, the more secure it will be. For example, a 2000-lb. safe is more secure than a 500-lb. safe. We asked a number of gun safe dealers, and most felt that a safe in the 750-lb. range offered a good combination of size and security. At this weight, the gun safe can't be moved with a typical appliance dolly. It will be big enough and with a large enough footprint that it will resist being tipped over. It will be too heavy for anyone to easily remove from your home. Conversely, a 500-lb. safe is much easier for someone to move – two strong people can get one into the bed of a pick-up truck using a ramp.

    Shell Strength

    When you are evaluating which gun safe will be best for you, consider the shell strength of the safe. This is a function of components, design, and construction quality. You want a safe with great exterior strength. For example, during a fire, the house roof or other structural elements may fall on the safe. If a gun safe splits a weld or the door springs loosen, your valuables are subject to irreversible damage. It's also important to note that well-constructed safes are built with continuous welds – not "stitch welds" linked with body filler.

    Wall Thickness

    Steel is very expensive. That's why low-end safes have very thin steel wall panels (12-gauge or even 14-gauge). Thin steel does not offer much of an obstacle to penetration. A concrete saw will zip right through 10-gauge panels, and 12-gauge, single-panel steel can be penetrated by a fire ax. Commercial-grade safes, used in banks and jewelry stores, use much thicker-grade steel.

    However, the average attack on a residential gun safe is more of the "snatch and grab" variety, by criminals who don't have heavy-duty cutting tools or torches, and who want to get in and out fast. So, it's reasonable to compromise a bit on the exterior shielding of the safe to have a manageable weight and fair price. Still, we recommend 10-gauge steel as a minimum, and 8-gauge, or 3/16", is the preferred choice. You should compare that to the wall thickness on gun safes from other brands. Thicker steel is harder to cut, and more resistant to break-ins.

    When it comes to safe construction and wall thickness, we recommend:

    • A minimum of 10-gauge steel
    • 5/16” solid plate door or 1+” composite door
    • Armor shielding over lock box

    Finding the Best Gun Safe: FAQs

    What is a gun safe?
    A gun safe is a home security storage solution designed to specifically safeguard firearms. Gun safes deter unauthorized access and theft, keep children and pets away from danger and protect valuables from storm damage, water damage and fire damage.

    Why do I need a gun safe?
    The most important job of a gun safe is keeping people out and firearms secure. It is highly recommended that responsible gun owners invest in secure gun storage options, as this can prevent firearms, weapons and other valuables from falling into the wrong hands.

    Are gun safes a good investment?
    Yes, gun safes are a wise investment in safeguarding your firearms and valuables. They offer secure storage and protection against theft, and they can enhance overall safety within your home.

    Who are gun safes ideal for?
    It's a common misconception that gun safes are just for outdoorsmen and women, military members, police officers or security personnel. Gun safes are intended for all gun owners, whether they have a small handgun for personal protection or a collection of hunting rifles.

    What are the main types of gun safes?
    There are numerous popular types of gun safes available at Tractor Supply, such as:

    • Handgun safes
    • Long gun safes
    • Biometric gun safes
    • Multiple-gun safes
    • In-wall gun safes
    • Under-bed gun safes
    • Closet gun safes
    • Small gun safes
    • Medium-sized gun safes
    • Large gun safes

    What is the best material for a gun safe?
    Steel is often considered the best gun safe material, as it provides maximum strength and durability. Steel is also fire-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures.

    What type of lock should be used on a gun safe?
    The best type of gun safe lock is an electronic combination gun safe lock or biometric gun safe lock. These locks provide the highest level of gun safe security and are very difficult to bypass.

    How big of a gun safe should I buy?
    This depends on the size and number of firearms you need to store. Consider your current gun collection and future acquisitions to make sure the safe provides enough space for storage.

    Is it easy to tamper with a gun safe?
    No. Gun safes are designed to be impact-resistant, difficult to move and virtually impossible to access without a passcode or key. The best gun storage security locks use biometrics, such as the owner's fingerprint, eyeball or facial features, to verify that the right person is requesting access.

    What are the main gun safe features?
    Other than their superior security and high-quality materials, gun safes from top brands boast a variety of user-friendly features. These may include:

    • Adjustable shelves
    • Interior lock boxes for storing gun accessories or smaller weapons
    • Fabric linings for scratch resistance
    • Fireproof gun safe construction
    • State-of-the-art gun safe lock types
    • Place to store other valuables, like birth certificates, passports, jewelry, coins, knives, collectibles and the like

    What should not be stored in a gun safe?
    Do not store powder or large quantities of primers in your gun safe. Powder stored in a tightly sealed metal box is an explosion hazard. Always store your powder in a separate, lightly constructed cabinet or wood box. The most important thing for powder is to keep it dry and away from light. Primers can detonate others if one goes off, causing a chain reaction. If you have several primers, don't store them in one corner of your reloading area.

    Is there an alternative to a gun safe?
    Tractor Supply is home to a variety of gun cabinets, which combine the aesthetic look of home furniture with the ability to store firearms and more. Gun cabinets use a lock and key to unlock, and the steel they are made from is generally less thick. They also do not have fire ratings. Here are some quick facts about our selection of gun cabinets, a great alternative firearm storage option:

    What is the difference between a gun safe and gun cabinet?
    The main differences between gun safes and gun cabinets are the thickness of the steel and the locking mechanisms. Gun cabinets are designed to protect against theft by keeping the guns out of sight, but they do not provide much protection against fire or moisture. While less secure than gun safes, gun cabinets offer more space than other types of safes and are great for displaying firearms. Gun safes, meanwhile, use a true lock and stronger steel. Think of a gun safe as the firearms storage equivalent of a large safe in a bank (with the hefty door and lock).

    Why should I trust Tractor Supply's inventory of gun safes?
    Tractor Supply understands the needs and wants of the communities we serve, who love living Life Out Here. We carefully vet every product we offer, and we wouldn't offer products from gun safe manufacturers that we don't fully believe in. We're proud to bring our customers only the highest-quality gun safes from trustworthy gun safe brands.

    What are some tips and advice for buying a gun safe?
    A good gun safe is more than just a gun locker — it becomes a secure storage device for your family's other valuables, as well. Make sure to follow these tips when you are shopping:

    • Purchase a gun safe that is bigger than you think you need:Your gun collection is bound to grow over time— you may find that you can quickly fill up even a large gun safe. To make sure you have ample room for all your valuables, invest in a gun safe with the size, protection and security features you want. Your gun collection may be worth many tens of thousands of dollars, so it makes sense to invest in the protection of your valuables.
    • Spend more for a fire-resistant gun safe: But you have to do your homework — you can spend a lot of money for "fire-proofing" that is not very effective. Make sure sheet-rock is properly installed if used. If you have valuable documents and media files, it's not a bad idea to purchase a smaller, commercial-grade fire safe to put inside the gun safe. This gives you double protection. Choosing a reliable brand is a good way to make sure that the gun safe you buy lives up to the guarantee of the manufacturer.

    Ask about the gun safe's safeguards against tampering: A quality gun safe will feature extra armor or devices to protect against drilling. Low-grade safes can be opened in a few minutes with simple, battery-powered hand tools. To ensure your guns and other belongings are kept secure during a burglary, look for gun safes with relockers. Relockers are hardened pins that are triggered during an attack, and cannot be retracted without hours of drilling. The number of relockers on a safe ranges from 2-10+ (depending on the gun safe's size and burglary grade).

    • Get recommendations for long-gun storage features: When it comes to long guns, gun safes in the 750-lb. range offer an ideal combination of size and security, according to a number of gun safe dealers. Here are some additional recommendations for long gun safes from Tractor Supply:
      • Budget $1,200-$1,500 for a gun safe from a major gun safe maker.
      • The gun safe should have external hinges and an interior at least 58” high and 30” wide.
      • Make sure you have additional room for 30” barreled rifles or scoped guns with long barrels, as well as shelving for handguns and other valuables.
      • Digital gun safe locks offer quick access and convenience. We love the UL Type 1 Commercial-Grade Electronic Lock.
      • Aim for an overall weight of 750+ lbs.
      • Choose gun safes with low-gloss, rust-resistant external finishes.
      • Look for pre-drilled holes for lag bolts in the rear for the electric cord (depending on the gun safe lock type).
      • Features make all the difference – consider gun safes with:
        • On-door storage systems for non-scoped long guns
        • Fire-lined inner gun safe for paper and media
        • Overhead fluorescent lamp or LED mini-lights on strings

    What do I need to know about gun safe maintenance and care?
    Once you've decided on and purchased a gun safe, you'll need to perform regular maintenance to make sure it stays in top condition. As part of this gun safe maintenance and care, regularly inspect your safe for any signs of rust or corrosion. If you find any, treat them with a rust-preventative product. Make sure to keep the door properly lubricated with a product specifically designed for gun safes, as other types of lubricants may damage the finish. Don't forget to check the bolts and hinges periodically to make sure they are functioning properly. Finally, keep the interior of the safe clean and dry to prevent rusting or other damage.

    Can I leave my gun safe on the wooden pallet it arrived with?
    Never leave your new gun safe on the wooden pallet. A person with a rented pallet jack can move a 1000-lb. safe with ease if this is still present. Make sure to remove the pallet and secure your gun safe by bolting it down.

    Where is the best gun safe location in my house?
    Gun safes are best kept somewhere discreet from view. Don't put your safe in the front of your garage or corner of your living room. Be cautious and discreet when you load and unload firearms, as well. This reduces the advertisement that you have a large gun collection and/or valuables that need extra security.

    Getting High-Quality Gun Safes at Tractor Supply

    As the biggest rural lifestyle retailer in the U.S.A., Tractor Supply is here to meet the unique demands of farmers, ranchers, gardeners, pet enthusiasts, outdoors people and homeowners living Life Out Here. We take gun storage safety very seriously, which is why we carry premium-security gun safes, biometric gun safes, fire-rated gun safes, waterproof gun safes and other firearm storage solutions. Learn more about gun safes by visiting your local Tractor Supply store or browsing our selection online.