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    Propane FAQ: Where to Buy, How to Fill & More

    Authored by Tractor Supply Company

    Your local Tractor Supply makes propane fill-up easy. We’re your go-to propane supplier for lighting the grill, keeping the heat on, and getting your RV ready for the road. Bring your current cylinder or purchase a new one in Store. Once our friendly propane handlers perform a visual inspection of the cylinder or tank and confirm expiration date, we will fill it up. Tractor Supply Company only charges you for the fuel we put in.

    • Absolutely no hidden fees. No minimum amount. No flat fee. No purge fee.
    • Convenient hours including weekends and evenings.
    • You can shop while we fill your propane gas.

    When you arrive, use the Tractor Supply app to alert a Team Member that you need a propane refill. Propane cylinders and propane tanks cannot be brought inside the Store. Tractor Supply stores can fill grill cylinders, heating cylinders, generator supply tanks, and ASME tanks. The majority of Stores are able to fill RVs - please call ahead to confirm with your local Tractor Supply.

    Here’s what to expect when getting your propane refill:

    1. When you arrive, either use the Tractor Supply app to alert a Team Member of your arrival and wait in your car or leave your cylinder in your vehicle, and walk to the front register to alert a Team Member. Reminder that cylinders are NOT allowed in the Store for safety reasons.
    2. Head into the store and see a team member for assistance.
    3. Our team member will meet you in our dispensing area lot and open the gate. If you are filling a motor home or camper, it must be unoccupied during the refill process.
    4. For safety, please remain 25 ft away from the dispensing station and follow any instructions from our propane handler.
    5. When your cylinder or RV propane refill is complete, you will receive a sales slip to take inside to the cashier.

    Propane tank safety inspections

    Tractor Supply Company inspects all cylinders for certification date and condition before refilling.  These inspections are to meet national propane rules and regulations. Propane cylinders that cannot be filled based on inspection:

    • Cylinders that need to be re-qualified 
    • Cylinders with bent or missing collars
    • Cylinders with missing or bent foot rings
    • Propane tanks with excessive rust

    We check all valves for leaks after the filling process. If your cylinder is leaking, we cannot release the tank per NFPA 58 regulations if the tank will be transported in an enclosed vehicle.  

    New propane tank requirements

    New propane tanks are water-tested, then emptied and filled with a neutral gas by the manufacturer to protect the inside from rust while shipping. All new tanks must be properly purged before the first filling. All barbecue-type cylinders areequipped with an overfill prevention device (OPD valve). Cylinders older than 12 years (10 years in Canada) must be re-qualified before they can be filled. Additionally, once a cylinder is re-qualified with an “S” stamp it is good for 10 years and with an “E” stamp it is good for 5 years. 

    Safe propane tank transportation and use

    Make sure you keep yourself safe when handling tanks. Follow these safety guidelines for transporting propane tanks:

    • Keep your propane tanks upright and secure when transporting. Regulations require that all cylinders be transported upright and secure with the valve closed. When on its side, a cylinder's relief valve may open, allowing flammable gas to escape. Contact your local fire department for local rules and regulations.
    • Don’t leave or store propane cylinders in your vehicle. Heat, sunlight and motion can increase pressure to an unsafe level. This may cause the safety valve to vent propane gas and create a flammable, explosive environment. Please remove your cylinder from your vehicle as soon as you return home or to your place of business.
    • Store and use propane cylinders only in well-ventilated areas.
    • Do not use or inspect a propane cylinder indoors.
    • Check your propane cylinder for leaks before you turn on your grill or appliance. The unintentional discharge of propane can cause a flammable environment. Use a solution of soapy water to check for leaks, which will cause bubbles to form. If a leak is found, turn the valve off, and check the system.
    • The distinct odor of rotten eggs is an indicator of a propane leak. Remove any source of flame from the area, and repair or replace any defective parts.

    Tractor Supply propane service FAQs

    What is propane?

    Propane is an odorless and colorless gas. It is stored in a liquid form that is nontoxic and is otherwise known as liquefied petroleum gas.

    What is the difference between refilling propane cylinders and exchanging propane cylinders?

    Refilling your propane cylinder is a better value than an exchange. You keep your tank; we fill to the maximum legal limit, and we only charge for the number of gallons we fill. Exchange cylinders are not filled to the maximum legal limit. Often, they are only filled to 15lb of fuel, instead of 20lb.

    Is Tractor Supply propane refill cheaper than flat rate?

    Flat rate propane refills cost you more money. At Tractor Supply, you only pay for what is put in.

    With flat fee refills, you pay for the entire capacity of the tank regardless of the amount needed to fill it, even if there is fuel left in your cylinder.

    Does Tractor Supply always have propane handlers on-site?

    Typically, yes. However, due to some states having very strict testing protocols you should give your local Tractor Supply store a call to confirm someone is available.

    How big of a tank can Tractor Supply fill?

    Tractor Supply can refill propane portable cylinders and tanks up to 100lbs.

    How does Tractor Supply charge for propane refills?

    Propane refills are charged by the gallon. You will only pay for the amount of propane that we put into your cylinder. This gives our customers quick and convenient access to propane when they need it most.

    Does Tractor Supply offer propane delivery?

    No, Tractor Supply does not offer propane delivery currently. Visit us in store to have your cylinder or RV fuel topped off.

    Get ready for grilling, grab the heating fuel, or have your RV tank full for hitting the open road with propane refills at Tractor Supply. Visit your local store for more details and state-specific regulations.