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Tarter 23 gal. Galvanized Steel Round Stock Tank with Spigot, 2 ft. x 1 ft.
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Tarter 40 gal. Galvanized Steel Oval Stock Tank with Spigot, 2 ft. x 1 ft. x 4 ft.
Behlen Country 103 gal. 224 Galvanized Round End Stock Tank
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Behlen Country 50 gal. Round End Sheep Stock Tank
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Behlen Country 70 gal. Round End Sheep Stock Tank
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Behlen Country 44 gal. 2-1-4 Galvanized Round End Sheep Stock Tank
Sale Was $159.99 Save $16.00 (10%)

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Stock Tanks

Heavy-duty stock tanks that are built to endure the elements, resist corrosion and fight off the harmful effects of UV exposure are the best long-lasting solution to many of your agricultural and DIY needs. Whether you need to keep your farm animals hydrated, build a contained garden, give your dog a bath ,or stock the perfect cold cooler for your next party, a stock tank can help you to get the job done right. 

Choosing the Right Stock Tank Material: Steel or Plastic

No two farms or gardens are alike, which is why we offer a wide variety of stock tank shapes and sizes. When shopping for stock tanks, you will often find two primary forms: steel and plastic. Steel stock tanks are a heavy-duty solution for your agricultural needs, such as planting produce and feeding and hydrating your animals. Alternatively, plastic stock tanks are more lightweight, making them easier to move and thereby more adaptable to the needs of the farm. Whether you're managing a vast agricultural estate or cultivating a cozy backyard garden, you can find a stock tank that perfectly aligns with your needs and seamlessly integrates with the task at hand.

Stock Tanks for Livestock Hydration

Because stock tanks are primarily utilized as water troughs for livestock, it is key that they are rust-resistant. To achieve rust resistance, steel stock tanks are coated in zinc, which galvanizes them and protects them from erosion. Galvanized stock tanks can house gallons of clean water to ensure the hydration and well-being of your animals. To further enhance convenience, each stock tank comes equipped with a drain hole and plug for effortless emptying and cleaning.

Thinking Outside the Tank: Stock Tank Uses

Stock tanks are ultra-versatile and can be used for a wide variety of use cases, making them a great option for everyone from farmers and gardeners to patio party hosts and dog lovers alike. 

On The Farm

  • In addition to being used as vessels for livestock water, stock tanks can also be used as the perfect home for our chicks, ducklings, bunnies and more. You can quickly add some bedding and other essentials to the bottom of your stock tank to create the perfect first home for your new chicks or other small animals. Stock tanks can also serve as innovative vessels for rainwater harvesting as well as storage for feed or soil.


  • Stock tanks are a dream come true for anyone with a green thumb.  Their ample size and durable construction provide an optimal environment for plants to thrive. By converting stock tanks into raised beds and using them for container gardening, you can create a lush garden teeming with vibrant blooms and bountiful vegetables and herbs in your own backyard. 


  • Need a cooler for outdoor events? Turn a stock tank into a charming beverage cooler perfect for your next backyard bash. The large size of stock tanks allows them to hold a significant amount of ice and drinks, and the insulated nature of the steel or plastic container helps to keep drinks cold all day long. 

Dog Bath 

  • There's no need to bring your muddy dog indoors for a bath when you can give them a quick and easy stock tank bath outdoors.  The large and durable nature of stock tanks makes them the perfect dog bathing solution. Simply grab the hose and spray down your furry friend in the stock tank for an effortless bath with minimal mess.

Ice Bath 

  • While stock tanks work great for giving your dog a bath and keeping drinks cold, they also serve as the perfect vessel for ice baths. Ice baths and cold plunges are known to reduce inflammation, support immunity and improve mental health, and you can reap all of these benefits at home with a stock tank ice bath. Their insulated nature keeps the water inside ice cold, while their large size and easy-install makes them the perfect at-home ice bath solution. 

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