Gun Safes

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Gun Safes

Keep your firearms and weapons secure with gun safes from Tractor Supply. Gun safes are an absolute must for any responsible gun owner, and we’re here to help you find the best gun storage solution for your needs. Learn more about our inventory of gun safes for sale at Tractor Supply.  

Gun Safes from Leading Brands

When it comes to protecting your guns and keeping your loved ones safe, consider the best gun safe brands at Tractor Supply. These include the following and more:

How to Find the Best Gun Safe

Whether shopping in our stores or online, Tractor Supply makes it easy to navigate all of our gun safe products. Shop for the specific gun safe features you want, such as:


Gun safe capacity depends on the number of gun slots the safe has. However, this does not indicate how many guns the safe will hold. Certain types of firearms require more space than others, so it’s wise to purchase a slightly larger gun safe to accommodate your firearm collection now and in the future. See our buying guidefor more gun safe capacity information. 

Fire Rating

Protect your firearms, weapons and other valuables by investing in a fire-resistant gun safe. Tractor Supply has fireproof gun safes with various fire ratings, as well as not-fire-rated gun storage options.

Gun Compatibility

Whether you need a safe for long guns or smaller firearms, Tractor Supply carries a host of size options to best suit your needs. You’ll also need to consider if you’ll need more space for storing gun accessories or other valuables. 

Lock Type

There are numerous gun safe lock types available, all of which are user-friendly and secure. At Tractor Supply, we carry gun safes with electronic keypad locksdual electronic keypad and keyed lockscombination locksdual biometric and keyed locksbiometric locksdial locks and others.


Tractor Supply offers a wide range of impact-resistant gun safes, water-resistant gun safes and fire-resistant gun safes. These are made from the highest quality materials, including metalsteel and hardened steel

You can also check out our selection of gun cabinets for even more firearm storage options. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Gun Safes

What are the types of gun safes?

There are many types of gun safes available at Tractor Supply. We’ll help you find the type that checks all of your boxes. Our selection includes handgun safes, long gun safes, biometric gun safes, single-gun safes, multiple-gun safes, in-wall gun safes, under-bed gun safes and more. Some gun safes also feature adjustable shelves, interior lock boxes and fabric linings for scratch resistance. 

Why do I need a gun safe?

All gun owners must responsibly store their firearms and control who has access to them. For instance, a gun safe helps keep weapons and valuables safe from theft and out of the reach of children and pets. 

Is it easy to tamper with a gun safe?

With a specialized design, gun safes are constructed from highly durable materials that are resistant to fire, water and impact. When coupled with dependable locking mechanisms, it’s very difficult to tamper with a locked gun safe.  

Get Your New Gun Safe at Tractor Supply

As the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the U.S., Tractor Supply has over 85 years of experience meeting the needs of professional and hobby farmers, ranchers, gardeners, pet enthusiasts and homeowners. Whether you seek a biometric gun safe, fireproof gun safe or waterproof gun safe, count on our knowledge to help you find the best one. For more information about gun safes, visit your local Tractor Supply store today or shop online now. 

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