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    Fine Dining | Fall 2014 Out Here Magazine

    Premium pet foods help your dog be at his or her best

    a dog running toward the camera in tall grass
    Out Here

    By Carol Davis


    When you're standing in a store's pet food aisle, trying to decide which one to feed your dog, the best value — for you and your dog — just might be in the premium brands.

    Premium feeds can deliver the specialized formulas and ingredients that your dog needs to be at his best. For example:

    Grain-free. Dogs are meat-eaters, and a grain-free diet is the most natural form of pet nutrition. Each cup of grain-free food has a higher nutritional content than a corresponding cup of food containing grains, which means that your dog can eat less yet still get the necessary levels of protein, vitamins, and other nutrients. The higher nutritional value of grain-free food will also give your dog a shinier coat, more energy, and better overall health.

    Natural. These high-protein, low-carbohydrate foods are made with high-quality natural ingredients, plus active nutrients and antioxidants to keep your dog healthy and energetic.

    Specific needs-based. Is your dog high energy, a large breed, or a senior citizen? Premium feeds provide the right nutrition at the right time, such as:

    • High-energy sporting breeds need increased levels of protein and fat for body condition and glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health. Premium performance formulas provide just what they need.
    • Senior dogs aren't as active as they once were, so keeping them to a healthy weight and protecting their joints are important. Premium senior formulas have less fat, increased fiber, and highly digestible protein formulated especially for senior dogs.
    • Large-breed puppies need the correct amount of calcium phosphorus during the first four months to keep young, fast-growing bones healthy and strong, and to avoid orthopedic problems later on. Premium formulas deliver just the right nutrients for skeletal health.


    Premium dog foods' primary ingredients are meat and poultry products, rather than filler products found in economy brand food. That means your dog absorbs more nutrients with less feeding. And that means you don't have to buy dog food as often.

    It also means less cleanup for you. Simply put, the more your pet eats, the more you must clean up behind them. But because premium foods require less feeding, you'll notice less mess and fewer trips outside.

    With premium foods, you don't have to buy extra vitamins and supplements for your pet, because a quality food already contains all the right vitamins and nutrients. There's no need for anything else.

    Feeding your pet a quality food formulated just for his needs results in a healthy animal, and healthy animals take fewer trips to the veterinarian's office.

    Studies show that feeding correctly, limiting treats, and providing your pets with enough exercise is key to a healthy pet and could help them live up to two years longer.

    And that's reason enough to give them the very best.

    Out Here editor Carol Davis feeds her senior dogs, Sam and Abby, 4health’s Mature Adult formula.


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