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Why Premium Western Forage®?

With over 65% of the horse digestive system geared towards digestion of forage, it is easy to see why forage is critical to the health of all horses.

The unique structure and function of a horse’s digestive system is ideally suited for the utilization of forage. Horses are sometimes referred to as “hindgut fermenters.” The back portion of the horse’s hindgut is a large balloon-like area consisting of the cecum & and colon. Microorganisms in the hindgut work together to break down or ferment plant fiber from forage.

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Standlee cubes


Standlee Premium Western Forage® Cubes are formed by coarsely grinding our high quality western forage and forcing it through a large dye with heat, steam and a natural binding agent, Bentonite.

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Standlee pellets


Standlee Premium Western Forage® Pellets are high density ¼” inch pellets formed by grinding our high quality western forage and forcing it through a small circular dye with heat and steam.

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Standlee bale


Standlee Premium Western Forage® Grab & Go® bales are 50 lb. compressed and shrink-wrapped bales that are convenient to handle and store.

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Standlee products


Standlee Premium Western Forage® also carries a variety of other feeding and bedding solutions for your highly-valued animal including Beet Pulp Shreds and Pellets and Straw for Bedding.

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Standlee Forage Finder®

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Find out which forage type is best for your horse! Designed to take the mystery out of buying forage, this tool ensures owners are satisfied and animals are properly nourished.

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Standlee Feed Calculator™

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Find a healthier diet for your horse! Horse nutrition needs depend on many factors. This tool helps horse owners feed the right amount to optimize their horse’s diet.

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