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New Pet Supplies Buying Guide

Pets bring so much joy to our lives and its our responsibility to make sure they enjoy healthy, happy lives. Whether your pet is a dog, cat, fish, bird, lovable rodent, or even a lizard, TSC is a great place to find the pet supplies your special friend needs. If you have any questions about your pets health or whether certain products are safe for your pet, consult your veterinarian.

Pamper Your Pet with Dog Supplies

Although the rewards far outweigh the costs, dogs take a lot of hard work and patience. The perfect dog toy, an effective training method, or a low-cost solution to a flea problem can keep a balance between the love you have for your dog, and the time and effort it takes.

Shop All Dog Supplies

Dog Toys


Consider the size of your dog when choosing a dog toy that will be safe for him or her. You want to find a dog toy thats big enough so that your dog cant swallow it, but small enough so that your dog can really get a good grip on it.


Dog toys come in a variety of durable materials. Hard rubber dog toys and nylon dog toys are great for serious chewers. Latex dog toys and vinyl dog toys are a better choice for lighter chewers. Use plush toys only if your dog is looking for a toy to carry around and snuggle up with. If you see signs of heavy chewing or tears, however, replace the toy.

Shop All Dog Toys

Dog Collars & Leashes


Select a dog collar that is appropriate for the size and weight of your dog. A thin dog collar on a huge dog will hurt if you need to give your dog a strong tug, and a huge dog collar on a small dog will be heavy and unwieldy.


Nylon dog collars are durable, light, and great for dogs that love the water. Leather dog collars are durable, long lasting, and if you want the tough look, can come with spikes.


Dog leashes come in nylon, cloth, leather, and retractable styles. Retractable dog leashes allow for a very wide roaming area. A spring inside the leash rewinds the slack as your dog comes closer. You can also lock a retractable dog leash at the length you desire.

Shop Dog Collars & Leashes

dog training

Dog Training Equipment


Dog-training equipment can range from dog harnesses and dog whistles to bitter-tasting sprays that keep dogs from chewing. A dog bark collar or wireless pet fence may help address more serious issues. When training your dog, however, make sure you use a consistent and humane method. Of course, there are also numerous books on dog training available at Tractor Supply Co.


Dog food and dog treats When choosing dog food and dog treats, make sure you take into account your dogs needs. Growing puppies need food with the right balance of vitamins and minerals. Working dog and sporting dog breeds need dog food that will sustain their high-energy lifestyle. Older dogs need reduced-calorie dog food to keep from gaining weight.

Shop Dog Training Equipment

dog health

Dog Health & Hygiene


Your dogs health is a primary concern. Be sure to take measures to prevent flea and tick infestation. Many of todays flea and tick medications make it easier than ever to prevent and stop your pet from suffering. Just put a drop of the flea and tick medication on the back of your dogs neck and it will do the rest.


Dental care is another important part of keeping your dog healthy. There are many dental products for dogs, such as dog toothbrushes and dog toothpastes. Many dog toys have the additional benefit of being good for your dogs teeth. Some rope toys work like floss, and some rubber toys are designed with ridges that remove food particles and massage the gums.

Shop Dog Health & Hygiene

dog crates

Dog Crates & Containment


Dog crates are essential to safely transporting your dog. They can be made of many different materials. Wire dog crates and plastic dog crates are popular. There are also collapsible dog crates made of a mesh-screen material.

Shop Dog Crates

cat supplies

More of a Cat Person?

Check out Cat Supplies at Tractor Supply Co.

Dogs may be mans best friend, but for a growing number of pet owners, feline companionship is simply the cats meow. The following items will help you keep your favorite feline healthy and happy.

Shop All Cat Supplies

cat toys

Cat Toys


Cat toys will keep your cat occupied while you're away. Swinging and dangling cat toys trigger your cats hunter instinct, while catnip toys will make your cat extra playful. Cat toys are made from a variety of materials, from rubber to animal fur. Make sure that the cat toy is durable, and if it ever breaks or tears, throw it out and replace it with a new one.

Shop Cat Toys

cat collars

Cat Collars


You can find cloth cat collars, nylon cat collars, or even velvet cat collars. The important thing to remember when you purchase a cat collar is to buy one with an elastic section. That way, if the cat collar gets snagged while the cat is climbing, he can wriggle his way out and avoid accidental strangulation.

Shop Cat Collars

cat food

Cat Food


Cats are strict carnivores, but they require more than just meat to survive. In the wild, a cat would eat the entire kill. Bones, hair, and skin all provide your cat with vitamins and minerals that meat alone lacks. A proper cat food has the right balance of protein to vitamins.


Keep in mind your cats age when you choose a cat food.


Kittens grow very fast and require calcium to aid in bone growth. Older cats need a lower-calorie cat food to keep them lean.

Shop Cat Food

cat furniture

Cat Condos


Cat condos are a great source of amusement for your pet cat. They also provide a place to perch and catnap during the day. Most cat condos are covered with a durable scratch-resistant covering that provides a good grip for climbing.

Shop Cat Condos

cat litter

Cat Litter Boxes


Litter boxes are essential for any cat owner. Self-cleaning litter boxes are very popular time- and effort-saving devices.

Shop Cat Litter Boxes

cat flea & tick

Flea & Tick Control for Better Cat Health


Products like Freedom, Frontline, and Enforcer serve as one method of flea and tick control. These "back of the neck" flea and tick control medications usually offer a months worth of pest deterrence with very few applications.


Hard cat food and cat toys can help keep your cats teeth clean by scraping away the plaque that can develop daily. There are also specially designed cat chew treats that can help keep your cats mouth healthy.

Shop Cat Flea & Tick Control

bird supplies

Pet Birds & Wild Bird Attraction

As many bird enthusiasts know, theres a lot more to keeping a bird than just providing seed. Birds require a well-balanced diet, a clean habitat, and toys to keep them occupied.

Shop All Bird Supplies

bird food

Bird Food


Create a diet for your bird that includes no more than 50% seed and has few, if any, fattening seeds like sunflower or safflower. Include a wide range of greens like lettuce and broccoli. Birds also benefit from potatoes and carrots.


Be sure to feed your bird pellets. Pellets have all the nutrition and roughage that birds need.


Vitamins are a good idea if your bird is sick, breeding, or molting.

Shop Bird Food

bird houses

Bird Houses & Habitats


A birdcage should be wide enough for the bird to spread its wings and fly. Long, rectangular birdcages are better than tall ones because most birds cant fly up as easily as forward. There are a wide variety bird cages, including vintage and specialty cages for both small- and large-breed birds at Tractor Supply Co.


Birdcages for large-breed birds, such as parrots and macaws, are substantially different from smaller bird cages for smaller birds, such as parakeets and finches. They are made of a thicker metal. Make sure that the bird has plenty of room to spread its wings, and that there is room for multiple perches and plenty of bird toys. Also, many large-breed birds are very intelligent and have been known to unlock locks and untwist bolts, so an investment in a quality cage is well worth it.

Shop Bird Houses

small animal

Other Small Animals

Small mammals such as guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, rabbits, ferrets, and sugar gliders require good food and a healthy habitat to thrive.

Shop All Small Animals

small animal food

Small Animal Food


You can feed most rodents a high-quality rodent food in pellet form, plus fresh fruits and vegetables to enhance your pets nutrition. Guinea pigs cant produce vitamin C, so make sure they get lots of dark greens.


Sugar Gliders


Are omnivores and need a diet that reflects this. Insects are a key, as is fruit and sap from acacia and eucalyptus trees. Balance is essential.




Rabbits can easily be fed on pellets, fresh vegetables, and alfalfa. An occasional treat of fruits is also a good idea.




Ferrets don't need much fiber, so don't feed them many fruits or vegetables. Instead focus on protein and fats.

Shop Small Animal Food

small animal cages

Small Animal Cages & Habitats


You can keep most rodents in cages. You can lodge mice and rats in glass terrariums. Mice need 40 square centimeters of space per adult mouse, and rats need 60 square centimeters each. You can house guinea pigs and rabbits in wire cages with a removable top for cleaning and handling.


Ferrets and sugar gliders are commonly kept in birdcages. Make sure the cage is secure, as they're smart little animals and are well-known escape artists. To keep your ferret or sugar glider happy, make sure the cage is equipped with a hammock.

Shop Animal Cages & Habitats