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    litter products 101

    a clean home for kitty & me

    What's best for my cat?

    Litter maintenance is a necessary part of everyday life when you live with a cat. Containing it, keeping it clean and smelling fresh — even hiding it! These are all things cat parents have to think about. Petmate® and Aspen Pet® knows each cat's preferences are as different as those of their owners and offer a variety of litter pans, liners, filters, mats and scoops with unique features and benefits. Find the one that's right for you and your feline friend!

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    hooded litter panopen litter panOpen vs. hooded litter pans — which is right for my cat?

    Open litter pans offer a spacious retreat for your cat and come in various lengths and depths to accommodate most sizes of cats. This style is recommended for multiple cat households. Hooded Pans offer your cat privacy while containing litter scatter, keeping your house cleaner. Most hooded litter pans include a filter to help reduce odors. A hooded pan also helps keep dogs and other pets from digging in the litter. Choosing the right litter pan should be based on the needs and preferences of your cat.

    litter scoop standing upright in some litterLitter mats, scoops, liners & filters

    Petmate’s variety of litter mats, liners, scoops, and filters help to keep your kitty’s litter pan and your home clean. Liners and scoops make changing litter simple, while filters help minimize unpleasant odors, keeping the air in your home fresher. Mats are an excellent addition to litter pans for cat owners who are challenged with containing litter scatter.

    Litter maintenance tips & best practices:

    • Replace your cat’s litter pan annually to help maintain healthy litter habits.
    • Scoop litter daily. Dump and wash pans once a month to provide a clean area for your cat.
    • Multilevel homes should have at least one litter pan on each level for your cat’s convenience.
    • Cat households should have one more litter pan than cats in the home, i.e. a two-cat household should have three litter pans.
    • Avoid clustering litter pans in one location and placing pans next to noisy appliances, like the washer, dryer or furnace.
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