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    dog toys

    prepare to play!

    Picking the right toy for your pup!

    Every dog has a favorite way to play. Whether it's fetch with their pet parent, gnawing and pawing a squeaky rubber toy, or carrying a plush toy around like a doll, toys are an important part of your dog's life. With our Fat Cat® and JW® brands, we have created a wide variety of toys to ensure every dog finds a toy that plays their unique way!

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    dog with a plush fish toy in its mouthFat Cat Dog Toys: These artistically designed play things offer an assortment of colorful, witty playtime companions that keep the good times rolling and doggy tails wagging. We set the standard for whimsy and humor with Fat Cat dog toys. These canine crowd favorites are durable and comical, never ceasing to make people and pets laugh! Plush Fat Cat toys come with a variety of unusual sounds that engage natural instincts, perfect for dogs that have a soft mouth and prefer the comfort of a fabric toy.

    Why do dogs love plush toys so much? Plush toys stimulate two different instincts in dogs: nurture and hunt. Some dogs will carry their plush toy around like a baby or a doll, while others will rip it to shreds to "kill" it like prey. Either way, cuddly toys with squeaks, grunts and gurgles engage a dog on an innate level encouraging them to play with toys, preventing boredom and other unwanted behaviors. Some dogs view a favorite stuffed toy as a playmate or friend, especially if they are the only pet in the family. Since dogs are naturally pack animals, it's important for them to feel like part of a close group with companions to play with and nuzzle during naps.

    dog laying down with toys between its front pawsJW Natural Rubber & TPR toys: Natural rubber is the gold standard for durable dog toys. It has the highest rated tear strength of all dog toy materials available. Thus it is an ideal choice for dogs that are more aggressive chewers. JW offers a wide variety of natural rubber toys, like the iconic Hol-ee Roller® and the popular Ruffians® Chicken.

    Thermoplastic Resin (TPR) is a great alternative super tough material that will hold up for rough and rugged play. Each ball and bone can be stuffed with treats or peanut butter for added fun. The Bone is perfect for fill-n-freeze on hot summer days. The Megalast® line of toys bounces, floats and squeaks, truly a versatile do-it-all line.

    Natural Rubber vs. TPR — What's best for my dog? JW natural rubber is infused with vanilla to entice and engage a dog's powerful sense of smell. Rubber is eco-friendly as well as it is a renewable resource produced from the Para rubber tree.

    Thermoplastic Resin (TPR) is a man-made plastic material that is 100% recyclable. JW Megalast is Made in the U.S.A. Easy washable and top rack dishwasher safe.

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