Choose Between Wet and Dry Food for your Older Cat

Did you know senior cats may have special dietary needs? Once they reach the age of seven years, older cats may develop health issues related to weight, kidneys, joints, and vision. What type and brand of cat food you choose depends of a variety of factors which will be explored shortly. But regardless of whether you choose wet or dry food, making sure your senior cat is getting the right amount of nutrition is the number one factor in determining what food to feed your cat.

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How to Keep a Litter Box Odor Free

If you own a cat, you already know that our feline friend offers a great deal of companionship and even assistance around the house. The common house cat is good at pulling its own weight by catching mice, rats, insects and other household pests. But if your cat lives primarily indoors, you also know that maintaining a cat litter box is a small trade-off for having these four-legged friends inside all of the time.

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Use Mouser Cats to Get Rid of Mice and Rats

For people more familiar with house cats, the idea of a feline living in a barn often takes additional education.

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