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    Red Cedar Shavings Offer Optimal Horse Stall Care

    It’s only natural these days to think that technology will provide the answer for just about any issue. But when it comes to animal care, the time-honored, tried-and-true ways are often the best. (After all, they’re time-honored for a reason!) And nowhere is that more evident than in stall care – specifically, keeping odors and insects under control.

    The hot summer months are when the problem is most noticeable. And conditions in a stall can create a perfect environment for everything from flies and mosquitoes to ticks and other disease-carrying pests.

    But as natural as it may be to look for the hot new thing, there’s an even more natural choice – one that provides warmth and absorbency as well as odor control. And that choice is Eastern Red Cedar shavings.

    Odds are you’ve benefitted from cedar’s qualities for years. But it’s often the most familiar materials that are also the most overlooked.

    Far more than just a great-smelling stall enhancer, cedar provides a host of valuable benefits; beginning with the aromatic oils that help repel insects without the need for toxic chemicals. Cedar shavings also absorb ammonia – which means you’re not just masking the odors from urine and manure, you’re helping eliminate them altogether.

    “Like other beddings made from wood, cedar is completely biodegradable, carbon neutral, and makes great mulch,” says Rich Whiting, VP of Sales and marketing for American Wood Fibers. “And because this type of cedar grows almost exclusively in the central and eastern U.S., buying cedar guarantees that you are truly buying American.”

    Granted, people sometimes avoid using cedar because it can be more expensive than other bedding materials, such as pine. But one can still reap the benefits without using it exclusively. Simply spreading a couple of bales on top of the existing bedding, or adding an extra layer where your horse typically does his business, will dramatically cut down on both odor and insects. All thanks to a natural product that’s been helping solve stall issues for years.

    So pick up a few bales of Premier Pet Kennel Care Cedar at your local Tractor Supply store today. And see for yourself the difference natural cedar can make – for you, for your horse, and for the environment.