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Animal Medication for Sheep

Sheep hanging out in a pasture.

TSC stocks a wide range of canine vaccines and medications to treat and/or prevent illness in your sheep; much more than we've listed here. Just call your local Tractor Supply.

Find Medications for:

Medication Conditions For Use
Bar Vac CD-T (Fermicon) Prevents enterotoxemia (overeating disease) and tetanus
C and D Antitoxin To immunize healthy yet susceptible animals against enterotoxemia (overeating disease) and tetanus caused by the toxins of clostridium perfringens types C and D and clostridium tetani.
Pen-Aqueaous Penicillin injection for treating bacterial pneumonia (shipping fever) caused by Pasteurella multocida.
Epinephrine For emergency use only in the treatment of anaphylactic shock.
Ultrabec 7 For the prevention of blackleg (CI, chauvoel), malignant edema (CI, septicum), black disease (CI. novyl), and Clostridium sordel and Clostridium perfringens types C and D enterotoxemia
Pfi-Pen G For treatment of bacterial pneumonia (shipping fever) caused by Pasteurella multocida