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Lawn Mower Winter Care

Lawn Mower Tune Up


Taking a bit of time to care for and store your lawn mower properly in the winter, and you will have no problems getting started again in the spring.

Easiest Lawn Mower Care - Take It to the Shop

Although you can absolutely tune up your lawn mower yourself, most people choose the convenience and security of having a professional do it at a shop. We recommend taking it in the fall, not only to maintain its performance, but also to avoid the spring rush so you are ready to go.

Lawn Mower Winter Care Checklist for the DIY-er

So you're not intimidated by taking care of your power equipment? Great! Your lawn mower comes with a manual including instructions for maintenance, so check that first. Then, especially if you've lost it, check these tips for what to do before you put store your lawn mower for the winter:

  1. Clogged air filters are one of the main causes for starting problems in the spring. Check your owner's manual for details and replace them.
  2. Clean your lawn mower thoroughly removing all debris from the exterior and especially near the mechanical parts.
  3. Tighten fasteners as needed
  4. Touch up any rusted surfaces or chipped paint with the proper tractor paint supplies
  5. Battery (if applicable) - Remove the battery from your mower and fully charge it before you store it.
  6. Fuel-System Maintenance - 2 options: 1. Drain the fuel tank. Then start the motor and let it run until it stops. 2. Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank, start the motor and let it run for 5 minutes to circulate the stabilizer through the system.
  7. Piston Care - For 2-cycle motors: slowly pull the starter rope until there's some resistance, then slowly release. This closes the intake and exhaust ports, keeping air from corroding the cylinder. For 4-cycle motors: remove the spark plug, then add a tablespoon of oil into the hole. To distribute the oil, slowly rotate the engine several times using the starter rope or key starter. Put the spark plug back in, but do not connect the wire.
  8. Replace damaged or worn parts
  9. Lubricate your mower as recommended in its owner's manual
  10. Storage

Before storing your lawn mower, make sure your engine is cool. Keep it covered in a dry, clean location away from the reach of children. Never store it in the house or near ignition sources.

TSC Tractor Winter Care Supplies