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Electric Fence Designs: Hog, Sheep, Goat and Predator Fence

As the country’s #1 agricultural fencing retailer, Tractor Supply Co. delivers high quality fencing at extremely competitive prices.We carry a complete electric fence product line for animal containment and control, making it easy to find supplies and tools for all types of electric fences.

The following fence design is perfect for livestock, including your hog, sheep and goat, and will keep your animals close to home and predators out of sight.

6 Wire Electrified

Hog, Sheep, Goat and Predator Control Fence

Line posts on 100 ft. centers.
Battens every 25 ft. - 3 between posts.
Single corner and end braces.

Click here to print design plans for Hog, Sheep, Goat and Predator Fence.