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    Grain Free Dog Food Benefits

    Dogs live longer when you feed them healthy grain free dog food.

    Is Grain Free Dog Food Better for Your Dog?

    Over the last few years one growing trend in dog food has been in "grain free" products. The diet at its core is a blend of dog food that does not contain ingredients such as corn, oats, wheat, rice and instead are made of meat based ingredients such as fish, turkey, beef, lamb, or chicken.

    Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food

    • Less Waste
    • Less shedding and healthier coats
    • More energy
    • Fewer allergies and better health
    • Can decrease food intake
    • Better breath

    What is grain free dog food?.

    A meat based dog food naturally contains less carbs than grain based dog foods. Grain free dog foods replace the grain with other types of starch like potato, sweet potato, tapioca, or green peas.

    A higher protein, lower carb diet comes closer to the canines natural diet as a carnivorous mammal.

    One thing to keep in mind is that a grain free diet is more nutritious and meal portions should be less. Introduce the new diet slowly to make a transition easier for your pet.

    Grain free health benefits.

    Some of the most common dog allergy problem can be associated with a grain based diet. Grain free dog food has been known to ease many digestive and allergy problems associated with grain based dog foods.

    Can puppies eat grain free dog food?

    This depends on the brand of grain free dog food you select. Some grain free dog food brands only recommend their grain free food for adult dogs, while other brands formulate the diet to be complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages. The label will indicate if the food is recommended for all life stages or just for maintenance of adult dogs.

    Worth the cost of a premium dog food?

    Many consumers report that the added cost per pound of dog food was offset by the amount their pet consumed per meal. Providing ample nutrition in every bite of dog food allows your dog to spend less time and energy eating and digesting and more time enjoying a healthy life. More and more pet owners are reporting a "Visual" difference in their pet the longer they continued to eat grain free. Less shedding, and better breath as well as more energy while consuming less food all add to the value of a grain free dog food.

    If you do decide to switch your dog's diet, just like with humans, it's better to introduce the new change slowly, adding more meat and reducing the amount of grain over a period of time.