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Farm Tractor 3-Point Equipment

hay bale in a field

How to Select the Right Farm Equipment for Your Tractor

Tractor Supply is one of the only major retailers to carry a wide variety of 3-Point equipment for farm tractors. If you need an attachment for cutting, mowing, haying and harvesting or digging, Tractor Supply has tractor equipment that attaches to the hitch on the back of a tractor. This guide will help you decide what type of tractor equipment meets your needs.

If your tractor PTO is 15-24 horsepower, you will need to look for category 0, or sub-compact equipment. 25-40 PTO horsepower takes category 1 equipment, 45-95 PTO horsepower takes category 2 equipment, and if your tractor PTO is 95 horsepower or greater, it will take category 3 equipment. See an expert team member at your local Tractor Supply Co. store to find out about special ordering equipment for your tractor.

Types of 3-Point Farm Equipment

Tractor Supply offers several types of tractor equipment:

  • Cutters
  • Ground engaging
  • Hay handling
  • Utility
  • Sub-Compact
  • Pull Type

3-Point Cutters

There are two types of 3-Point cutters: rotary cutters and finishing mowers. Rotary cutters are designed for rough cuts and finishing mowers are designed for lawn grass only.

Ground Engaging 3-Point Equipment

Ground engaging 3-Point equipment turns over, breaks, tills or roughs up soil in the ground. This tractor equipment is used to prepare garden beds, plant grass seed, incorporate fertilizer and other landscaping jobs.

There are five types of ground engaging equipment:

  • Rotary tillers break up soil and turn over the ground at the same time.
  • Angle or box frame disc harrows break up ground that is turned over, or scratch a surface for reseeding. These attachments operate at a higher speed than a tiller but will not mix the soil.
  • 3-Point cultivators till the ground on either side of a planted row.
  • Sub-soilers rip sod or loosen compacted soil for better plant growth prior to tilling the soil. They also cut slots on the ground to channel away standing water.
  • Use middle busters to layoff rows, hill or dig crops, perform general field preparation. Middle busters can be used for a variety of other farming, field maintenance and gardening jobs.

Hay Handling 3-Point Equipment

Hay handling equipment is used to move round hay bales with the front or rear of your tractor. Mowing and haying season happens at least 2 times per year in most regions of the U.S., so this is an important piece of equipment for most farm owners to have.


Utility 3-Point equipment is used for a variety of jobs. There are seven types of utility attachments:

  • Box blades move and level out ground while holding the material.
  • Rear blades grade rough ground and roll the material off to one side. This blade can be used going forward or in reverse.
  • Use yard rakes for landscaping and soil preparation. They will pick up rocks, limbs, roots, etc. and work on gravel and rock ways to redistribute gravel.
  • Boom poles provide a stationary lift up to 500 lbs. You can attach a chain and/or hook to the loop end of the boom pole and the tractor hydraulics will move the hook up and down.
  • Carry alls help you finish out the frame with a metal or wood platform or box.
  • Dirt scoops are used to scoop, carry, dump and spread material. Using a rope tied to the trip lever of the scoop, you can dump the scoop without leaving the tractor seat.
  • Fertilizer spreaders spread seed and fertilizer. They have adjustable spreading widths and maintain a smooth flow.

Sub-Compact Equipment

Sub-compact 3-Point tractor equipment is designed for today’s sub-compact or small-framed compact tractors with up to 25 HP. This equipment looks and functions like regular equipment, but with a narrower hitch and lower center of gravity.

Q and A: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about 3-Point Tractor Equipment

  • Q: How do I maintain 3-Point tractor equipment?
  • A: Any item with a gearbox will come with an owner’s manual including instructions on how to lubricate the unit. For items without gearboxes, check if there are any visible grease fittings. Grease fittings indicate bearings, and all bearings need to be filled with grease before each use. Any type 2 grease will work.
  • Q: What does the warranty cover?
  • A: The warranty covers manufacturing defects for up to one year from the purchase date on equipment not used commercially.
  • Q: Can I use a boom pole to move material from one place to another?
  • A: Only use a boom pole to lift objects up to 500 lbs. while your tractor is stationary. A carry all or dirt scoop should be used to move material from one place to another.
  • Q: Can my tractor handle 3-Point equipment?
  • A: Most equipment will require 20 horsepower or greater. You also need to make sure that your hitch can handle the weight of the 3-Point equipment. Smaller tractors with less horsepower may need to use sub-compact equipment.

Other Supplies You May Need While Operating 3-Point Tractor Equipment

  • Rotary cutter
  • Finishing mower
  • Rotary tiller
  • Angle frame disc
  • Box frame disc
  • One row cultivator
  • Sub-soiler
  • Middle buster
  • Box blades
  • Rear blades
  • Yard rakes
  • Boom pole
  • Carry all
  • Dirt scoop
  • Fertilizer spreader
  • Bucket spike
  • Bale spear
  • Cat 2 penetrator
  • Sub-compact
  • Gear oil 80w-90 for equipment with gear box
  • Grease type 2
  • Grease gun
  • Extra shear pins
  • Lynch pins
  • Linkage parts for tractor
  • Chain
  • Overrunning coupler
  • Rope
  • Hook
  • Cable
  • Sprayer tanks and fittings
  • Bolts and nuts