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Bad Boy® GroundHog Max ATV Disc Plow

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SKU 1005388

ATV/UTV Accessory | Brand : Bad Boy® | Product Type : Portable Disc Plow | Package Width : 12 in. | Package Length : 22 in. | Package Height : 12 in. | Package Weight : 69 lb. | Color : Black | Product Length : 20 in. | Product Width : 10 in. More

Create food plots, firebreaks and till up even the most remote ground with the Bad Boy® GroundHog Max ATV Disc Plow.
  • Fits on most ATVs
  • 10 in. W x 20 in. L
  • Two 8 in. notched center blades
  • Two 9 in. notched middle blades
  • Two 10 in. notched outside blades
  • Sturdy steel construction with black finish
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Plows from 3 to 7 MPH in forward and reverse
  • Easy-to-use transport mode helps you reach remote food plots with your ATV
  • Half as wide as a normal plow for easy, one-man use
  • Fits on any 2 in. receiver hitch
  • 90 day limited warranty
Bad Boy® GroundHog Max ATV Disc Plow is rated 4.2222 out of 5 by 9.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Big bang for your buck This plow is simply awesome. I received the GH Max in the mail and unpacked it to look it over. My initial impression was that it was built like a tank. This thing is SOLID. I could hardly wait to use it. I had read a ton of positive reviews and watched countless videos. My hunting area is a 1.75 acre field of bahiagrass. It was very overgrown and the grass was two to three feet high. It has been there for years so the root system was very established and very dense. Fortunately, it rained for a good two days before I decided to plow. If you are working with very hard ground I would recommend waiting for a good rain beforehand. At a minimum, I would have loved to have cut the field with a brush hog before I began. However, the only equipment I own is my ATV and the GH Max so I ended up plowing without cutting, burning, or using round up. This was actually my first time attempting anything like this so there was a bit of a learning curve. Experience taught me that speed is your friend. The faster I rode, the more aggressive it would plow. I would say 2nd or 3rd gear will net you the best results if you need to plow very aggressively. My main concern was whether or not it was going to be effective at cutting through the root system in a respectable amount of time. The first few hours did not go well…. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was plowing MUCH too slowly. I became very frustrated and developed a sense of defeat because it wasn’t cutting through the root system as quickly as I had anticipated. What was I doing wrong?? I took a break and decided to get back on the wheeler and give it another try. At this point I was pretty irritated so I really laid on the throttle as I headed down the field. The funny part is that I accelerated out of a fit of rage, not because I had realized I was plowing too slowly. I looked behind me to check progress and noticed that debris was flying everywhere. Son of a gun, I had just come to the realization that I been plowing much too slowly the entire time. I felt so stupid at that moment. I had to stop for a minute so that I could reflect on the wonderful discovery I had just made and also to acknowledge my own ignorance and lack of experience. From that point forward the disc did exactly what I had envisioned it would. It plowed beautifully and at the moment of discovery all of my frustration turned into excitement and I began to have a lot of fun with this disc. All I needed was a little speed. Things began to move along much more smoothly and quickly after my revelation. In tight areas it helped to plow more slowly but in circles. I don't think it was designed to plow this much area at one time but I did it anyway just to see if it was up to the task. All this work took me two days and eight hours. I could have done this much quicker if I would have had some previous experience. I can promise you that I was absolutely as brutal as a man can be on a piece of equipment and this thing didn’t miss a lick. IMO, this is well worth the investment. You will not be disappointed with this implement. I believe I’m in the same situation as many other hunters. I just can’t afford tons of equipment for establishing food plots, nor do I have the room to store it. I have to be very selective when I invest in a piece of hunting equipment. It has to give me the best “bang for my buck”. This fits the bill perfectly. This little disc doesn’t look like much. It’s small and you wouldn’t think that it’s capable of doing what it claims to do but it DOES and it does it very well. It also doesn’t take up any room and you can take it anywhere you can take a four wheeler. If you have been thinking about purchasing one of these discs I hope that my review has helped you. Have a great day and I wish you a good hunting season.
Date published: 2011-09-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best On Planet Earth This is what I've been looking for, Groundhog performs perfect. This is a big plus for all hunters. If you do food plots for your hunting, this is the only thing to have. It will surprise anyone. Great for a one man operation. Finally, somebody had their thinking hat on when they engineered this piece. I've used them all, but this is it !!!! Thanks, this takes the work out of the food plots and make it fun during preparation !!!!
Date published: 2010-08-11
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A great product. It works! I used my plow starting in May and turned over some pretty rough ground that hadn't been touched in several years. It worked very well and in about 45 minutes I had a nice 1/4 acre plot ready for lime and fertilize. I have been getting a couple hundred pictures a week since the foodplot has come up and have a dandy buckt using it pretty regularly. In fact, I may have to re-sow before hunting season just to have something for the deer to eat. It also worked well in my garden this year. I didn't have access to a tractor, so I just threw the plow on the back of my 4 wheeler and plowed up a nice garden that my family has thoroughly enjoyed. I'm very satisfied with your product and have recommended it to all my friends that hunt. I hope you have been getting some of their business.
Date published: 2010-07-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A Food Plot Game Changer The Groundhog MAX is a product that sells itself. We love the GroundHog MAX and use it for all of our remote food plots. Not only is it easy to install, it's even easier to get out to remote areas... and as with most things in life, the proof is in the pudding. If you use it once, you'll be glad that you did. We've worked this thing in different soil types and it has produced every time. If you've got an ATV and you're aiming to start managing some small food plots or if you've got a distant location where you need a deer to stop and pause for a second ...then look no further. You don't need a tractor and all the expensive attachments. The GroundHog MAX is the ticket. The GroundHog MAX will change the way you think about food plots. With the GroundHog MAX, you can take the plots to the big boys where they live. I'm putting in a remote food plot with it this coming Saturday! Also, there are plenty of videos on YouTube of people using the GroundHog MAX. Google it and see for yourself.
Date published: 2010-08-10
  • Package Height - 12 in.
  • Package Length - 22 in.
  • Package Weight - 69 lb.
  • Package Width - 12 in.
  • Product Length - 20 in.
  • Product Material - Steel
  • Product Type - Portable Disc Plow
  • Product Width - 10 in.
  • Brand - Bad Boy®
  • Manufacturer Part Number - GHMAX